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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 15 2014 5:05 p.m. MST

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American Fork, UT

Is there an ethical issue created when the state gets outside, private funding to support this appeal?

San Antonio, TX

I said it before and I'll say it again, this is a complete waste of the taxpayers money. Glad that this is not my bill to pay.

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

@Gibster, in Utah they won't raise taxes to pay for these misadventures. It is the teachers and school kids who bear the burden of the costs.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA


Even though I am an advocate for Marriage Equality, I think this issue deserves to be debated in a competent and dignified way in the courts. I would be very concerned about the Institute's demand for "the right counsel and the right strategy." I think there is a strong possibility that somebody will simply use the notoriety of this case for their own purposes.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm fine with the tax money being spent. As far as I'm concerned it's charitable giving to the other 32 states without same-sex marriage when we get it to the Supreme Court if it gets made legal nationwide.

sandy/USA, 00

If you are opposed to gay marriage, then don't marry someone your own gender. Problem solved. Otherwise, mind your own business, please. Keep government as small as possible by keeping it out of private adult lives.

Salt Lake City, UT

If our legislature is so bent on wasting millions of our dollars, couldn't they at least "waste" it on our schools or our parks or meals-on-wheels for elderly shut-ins?

How much dental care for the children of low-income families could these millions provide?


Leesburg, VA

As an outside observer, I wonder if the AG of Utah is really representing the Utah interest.
California didn't defend Prop. 8. Not because of caprice but because :
1.-it was undefendable from a constitutional perspective and
2.- The understanding of the people had increased and changed their position.

My apologies, I don't recall the name of the poster here. But somebody reported yesterday that Utah was declaring 48% pro and 48% against Same Sex Marriage. It seems that Utah is evolving faster than California.

As an LDS myself, many times in my life (almost everyday) I have to examine and re-examine my life, ideas, perspective in social and personal issues. I think this is a great skill that the LDS church is able to transmit to its members.

I love the LDS Church and wish the best to the Saints in Utah and the world. I hope the Utah AG office doesn't just have a knee jerk reaction, but a well thought out action, whatever that may be.

I don't mind to be in opposite sides in the flow of ideas as long as both sides are able to present themselves with dignity, respect and intelligence.

Peace to all.

Salt Lake City, UT

When Rights Are Wrong

A wise man said : "At this point Christians have to think very carefully. We do not want to deny anyone his or her civil rights. To do so would not only violate the Constitution but also deny the rights that are granted, not by the government, but by the Creator. But is same-sex marriage such a right? The answer to that question must be no.

Discrimination on the basis of an unchangeable characteristic such as skin color would be wrong. But Christians cannot accept the argument that homosexuality is an immutable characteristic. While recognizing the complexity of issues related to sexual orientation, we cannot define a behavior as an intrinsic characteristic. On that basis, why not grant theft or other sinful behavior the same civil rights protection?

Those pushing for the legalization of same-sex marriage have been tremendously successful in convincing many people—and several courts—of their argument that same-sex marriage is a civil right. But this is a confusion of categories that Christians cannot accept".

You cannot legislate immorality any more than you can legislate morality.

Salt Lake City, UT

"We would be willing to foot the entire bill if we had the right counsel and the right strategy," Mero said. "At this point, I can tell you the Sutherland Institute is involved in conversations about the right counsel and the right strategy."

OK, this hired counsel is supposed to be representing the citizens of Utah, right? But if Sutherland funds the counsel in full or in part how can said counsel be said to represent the people of Utah. In fact it would be representing Sutherland. This is another example of the requisite lines in Utah being extremely and disturbingly fuzzy, like mixing church and state. Moreover, bully Mero acts like he can run rough shod over any of the citizenry who don't like the Sutherland focus.

Los Angeles, CA

This case is lost ,glbt are the winners,so sorry.

A Quaker
Brooklyn, NY

I'd love the State of Utah to lose this case, but I only want them to lose after putting the best possible case forward. That's the only way to demonstrate that there really is no good case in law for prohibiting same-sex couples from applying for the same civil marriage benefits as "traditional" couples.

