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Published: Friday, Jan. 17 2014 5:00 a.m. MST

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River Falls, WI

Great win for the cougars. Carlino off the bench is working out really well, I love his confidence right now. It looks like Mika still has a little rust but it's great to see him back in the lineup. Go Cougs!

Rexburg, ID

Free Throw shooting 75% tonight. Cougars win!

Marysville, WA

Whew! Hard-fought win. These USF guys always play tough. Jax Emery did a great job as color commentator in the KSL call with Greg Wrubell. I like Mark Durrant a lot too, but Jackson had a lot of insights due to recent playing history.

Gooo Cougars!


Cougars need to work on defense while keeping the big men out of foul trouble, but congrats to the Cougars for the road win, hope they can keep it up!

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Way to go Cougs. Nice win against a quality team on the road. 5 players in double figures. The WCC is a tough conference. ESPN reports that the WCC is only one of two conferences where every team is over .500. Pretty impressive. I wonder if any other team in the state could say that about their conference?

Baltimore, MD

Road wins are always tough. Good start to a 4-game road swing that could make or break BYU's WCC and NCAA chances.

Cinci Man

Huge win. That's one. Now look to the next game and get that one. Hard work paid off tonight.

Idaho Falls, ID

Another good defensive game, but the Cougars got rocked on the boards. Their big men pretty much owned our big men. Mika needs a lot of work on his defense and needs to resist putting the ball on the floor every time he touches it.

Very pleased with Carlino's play. Played well within his game, made good decisions, played good defense, and knocked down big shots. I really think he is starting to figure it out. Carlino really is the key to this team's success. As he goes, so goes the team.

All in all, a very good and important win for the cougars.

Orem, UT

Good win on the road. Nice to see some much improved FT shooting. Good 2nd half for the team.

Go Cougars!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Down under,

"...the WCC is only one of two conferences where every team is over .500. Pretty impressive. I wonder if any other team in the state could say that about their conference?"

Actually not every team in the WCC is over .500, Santa Clara is 10-10. So to answer your question, no team in the state can say that about their conference, including BYU.

Additionally, The Pac 12 actually has 11 teams over .500 while the WCC has 9. Only one Pac 12 team is below .500, that team is WSU at 8-9 ... a whopping one game under.

So you were bragging about what again?

South Jordan, UT

Foul shooting saved the game.

Otherwise, how could the Cougs overcome those 2,700 fans???

Lincoln City, OR

actually enjoy most all of your posts... But I think that you are wrong on this one... At the time that the Broadcasters made the comment Santa Clara was 10-9... They lost by 3 tonight and so they are 10-10 now... So the correct comment would be ( at this moment)that the WCC is only one of two conferences that has no teams below .500...

WSU could have made that claim before their game with Stanford thanks to the utes but now you're right, they are only one game below .500 till they play California this weekend... again, thanks to the utes.

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

Confident, successful programs don't have to use conference affiliation as a crutch to define themselves.

Tom in Tooele
Franklin, IN

All 2100 fans at the game were extremely excited, like me!

Kaysville, UT


Im not sure where you are getting your info from but Santa Clara is 10-8. here is a direct copy of ESPN.coms conference standings for the WCC.

#22 Gonzaga 4-1 -- 14-3
San Francisco 4-1 -- 11-6
Pepperdine 3-2 1 10-7
Santa Clara 3-2 1 10-8
Saint Mary's 2-2 1.5 12-5
Brigham Young 2-2 1.5 10-7
Loyola Marymount 2-3 2 10-7
Portland 2-3 2 10-7
San Diego 1-3 2.5 10-7
Pacific 0-4 3.5 9-6

You might want to check facts before you fact check someone else. plus this story about the WCC being only one of 2 conference that can boast the above .500 stat was brought up by the ESPN commentators. Are you going to fact check those guys as well?

Alexandria, VA

I'm not sure it qualifies as a road win with only about 2000 fans there.

North Salt Lake, UT

Just read both aticles about the BYU and Utes games. Nice wins by both teams tonight but here's an observation. There are more comments from Y fans on the Utes article than there are here and from more different posters. Who's obsessed with who ?

Missouri Coug
Greenwood, MO

What did I tell you....FREE THROWS WIN THE BIG GAMES....Come on coaches...keep the boys "after School" until they can make at least nine out of ten free throws before they go to the showers.
The FREE THROW is the most under-rated shot in basketball, but the most important one.....Keep watching T. Haws guys, and take a lesson in FREE THROW shooting.....Their "money in the BANK'...Get it?? Go Cougs.....

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Jax Emery on KSL Radio, is he on every game from now on? If it is true then I am switching to that station from now on and who wants to listen to espn guys which some are okay but others are some homers. Nice win and keep it up and I hope it didn't effect on my 49ers this Sunday if we win out in this wcc Bay Area.

Salt Lake City, UT

The Big 12 and the WCC are the only conferences in the country in which no team has a losing record.

Go Cougs!

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