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Published: Thursday, Jan. 16 2014 6:20 p.m. MST

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Just like you said, "some" BYU fans. Lets keep it at "some" and not assume everyone of us think that.



Please share these logical reasons. I'm pretty sure they sound just as irrational as any other negative views about any rival program in the country.

South Jordan, UT

"What is truly irrational? The mindset running rampant in happy valley." Like the mindset up on the hill that they actually belong in a conference that they can't win more than 2 games in. U of U, the Rutgers of the Pac 12. Oh wait, Rutgers actually made it to a bowl game! This coming from a Non BYU fan.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

"Utes will lose this battle most times with most kids just as BYU will lose most kids to Utah if given a choice. Better school, better football program means more quality athletes."

Now that's a prime example of an epic failure at commenting. Your comparison with Stanford is correct but when you can demonstrate without question where Utah is either a better school or has a better football program than any other school in the state then you might be onto something. Pretty sure Utah State would have something to offset that remark and definitely BYU would as their program is not inferior to Utah's.

Best wishes to Dalton as he has made a choice that will benefit him through life.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Why no the Byu?

Protecting This House
Salt Lake City, UT


Who's your team? We can all tell a bandwagon "fan" when we smell one, so no lies! (You really cheer for Weber State! That's it, right?)

As far as Utes Football is concerned, 2 BCS bowl appearances and two BCS bowl victories, two undefeated seasons, and 9 straight bowl games in the modern era had a little something to do with the Utes belonging in the Conference of Champions. (And we're not even talking about their undergraduate programs.) Not blue with envy, but it sounds like you have something similar.

Layton, Utah

Congrats to Dalton, he's a great kid and will be an outstanding player at Stanford, wish him all the best!! Go MINERS!!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Congrats young man! Go make the state proud!

BYU fans, I don't think your school was even in consideration... Your many insecurities are so very apparent on these blogs. Take a deep breath, worry about your own school, and you might just live a little longer.

Hyrum, UT

@ Protecting This House:

You've finally figured it out with that great "sniffer" of yours. You've decided that anyone who isn't a Ute fan just has to be an undeclared BYU fan. Wow. More paranoia. Are you and Chris B cousins?

@ FT:

Gotta any stats to back up any of your claims? I didn't think so.

How is the only division 1 college team in the state who finished with a losing record and didn't go to a bowl game (again) a better school with better athletes? You just received the Weird Statement of the Week award. Your prize is more lost credibility.

@ William Wallace:

You immediately start hounding BYU fans about commenting, and yet you were the first to mention BYU in a comment. More paranoia? Some people can hardly wait to start mixing it up.

BTW: Along with several other schools besides Stanford and Utah, BYU was mentioned in the article.

@ MyPerspective:

It's doubtful Utah "let a good one get away". He didn't even bother taking his Utah on-campus visit this coming weekend before choosing Stanford.

It is frustrating when some our state's best athletes choose to go out of state.

Layton, Utah

@Protecting This House
How about a National Championship? Got one of those? LOL Oh and here comes the.... It was against a pathetic Michigan team, or it was how many years ago?? Well how long ago were those "BCS" games? almost 10 years now. And Alabama had no desire to be in that game and had several players either hurt or suspended, Mount Cody one of them. If the Utes would have been without Kruger in that game it would have also been a lot different on defense. More recently I can remember two no bowl shows. and dwelling in the Pac basement, but keep touting that mighty conference affiliation just like SEC fans. You would think Dalton would jump all over going to the U with all those accolades you just tried to point out.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

What does it matter whether he is LDS or not? BYU has had some great players who weren't LDS when they went to BYU. A Heisman Trophy winner comes to mind as well as some "punky QB" who I was a big fan of in Chicago. So please quit using religion as an excuse. FYI I converted to the LDS Church 6 months ago so I'm not a Utah fan bashing BYU. I'm a long time Utah resident who is sick of the constant bickering.

