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Published: Friday, Jan. 17 2014 1:00 a.m. MST

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liberal larry
salt lake City, utah

This editorial on the need to spread awareness of the detrimental effects of smoking doesn't give one example of smokings negative health outcomes. Do you think this academic approach will scare off any young smokers?

Don't you think that lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, pancreatic cancer, etc. might find its way into such a discussion?

Let me help you guys out, my smoking brother died of lung cancer, and my smoking sister suffered an aortic dissection!!


What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

In the old movies everyone smoked. The tobacco companies contributed to this. I am not sure they are allowed to now. It is a pretty dumb habit, but electronic cigarettes and nicotine patches have also helped. Having lost three brother-in laws to tobacco diseases was sad.

Montreal, QC, 00

[A half-century of anti-smoking efforts has put the nation on track toward the only logical and desirable outcome — the eventual eradication of the practice.]

What ever happened to individual agency?

Salt Lake, UT

I think a big issue is that most people that smoke know the risks bad effects but they don't care. They smoke anyway. I have a relative that would tell the clerk "give me some cancer sticks" For me i saw how bad of an addiction it was for my own father I never wanted to start for fear I would be addicted too. Funny thing was every time an anti smoking commercial would come on tv it would have the opposite effect, my father would step out to smoke.

Springville, UT

It seems like there has been a lot of progress on the issue. Some people are going to do what they want, and it will always be that way. But thank goodness the government stepped in and restrained the private sector, or we would be much worse off.

clearfield, UT

Ironic that as we reduce the number of tobacco smokers, we will likely be faced with trying to get or keep people from smoking the legal pot that is moving from state to state as fast as same sex marriage.

Sioux City, IA

The Government's War on Smoking is basically as successful as the War on Poverty.
And the general public has known since before The Great Depression that cigarettes were bad for your health. That is why they were referred to as "coffin nails".

Exton, PA

The warnings against the use of tobacco in any form, is more than 50 years. February 17, 1833, the world was warned against its use, along with alchoholic beverages of any kind, green and black leaf teas, and coffee, as well as any unhealthy foods and other drinks. The world has never recognized the prophetic warning.

Far East USA, SC

Utah gets Millions of Dollars from taxes on tobacco.

Where is all that money spent? Per the link in the article, it is not on combating smoking or dealing with the health consequences.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

The Republican party is inextricably tied to tobacco money. If you don't believe it, check out the main sponsors of ALEC. As a result, the more ciggies, the happier the GOP. Very characteristic, isn't it?

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

I want to have the right to chose my poison.

Salt Lake City, UT

The only desirable and logical goal is complete eradication? Is that possible? Prohibit the manufacture, sale and use of tobacco? Worked well with Prohibition. As long as human beings have freedom, or as Mormons say, "free agency," they will indulge in risky and dangerous behaviors. I think we should be very happy that with education and campaigns, smoking has dropped from about half of adult smokers to less than 20% and will likely drop even more in the future. Realistically expecting eradication, like zero highway fatalities, is a "pipe dream" (pun intended).

Herriman, UT

I would like to propose that all individuals who are born after the year 2000 are not covered by any health insurance carrier for smoking related diseases. Everyone knows what smoking does to you but people still begin the habit. You have to make it so personally financially destructive that anyone who does begin to smoke,born after 2000, does so knowing that they will be denied hospitalization and health services. This might seem extreme to some but if you are serious about getting people to stop, this is a game changer.

Bountiful, UT

In a hundred years the ultimate cigarette warning may be possible. One of the cigarettes will be the warning cigarette, where the customer upon smoking it will be able to visualize their life as if they had never taken up the habit, in the first part of their live dream, and in the second part they will see their life played out if they continue the habit.

sandy, ut

Diseases are a strange thing though. There are many who smoke and never have anything and they live to be 90 plus years old. There are young people who get cancer, and they are otherwise healthy. My mother had cancer, and she is mormon and never drank or smoked a thing.

sandy, ut


The revelation you speak of called the word of wisdom was not a revelation. Doctors since the early 1800's had been saying the same thing that was 'revealed' to Joseph in 1833. Oddly enough, there was a book written by a doctor in 1806.. that specifically mentions 'hot drinks' and 'eat meat sparingly' word for word. Another interesting note: The book was published in New York, where Joseph lived. Why would god reveal that to Joseph when it was common advice at the time?

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


Whats the book you speak of? I'dl like to look it up. Very interesting what you say.

sandy, ut

Christopher B

Yes, it is called: MEANS OF PRESERVING HEALTH, AND PREVENTING DISEASES, Dr. Shadrach Ricketson. Printed by Collins, Perkins, and Co, New York, 1806.

I ordered a copy on amazon.com so I could see it for myself. It is the real deal. It is very interesting, especially since it was published in New York!

sandy, ut

Concerning distilled spirits their frequent and excessive use is not only unnecessary, but highly injurious; and has destroyed thousands; perhaps more than pestilence, famine, or the sword. I need not, therefore, take much pains to show their evil consequences, either in a medical, political, moral, or religious point of view;

Avoid the excessive use of hot drinks, such as coffee, chocolate, and tea, particularly the last, in which the inhabitants of this country indulge more than any other beverage he progress of habit in the use of tobacco is exactly the same as in the use of spirituous liquors. The slaves of it begin by using it only after dinner; then during the whole afternoon and evening; afterwards, before dinner; then before breakfast; and, finally, during the whole night.

The oil of tobacco is of so active and virulent a nature, a few drops of it have proven fatal.

This plant is possessed of narcotic properties, by which it produces, in those who first begin to smoke it, giddiness, cold sweats, vomiting, purging;

It is therefore, recommended to all in hot seasons and climates, to abstain from much animal food.

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