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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 15 2014 6:20 p.m. MST

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Falconer, NY

Here is what we learn in the Temple: The first couple chapters of Genesis and The Book of Abraham and maybe the Book of Moses. The films represent various interpretations of those scriptures and is why some of us learn something new when we go to the Temple. The latest new film is very different and demonstrates that what we think we read in the scriptures and what really happened can be quite different.

The covenants we make in the Temple are to obey God's Law as contained in the scriptures and those covenants are what we consider sacred. You want to know what we learn in the Temple? Read the scriptures.

Falconer, NY

Eternal Percpective:

I second your comments. I, too, was an atheist until the Missionaries told me that God lives and speaks to His Prophets. Up until then it was easy to believe God was dead, or there was no God, based on teachings of other religions (including Christian) where they "deny the power thereof".

My thinking at the time was a true religion would know who God is and what the purpose of life was. Even to this day, the many I talk to, cannot answer explain the purpose of life (BTW, which is also taught in the Temple) nor can they comprehend God (ie trinitarianism).

Auckland, New Zealand, 00

I love just about everything about new movie #1 except: (please see my previous comment in the other comments section relating to the new movie.)

As for new movie #2, which I have only seen once, I kinda like the young-ish, pal-ly (is there such a word?) pal-ly, buddy buddy feel about it; the character I felt was over-played in movie 1, I loved in movie 2; I also liked what felt like a quick progression through the first part of the movie (could have imagined this, of course); but I missed Eve from movie 1.

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