Tooele, UT

@ Protecting This House:

There is a huge difference between belonging to a "conference of champions" and being competitive in one. Right now, considering Utah's last few seasons, you probably shouldn't try bragging too much. When a person has to go back a decade or more in an attempt to validate their team, that's not a good sign.

The Utes will eventually come back again. But that time isn't yet. Probably not even next season. But when they eventually do (and they will), it will be fun for everyone but the hardest core BYU fans. It's fun for most of us whenever any local team brings positive attention to our state.

Protecting This House
Salt Lake City, UT


"When a person has to go back a decade or more in an attempt to validate their team, that's not a good sign."

True. Now share that sentiment with your fellow cougie fan, Jakarus, who referenced your disputable NC (more than three decades ago).

Murray, UT


....."Alabama had no desire to be in that game and had several players either hurt or suspended,"

Let's see, Mark Ingram played running back in that game. He won the Heismann the following year. He now plays for the Saints in the NFL. Julio Jones played wide receiver in that game. He now plays for the Falcons in the NFL. John Parker Wilson was their starting QB when they were ranked number 1 for six weeks during the season and he started in that game. No desire to be in that game? How about in the second half when Alabama came within one touch down of tying the score. They kicked off to Utah and pulled out all the stops to force a three and out and get the ball back. Instead, Utah goes on an 80 yard drive and goes up again by two touch downs. And Alabama had no desire to be in that game. Right.

Provo, UT

Now, utah knows (in a small degree) how it feels to lose a top notch player. BYU was a finalist in the Jabari Parker sweepstakes and was second to Oregon in getting Haloti Ngata and second to ND in getting Manti Te'O. Welcome to the club, but in a much smaller degree.


Looking at the College earning rankings (ROI) Here are the rankings:

10. Stanford
82. BYU
327. Utah

The comment about Utah grads at low paying jobs has some serious truth to it. Now flipping burgers? probably not too many there but don't expect a big pay day unless you are one of the lucky couple 100 that can get into U of U medical school. However, the U likes to bring in out of state students for the medical school, and a lot of foreigners, so getting in is not easy for native Utahns. For the other 28K undergrads don't expect to make a lot of money with that U diploma.

Rob of NV
Las Vegas, NV

Coach Peck said what?, "does he take one of these other schools that are high-profile, nationally-ranked teams that have great national recognition?" Ouch! Guess he does not figure Utah to be any of these, even though they are in the Pac 12. He must have missed the game were Utah beat Stanford. Utah has some work to do to change their image, if that is at all possible. Utes are in a touch situation to compete against the other schools in the Pac 12, perhaps even in a no-win situation.

salt lake city, UT

OK for those BYU fans who jumped all over me let me re-clarify what I posted. When it comes to academics BYU is on par or better than Utah in several schools of study (finance comes to mind). BYU is a very, very good academic school. But there are not a lot of non-LDS, high skilled athletes or students, that will go to BYU because of their unusual standards and values. That's just a fact. As far as the 2 football programs, BYU is not on par with the Utes and the seperation is growing. The entrance to the PAC 12 cemented the deal and whether or not the UTES will ever actaully win a title (doubtful) they'll get significantly more athletes, better football players, than BYU. That's what I meant by a better program.


Any decent tight end out of the state of Utah should run from both BYU and Utah, neither runs a tight end friendly offense so why stay here? He could go to USU but the Stanford education is the top reason anyone would go to there. Good luck to Dalton!


Congrats to the young man. As a Utes fan, it was great that he held Utah over schools like Notre Dame, Wisconsin, UCLA and USC, but the decision had already been made a few days before his announcement when Coach Shaw told him that he'd been accepted academically to Stanford. With several TEs already in the NFL, and he being more highly touted than any of them, along with the extremely high academic repute and resources available, I'd shake my head if he made any other decision. Good luck with the Cardinal!

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