I hope the firm they hire is brilliant and creative and has the resources to pull together enough expert testimony to support whatever case they present, so everyone can see them lose fair and square.

The same sex couples who are going to get married are most likely already living together as committed life partners, perhaps in your very neighborhood. In every boring way, they're like any of your other married neighbors. If you could only avoid obsessing over other people's sex lives (is that possibly covered under "not covet thy neighbor's wife?"), this would be a non-issue.

The Professor
Provo, UT

It is interesting that so many folks that live out of state are so concerned about the expenditure of Utah tax dollars.

It is also strange that folks say it will be a waste of money to fight this issue. Then they complain when some one wants to supply funding.

I believe this is an issue that we should fight in the courts. Heaven knows state monies have been spent in many more wasteful ways than this.

Sugar City, ID

The court should recognize that same-sex marriage is a biological issue. The purpose for sex is reproduction: 1) to unite the sperm and egg; and 2) to help the zygote to develop into a mature adult individual. In the human species permanent heterosexual pair bonds have evolved because it takes a long time to train human children into mature, responsible, productive adults. Humans who grow up in a home where there is a strong heterosexual pair bond are more likely to mature into well-adjusted adults than if the heterosexual pair bond is damaged, corrupted or missing. In the past this heterosexual pair-bonding has been called marriage. Changing the definition of marriage will not change the biological reality of the need for strong, heterosexual pair bonds if we want well-adjusted children and a strong, healthy society. (continued)

Mcallen, TX

Ultimate evil/destruction, is created in steps as people become desensitized.

Evidence of this can be found in today's world, and through out history.

I would recommend intense independent research.

St.George, Utah


There are retirees who have come to Southern Utah from states all across the USA. A good number of them, for one reason or another, chose not to have children. These are well educated, well traveled, good people, and good citizens. Here in St. George you could find many to converse with concerning your post.
Many of these are gay couples who have been together for many years. They are just as committed as your "Strong Heterosexual pair". These couples have good educations, good jobs, and our good people and good neighbors and good citizens. Some have children, some do not. Their children are successful and well adjusted, just as the children are that you are discussing.
Do you have any gay friends? Do you have any childless friends? Have you ever spent any time with them and their families?
You sound like you may only have information from a book, not real life experience with your fellow men and women.

Heber City, UT

Any dollars spent on defense of this should be re-allocated from the Governor's economic-development budget. After establishing ourselves as the anti-equality state, we can wave goodbye to companies considering locating in Utah.

Silver Spring, MD

@Meckofahess "we cannot define a behavior as an intrinsic characteristic."

With respect, I don't believe anyone is arguing that.

Behavior and orientation are distinct. Gay people, like all people, make choices about their lives and who they spend their lives with.

What they don't get to choose is their basic orientation.

Gail Fitches
Layton, UT

1.If a parent objects to a school teaching pro-homosexuality and pulls his
child out of school, and because of it is ridiculed and/or jailed, is he
2.If a self-employed business owner with strong religious convictions
refuses to offer his services to homosexuals and he is sued and goes
bankrupt, is he harmed?
3.If a Catholic orphanage is forced to shut down because it is against its
religious moral code to turn children over to homosexual couples, is someone
4.If a public school teacher voices his disapproval of homosexuality on
Facebook on his own time, away from work, in his own home, on his own
computer, and is fired from his teaching position, is he harmed?
5.If a group of pro-homosexual activists (Act-UP) disrupt the worship
service of a Christian congregation by throwing condoms at the pastor, is
the congregation harmed?
6.If Christians are forced into silence because of fear of legal, social,
and financial retribution, are they harmed?
7.When morally conservative people who disapprove of homosexuality are
labeled as "moral dinosaurs," "bigots," "hate mongers," "right wing
fanatics," "preachers of hatred," "intolerant," are they harmed?

Here, UT

Dear Mr. Reyes;

How much money is Utah going to spend defending the 14th Amendment's Constitutional Rights of LGBT citizens to equal protection?

$0.00? So much for "equal protection".

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