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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 15 2014 6:15 p.m. MST

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Mapleton, UT

I want to use my inner tube on Alta's beautiful runs. What is the lawyer's phone number?

Manti, UT

The resort has a right to cater to their own clientele. However, if they win, it will set a precedence. I can't wait to ride my dirt bike on all the hiking trails.

Rexburg, ID

Before snowboards were invented, ski runs were covered in moguls. Young people have never seen that. Today, just try to find a good mogul run at Snowbird, Sundance, Targhee, or Jackson!

Snowboards have ruined the snow for skiers. That's why Alta does not and should not allow them.

Sandy, UT

I have always looked at municipal golf courses and wished I could ride my dirt bike on them. They are city owned and I am not a golfer. Old Mill is close to my house and offers a swell assortment of step-up and step-down opportunities for those eager to roost. I wouldn't mind chipping a two stroke out of any of their bunkers. So lets do that, and then on the way home we can swing into the Cotton Bottom and demand they serve us mexican food.

AZ Blue & Red
Gilbert, AZ

Make a snowboarders only place and I will not go there and better yet I promise not to sue. Keep Alta, Alta. Get over it PLEASE or put on some skis.

Why is it everyone wants to go where they can not. Not like Alta is the ONLY place in town. If you want Chicken do not go to IN and Out. Are we going to sue them because they do not serve Chicken? Same logic.

Keep Alta as is.

Lawyer in Spain
Rota, 00

There are tremendous advantages to having "ski only" environments and they are common in many resorts throughout the world. Alta has decided that their business model is to focus on this type of skiing and they do it VERY well (arguably the best skiing experience anywhere on earth). I had season passes years ago to both Snowbird and Alta and would pick them for different reasons - although the terrain and snow are extremely similar, there IS a difference when you're competing with snowboarders on the mountain and how it affects moguls, style, what you need to watch for, etc. To the plaintiffs in this case, please re-consider. Although I doubt you'll be successful, you're attempting to destroy a cultural environment that is unique and turn it into any other resort.

Wasatch Front, UT

Equal protection does not mean everyone gets to do what they want to do, how they want to do it. It means that everyone who shows up with a pair of skis and a valid lift pass may ski, regardless of race, gender, etc. You cannot drive a motorized vehicle on some trials, you may not use a motor boat on some lakes/reservoirs, and you MAY NOT use snow boards at Alta. Keep Alta free of the plague of snowboards. They destroy the groomed trails by scraping the snow off the mountain, are a health hazard to themselves and others, and can enjoy their craft in multiple venues across the Wasatch Front.

This is not about the equal protection clause. The equal protection clause applies to race, gender, etc., not to your mode of transport.


Hate our lawsuit happy society, seems like we often confuse wants, needs, rights and greed!

armchair quarterback

These comments from skiers are ridiculous. I've done both for many years but prefer snowboarding. Snowboarders don't ruin the terrain or snow, novices do...of either kind. And there are out of control, dangerous, and obnoxious types in both breeds. A lot of families have people who do both. I'm sure Alta misses out on business because of their snobby policy. And some people go there just because of it. "Alta is for Skiers!" If that's the attitude of the skiers who are there. Let them keep it...keep them away from the other quality resorts in the area.

armchair quarterback

PS. If you want "snow that hasn't been destroyed by snowboarders" use your legs and earn them or hire a helicopter. What makes you think you have any more right to the good snow than anyone else?

Orem, UT

I'm glad at least a few people appreciated my sarcasm.

Actually, I love to ski too, so I guess that I am a "Bi-downhiller". I am just fine with Alta or any other resort deciding that they will cater exclusively to skiers. I would also be fine if Brighton decided that it would become a "boarders-only" resort.

The idea that goverment laws and regulations or lawsuits should be used to force everyone else to cater to my personal preferences using phrases like "equal rights" or "equal protection" is just plain wrong.

Billy Bob
Salt Lake City, UT

Alta, as a private business, should have the right to decide which customers they want (snowboarders or skiers or both). If they only want skiers, that is their choice. The type of sport you play is not protected by the 14th amendment. If the snowboarders win, this could really open up a can of worms, as people will be suing for the right to do ______ at ________ all over the place. What a ridiculous lawsuit.

Spanish Fork, UT

The last time I skied at Alta was probably 24 years ago. And I seem to remember a lot of flat areas that would make it difficult to snowboard around. I've been snowboarding for over twenty years after I switched from skiing and didn't look back, and it always has been kind of a "skiers vs. snowboarders" attitude on the mountain. I say let Alta stay skiers only! Who cares...Snowbird, and Brighton are really fun anyways. Hiking back country boarding is way better than resorts anyways. It's free, it's always fresh powder, it's not tracked out, it's not over crowded, and you get good exercise. But there always is the danger of avalanches.

I for one hope Alta wins this to keep it skiers only. How lame people!!

Tremonton, UT

Being neither a skier nor a snowboarder, I have no side to take here. That said, the basis of the lawsuit seems extremely weak. The lawyer representing the snowboarders says The ban excludes a "particular class of individuals from use and enjoyment of public land based on irrational discrimination against snowboarders,". This is extremely inaccurate. In reality, Alta excludes numerous classes of individuals from use and enjoyment of the slopes.

In addition to snowboarders, tobaggans, sleds and inner tubes are all excluded. So are snowmobiles and four wheelers. Never having been skiing or snowboarding, I have to ask, would a ski resort allow snow shoes on the slopes? What about a group of hikers, wanting to simply walk down the slope?

It is unfortunate that we live in a society where the expense of a court battle may be the deciding factor. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Wow, that was awful
Salt Lake City, UT

Go snowboard somewhere else!
I have no grasp of people demanding to be accepted somewhere that they aren't welcome.

It is 2 very different cultures, and there is no need to spread that attitude to Alta.

Step off!

Monroe, UT

I don't snowboard and I don't ski. But I do watch with amusement the antics of people AND lawyers who trash our legal system with ridiculous lawsuits.

A proper lawsuit would be if Alta counter-sues these misguided people (and their lawyers) to recover their damages from this lawsuit.

Another solution---Alta policy and signs that says 'NO SNOWBOARDS ALLOWED ON LIFTS". Snowboarders are welcome to use the federal leased land but they have to walk to the top.

logan, UT

This is ridiculous. I'm a snowboarder, but if I want to go to Alta, I'll take a pair of ski's and learn. There is no discrimination against individuals, just restrictions on equipment. This is a waste of the court's time, and encouragement to find new and stupider ways of suing.
Next we'll hear about ice skaters suing roller rinks because they aren't allowed either.

Foothill Ranch, CA

JoeCapitalist2, I am going to be laughing for days. That was great.

Lake Tapps, WA

I ski and snowboard. As a skier, I love that Alta is skiers only. When I want to board there are plenty of resorts for me to choose from. Alta has some great terrain, but so does Snowbird and Snowbird has a terrain park for boarders. As someone who participates in both, I have no problem with Alta being skier only.

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT

I'd just like to point out that the sarcastic comments reflect not only the outrageous irrationality of these demands, but of the demands on that "other issue" also. Status and privilege and personal liberty are not the same thing. We already are a free country, it's the people who don't understand right from wrong who want to turn things upside down.

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