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Published: Thursday, Jan. 16 2014 6:50 p.m. MST

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Phoenix, AZ

"It's possession, not use..."

Police rarely if ever search private residents for evidence of marijuana use. Besides it appears that marijuana will soon be legal in this country.

"...do you think the higher rates of stopping and frisking them as opposed to white people is what turns up the possessed marijuana?"

If one group (blacks) is frisked more than another group their 'percentage' of finds might well be less. We learn in grade school that 10 in 1,000 is less percentage-wise than 10 in 100.

"... I guess they need to frisk more white people or less minorities in order to balance it out."

Good luck with that. They frisk whoever's on the streets.

"I noted a study (which I should reference..."

The names denote the race. And, yes, it's racist in a way. Unfortunately, black American history of employment reliability is divergent. This is unfortunate and should be changed. Who can change it? Black Americans. You can't have a bad reputation and expect good things to automatically happen.

"...are you blaming black people for racial profiling?"

From the facts in the Trayvon Martin case it looks as if they do.

Murray, UT

I was ravaged by a large dog, a breed known for being vicious. Consequently, I freak out when a dog runs up on me, but it is far worse if the dog looks like the one that attacked me.

In those moments when I am trying to process a dog approaching me, there are 3 characteristics I assess, in this order:

1. Size - large is scary, always. Little, not so much.
2. Color - my calm brain knows this makes no difference, but when I am stressed by an approaching large dog, color somehow matters. If it is the color of the dog that attacked me I am far more scared.
3. Breed - this is lower on the list because it is harder to assess than size and color, in that flash of panic.

Does it make sense? Considering my experience, yes. Yet in reality the fur color does not matter.

(I like dogs that run from me.)

There are reasons certain people are more suspect than others. Some reasons are dress and behavior. For some people, it might be race, but there may be a bad experience that is the cause. Calling them racist is harsh, IMO.

Salt Lake City, Utah


Were you at the crime scene? I didn't see you testify, you could have really helped Mr. Zimmerman's case.

For many of us who weren't there and don't know exactly what went on, the facts were a little less clear.

Chris B. did Travon speak to his girlfriend from the other side? If not I am not sure how he used racial slurs in reference to Zimmerman.

salt lake city, UT

Zimmerman was not only a troubled man after the incidence, he was before as well. While this is was a tragedy I think the real issue was not about profiling but about guns. Without a hand gun this story turns out much differently. There will always be wantabee cops and vigilantes like Zimmerman but the difference now is that they walk around with loaded guns.

Murray, UT

Fred44 - Read the transcripts, and you will know that Trayvon was on the phone with his girlfriend describing Zimmerman before the confrontation.

It isn't through a medium, it was on a simple cell phone.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Your comment has proven you know very little about the evidence.

Treyvon was on the phone with his girlfriend for several minutes before he attacked Zimmerman. Treyvon's girlfriend testified in court that Treyvon used a racial slur and foul language in reference to Zimmerman.

I would write here the racist and vulgar phrase Treyvon used, but it wouldn't be allowed by the Des news. And rightfully so, disgusting racist phrases like that are despicable.

Go read up on the evidence pal.

Genola, UT

My skin is white but if I trace my ancestry back far enough I will eventually find my family in Africa. Am I an African-American? Is someone whose recent ancestry is from Egypt, Morocco or Libya an African-American or do you classify them as Middle Eastern? There is no such thing as race in a biological sense as there is far more that unites us than there is that divides us. Indeed there is more differences biologically between people with light skin then there is between people with light skin and people with dark skin. The comment made that there are three races in the world, namely Caucasian, Negroid and Asian is medieval. It is false and has no scientific basis whatsoever. Ethnic and cultural differences are real but racial differences are fantasy.

Salt Lake City, UT

"We learn in grade school that 10 in 1,000 is less percentage-wise than 10 in 100."

Sure but... okay let's try throwing in some sample numbers to illustrate my point. If we're looking at 2% of black people turning up with weapons in these searches (margin of error +- .75%) and 4% of white people turning up with weapons (margin of error +- 1.5%, MoE larger due to smaller sample size) why are we automatically assuming that frisking more white people is automatically going to lower their percentage?

"Good luck with that. They frisk whoever's on the streets."

You could change which streets are subject to it. Or you just get rid of this practice which was the thing that clinched de Blasio's primary win anyway.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

So what happens when Martin's mother comes to speak in SLC? I sure hope she doesn't meet up with some of these posters, because it would give the city a bad name.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

What neighborhood would you walk in.

Karen R.
Houston, TX

Maybe both Martin and Zimmerman had their racist views, who knows. Probably likely, given that they're both human beings. But to me it has always sounded like two people who made decisions out of really poor judgment. As FT has already noted, absent the presence of a gun, no one would have died, and no one commenting here would even know these two human beings existed.

Blue Rapids, KS

I see part of the problem with members of the black community not respecting themselves. They use the "n" word in addressing each other, call their girlfriends "ho's", wear their pants baggy, grab themselves. This type action just perpetuates a negative attitude. All people should be respectful of each other and other races. As part Cherokee, I feel part of the Native Americans, but you won't find any Native American who speaks disrespectful of their race. Respect yourself first, then others will show the same respect towards you, and that includes wearing "hoodies" when the weather doesn't call for it.

Grantsville, UT

People that want to write about this case should really do their homework first. Martin was a very troubled violent young man. That is why his mother kicked him out of her house and sent him to live with his "father", an ex-gangbanger. This is not 'hard-to-find' information. We need the press to stop the race-baiting and start reporting facts so people can get real pictures of what is really going on.

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