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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 15 2014 4:25 p.m. MST

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Jefferson, Thomas
Bluffdale, UT

All you need to know is what groups and individuals are supporting this fraud. Has any reporter bothered to ask exactly what votes in the past were not counted? This initiative will insure elected officials will stay there until they feel ready to leave. They do not lose in primaries. The education groups like it cause they get the status quo for politicians rather worry about someone they like being defeated. It is a disaster for the process if this thing passes.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Jefferson, Thomas,

I agree that you should look at who is supporting each side. You are however wrong on why educators are supporting Count My Vote. Those who oppose Count My Vote only want to look at the US House and Senate elections and fail to look at our state house and senate elections. Count My Vote will take away some of the power the radical right to push their candidates through the local caucuses for state legislative positions. How often have state republican legislators been defeated in their local caucuses? I am far less concerned about those elected to the US Congress than those elected at the state level. The Washington do nothings really don't effect my world. The state is a different story, they have a great effect on my life, transportation, education, taxes, etc.etc.

The far right Utah legislators the Sutherland Institute and those who like to have total control of the legislative process in Utah are the ones afraid of Count My Vote.


Sal, In a Caucus system you can ask potential delegates their positions. Therein is an advantage of a Caucus system over Primaries - A Caucus is a meeting of neighbors interacting, where you can try to persuade your neighbors. In a primary system solitary people don't interact with others. How can you argue against Mike Lee in a Primary system unless you are rich and can pay for advertising. You can even become a delegate yourself.

Layton, UT

My biggest issue with the current system is that the only people that have paid for America's wars, and serving in the Armed Forces, out of the state, are locked-out of this process. They are the ones that are the most knowledgeable about national problems, pay Utah's income taxes, and receive no benefit of any Utah services. Logistically, they can NOT attend the mass meetings, or participate as a delegate.

If California, or any other state, disregarded their resident Service Members like Utah does, there would be an uproar (correctly) over this inequality. Utah needs to take a look at how it treats the only Utah residents that have the courage to serve their Nation, or pay for its wars (with their blood).

It is a shame.

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