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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 15 2014 6:15 p.m. MST

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Bountiful, UT

One of the main reasons I choose to ski at Alta is because of their "no snowboard" policy. I am not a great skier and it is very difficult for me to manuever around groups of snowboarders who are sitting at the top of runs or are sitting at other places along the course while they get ready for their next attempts. Snowbird is right next door and allows snowboarders.

Attleboro, MA

Really? Snowboarders are a protected class? You have a "right" to snowboard? These people will waste the court's time and hopefully their own money! They are a few cards short of a full deck. Maybe they spent too much time snowboarding and not enough time on civic lessons!

Gracie K
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I've been cut off by just as many skiiers as snowboarders. Both groups are equal offenders - and I say this as someone who skis and boards.

I completely agree with this lawsuit - FREE ALTA!!

Rexburg, ID

Snowboards ruin the snow by plowing it all flat. Skis naturally create moguls. The two are incompatible, and Alta is right to protect the experience for skiers.

Tim Jones
Salt Lake City, Ut

I love Alta and I completely support them. Being a skiiers only resort is NOT a form of discrimination as being a skiier or snowboarder is not an immutable quality of a person. Any individual is fully capable of choosing to be either a skiier / snowboarder or both.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Just when I thought the legal profession couldn't get any more self-serving and frivolous.... Alta is a private company and should have the right to restrict activities on their property whether leased or not. Can a group of snowmobilers sue for access??? This is ridiculous - a monument to the selfishness of some people.


I am an old time wave surfer. 1940s. San Onofre, ca. Whether you surfed goofy foot or not you had a blind side, but you were not traveling at 25 or 30 miles per hour and it took more than an hour so to learn to surf.

Snowboarders have a blind side, but can learn to move out and down the hill in an hour or two. They also have a blind side. And that is the problem. They learn so fast and can go so fast and it is difficult to see the back side or blind side. Thus the accidents and why I like to ski whee there are no snowboarders. I am now 89 and do not want to have to worry about some one on the hill that has a blind side. Dick T.

Farmington, UT

There surely seems to be a lot of suits filed under the guise of the 14th Amendment. I suppose some youths will sue their parents because their nose is bigger than someone else's and they aren't equal in attractiveness, when they stand on federal property.

Salt Lake City, UT

I believe this is another sign of an entitled generation seeking to prove a point. These people will go to court speaking of unequal treatment and segregation when such is not the case. It's a resort for people who want to ski. If you want to snowboard there are plenty of options throughout the state of Utah. How about funding the purchase of land at a current or future resort that is exclusive to Snowboarders? I'm sure you won't hurt the feelings of skiiers anywhere.

True Blue SEoul
Orem, UT

I whole-heartedly support Alta! Snowboarders are some of the most annoying people to work with as a skier. If Alta doesn't need the business of snow-boarders (which they don't) more power to them. Snow Boarders are absolutely free to use the land, as it is tax-payer supported land. Just not the lifts, which are private property! Ha! Ha! Go enjoy your time at Snowbird, I'll stick to Alta.
I live overseas, and only get to ski in Utah once every couple of years, but I don't go to any resort but Alta for this very reason. If any resort wants to restrict their resort to snow boarders, go right ahead! That woudl be great, and I wouldn't complain a bit. In fact, they do restrict certain runs and tricks to snow boarders, so I guess I gotta sue those resorts now, according to this lawsuit.

Counter Intelligence
Salt Lake City, UT

Boarders ruined Snowbird
One boarder goes down a chute and the snow is exfoliated
Leave Alta alone

This lawsuit is the most pathetic examples of legal whining I have ever seen

Lafayette, IN

If there is a substantial velocity difference, then there is a safety reason to separate snowboarders and skiers.

Sandy, UT

I hope the Court awards sanctions. This is part of the "I want what I want and who cares about anyoneelse" culture. Maybe I should sue the library of they ask me to be quiet or sue if my city objects to me riding a motorcycle on the baseball diamonds. This lawsuit is truly an enbarrasment.

Alexandria, VA

First world problems...

Eagle Mountain, UT

What a crock. This could only come in a society where so many feel entitled. It has been years since I strapped on skis but I clearly remember confrontations between the two groups and I applaud Alta for having a place where skiers don't have to deal with boarders. Two different styles. I hope the judge tells them to stick it.

Charlotte, NC

Wow! I almost fell for it. Hilarious spoof though.

Waltham, MA

I ski Alta because I don't enjoy sking with snowboarders, they don't watch were there going and they stop in the middle of the hill and SIT DOWN!!! What is up with that, there is and always has been an eddicut, connected with skiing, snow boarders don't know it and don't abide by it. But that seems to be our society today doesn't it? the "I don't care attitude, I want to do what ever I want , where ever I want, and if you don't let me, then your a raciest and a hater, and denying me my RIGHTS!!! This is another sad commentary on our society, Skiing and snowboarding are different sports... just like Ice skating and Ice Hockey, you would never do both on any Ice rink in America..

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

Snowboarders are the new civil rights movement! They are going to drag Utah kicking and screaming into the 21st century. The arguments against snowboarders remind me (somehow) of the arguments aganst Loving vs Virginia, (somehow).

Allen, TX

"particular class of individuals"? Snowboarders?

Well, as long as snowboarders don't ask to marry skiers and vice versa.....wait...

Orem, UT

You skiers just don't understand. I was born a snowboarder. It wasn't a choice between skiing and snowboarding, I was just born this way and I my demand equal rights.

I am tired of this bigoted attitude that so many skiers have against people like me. The boardophobes need to come into the 21st century and accept us as equal in every way. In fact comments like "boarders ruin the slopes" is just hateful rhetoric. The fight will not be over until every single resort around the country is forced by government to treat all us shreaders exactly the same as it treats skiers.

Ski shops should be forced to sell boarding equipment. There should never be any "skiers only" lifts, runs or resorts even if they are privately owned. We need to teach our children that boards are better than skies.

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