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Published: Friday, Jan. 17 2014 9:00 a.m. MST

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Allen, TX


American Fork, UT


Salt Lake City, UT

Go 49ERS!

Lindon, UT

Congrat's to these four players for being part of a team that has excelled this year. Congrat's to anyone who excels at their chosen profession enough to earn accolades. Not sure why being football players deserves more praise than a cop, school teacher, doctor or any other profession. Also not sure why they need to be pointed out more than any other player on any of these four teams just because they're LDS. Good job to all the players!

Cougar Blue 1
Henderson , NV

Collie is a gamer. Maybe not the smartest guy for continuing to play, but he is a gamer nonetheless.
Also, I think it is funny how this article turned into Sunday School.

Box elder, UT

Participating and attending a sporting event recreationally is very different than athletics being your job and means of supporting your family. We aren't to be the judge.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Goll thats so neat.

Kansas City, MO

I am a blogger for a site for the Kansas City Chiefs. I'm still in shock over the implosion of my beloved team...both after our bye week and in the playoffs. With all that said, my favorite Mormon in the National Football League is Andy Reid. Partial? You bet!



(Why the errant apostrophe in "congrat's"?)

I'm surprised that there aren't already more people arguing about whether these guys shouldn't have agreed to work a game on the Sabbath, the same as BYU. But congrats to them!

Many LDS are raised by the book that being in a game on Sunday is against the Sabbath, so is just watching in person, and then just TV. But then there's the camp who believes that while playing one on the Sabbath is still breaking it, and watching in person is "gray," just watching on TV at a home might not be.

I was raised with that first set ("all 3 against"). We know what Prez Kimball said about the first 2. But he wasn't terribly clear about the just-on-TV part. I even had an elders' quorum prez and a bishop's counselor who attended SB parties at someone's home. So even though I grew up with that strictest sense, now I go "Wait! If my bishop's counselor and EQP do it, why shouldn't I?" I don't even like football, but now I want to be at one of these parties too!

Los Angeles, CA

I think that it is great for these guys to have a chance to go to the super bowl. It's great that they are LDS. But, I don't understand why their being LDS should be announced because they maybe going to the Supper Bowl. They don't announce how many Baptist, Jews or Catholics do they? When major crimes or wrong doing is done, they don't bring up other peoples faiths, but when they are LDS they do tend to do it, even if that person was baptized at 8, but never active. Just saying. Perhaps, it should not always be an issue to be brought up. Congratulations to them and their families.

Saratoga Springs, UT

i have yet to understand why we laud these people when they are clearly breaking the Sabbath and have done so numerous times.

can't even call them "sunday mormons".

Alpine, UT

I guess that means it is okay for LDS to watch the super bowl.


To the critics that think that being a Mormon disqualifies them from being talked about as professional standout athletes and whether they should be playing on Sunday's [the sabbath]..The Savior has admonished us to be in the World but not of the World...Occupations are a very good example.. Should the priesthood holders and return missionaries not accept responsibilities in occupations that are say..Policemen, firemen, doctors, nurses, emergency workers in public service, rescuers, pilot's, service in the military, and hundreds of other occupations that are part of serving others as the scriptures admonish us to do and that require 24 hour service responses because set by the needs of others or as in most cases should they continue to give of them self in examples of being a good example thru sometimes fame and sometimes just saving lives in floods, fires etc. This world is blessed by those that serve a cause...even when the ox is in the mire.

Los Angeles, CA

When playing on Sunday is your job, it is your job. Why judge. This issue has come up many times over the years and too many people like to judge. These self righteous attitudes must cease. These young men set a great example and excel in what they do. Most make arrangements to attend meetings and partake of the sacrament where ever they can. People need to worry more about how they themselves conduct their own lives and less about others.

Provo, UT

Go Hawks!


Hey, CDL, I have plenty of supper bowls at my house here. Wanna bring your family over for a meal between potential friends? :-D


west jordan , UT


The reason for this article is because most of the reader on this news site are LDS.

Springville, UT

While I wish each of these folks the very best, does their religion matter in this situation? How about the number of Catholics or Southern Baptists? Or make int interesting, how about reporting the number of Muslims or Jews playing in the Super Bowl. So the question is whether we are reading a mainstream newspaper or the Church News (where this belongs).

Richmond, VA

The Sabbath was made for man not man for the Sabbath. When will people understand that? This is what these folks do for a living and their families depend on it. So who are we to say that God is not ok with that? I wish people will just worry about their own selves instead of constantly playing judges for others. If they're breaking the Sabbath, don't you think God is aware of it? Ok, I don't even know why I'm wasting my time voicing my opinion because I know the moderators will nix me for sure as they have done to me several times before. Oh well...

Bountiful, UT

Those of you who judge that it is a sin to pursue a career that requires Sunday work, let me ask what you think of: 1. a dairy farmer who milks his cows on Sunday, 2. a trauma doctor or nurse who are assigned emergency room duty on Sunday, 3. a commercial pilot who has scheduled flights on Sunday, 4. a policeman or a fireman who is assigned Sunday duty?

As for me, I will not condemn anyone whose occupation requires Sunday work, but I greatly admire exceptional college football players who have chosen to pursue other careers even when they were assured a very advantageous position in the NFL draft. Most folks choose their career path. Some choose a career that makes it easier to keep the Sabbath Day holy.

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