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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 15 2014 5:00 a.m. MST

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Far East USA, SC

"I simply wished for the opportunity to tell those involved what I know to be the truth."

If the statement was changed to "what I believe to be the truth", no one can argue.

There are lots of people, LDS or not, who claim to KNOW the truth when it comes to religion. In reality, it is just what you strongly believe.

Could a staunch Muslim or Scientologist convince a Mormon that "the truth" was in Islam or could be found by reading L Ron Hubbard?

Just like any good marketing campaign, the goal is to convince the masses that your product is better than the competition.

Danbury, CT

Thanks, Sister Butters - well said and thank you for the beautiful spirit accompanying your words...

I think she expresses what many of us feel: that we wish people would just read the Book of Mormon and come to know it as those of us who have a testimony of it. I've read the book my whole life and always have felt that it reads and feels like scripture. I love the Bible and especially the New Testament - the Gospels and writings of Paul. For me, the Book of Mormon has that same powerful and persuasive way of saying that Jesus lives and loves us. Living the Gospel brings peace and an ability to cope with life's trials.

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

@Joe Blow,

Are you really going to quibble about semantics here?

Somewhere in Time, UT

Dear Joe Blow:

When one has received personal revelation from God, then one KNOWS!

Gilbert, AZ

Re: Joe Blow

Reread the article focusing on the part where she quotes Moroni 10:4. We are not trying to convince anyone of anything, we are inviting people, everywhere, to open their hearts and minds to God and allow Him to tell them what is true. We can share our experiences and beliefs but it is up to each individual to take what they learn to the one true source of knowledge and ask for a confirmation, and if you will do that then you will know.


Dear Joe Blow,

Do you know that no one can know, or do you simply have a strong belief that no one can know? If you know it, how did you come by this knowledge? What about this knowledge makes it superior to the knowledge that Sister Butters claims to possess?

Danbury, CT


What if both Mohammed and Joseph Smith were inspired by God, in their own time and for their own purpose, to help bring us closer to God? Mormonism does not claim any exclusivity on the truth. And certainly doesn't claim exclusivity of "goodness". See Moroni 7:16.

What is your definition of "truth"?

What if there is a God and what if He is our Father? What if this life is an opportunity for us to learn and find out what we can become? What if God merely helps us understand how things work and what we call "commandments" are things that help us be the best we can be? It's hard for us to conceive of anyone so pure in love and intent. But what if?

SomewhereIn, UT

Thank you, Sister Butters - both for your missionary service and for your desire to share your testimonay.

my two cents777

I've been inactive for a number of years- mainly because of illness- but reading Sr Butters account of the blessing of giving her testimony to the cast of the "show" brought tears to my eyes. It warmed my heart and soul as nothing else I have recently read and I thank you, Sr Butters, for sharing your firm belief in the Book of Mormon.

Las Vegas, NV

@ Joe:
"There are lots of people, LDS or not, who claim to KNOW the truth when it comes to religion. In reality, it is just what you strongly believe." Truth comes from God, when one sincerely and earnestly prays for the knowledge of the truth, God will reveal it, at that point it is knowledge, no longer "strongly believe"

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

"I realized they were just like anyone else — trying to find happiness, make friends and provide for themselves and their families."

That was something wonderful for that young missionary to bring away from an experience he had been anxious about. May it be so for more of us at awkward times in our lives.

1.96 Standard Deviations


When the power of the Spirit of God penetrates the heart and mind, it is knowledge. People really can know The Book of Mormon is true. Millions have experienced it. So long as one has faith in Christ, a sincere heart, and real intent, this promise will be fulfilled. It is amazing to see this promise fulfilled in many nations where people have different cultures, languages and religious (or non-religious) backgrounds.

As an example, do a Google search for "atheist conversion book of mormon." The first three results are Mormon.org profiles you can read from "Bruce", "Mandi" , and "Rob." All of these individuals made mention of the scriptures or The Book of Mormon. And they all mention how they came to "know."

Does this work for you?


Ah the blessings and the dangers of the word "know." As an active and engaged member of the church I too struggle with the word "know" - after all I am not sure in this life I want to "know" anything for a certain. It is our doctrine that the only way to be cast out to Outer Darkness 0r in the vernacular - Hell - is to "know" and then turn away from it denying what what "knows."

And yet at the same time believe is not a strong enough word. Nor is I have faith. And while my temporal body may not "know" many things my spirit seems to know a great deal. There are things I cannot see or touch that I do truly know - such as my love for my family.

Do I think we should back away from the use of the word "Know?" Perhaps it could be used with more care and skill but until I have a better one I think it will have to do. I remain open to suggestions.

Regardless of what I know or don't know I am that truth remains just that - truth.

Far East USA, SC

Not all who think they "know" are zealots. In fact it is very few.

But those zealots who "know" are much more likely to cross the line.

Those guys on 911 "knew". So did the Jim Jones followers and the Heavens Gate folks.

If you leave open the possibility that you just possibly could be wrong, you are less likely to go over-the-top

And Cats. Lots of people have purported receiving "personal revelation from God" and I am pretty sure that you discount lots of their claims.

Eastcoast "Mormonism does not claim any exclusivity on the truth."
How about the "only true and living Church" claim? Sounds pretty "exclusive" to me.

Commonman - I can easily and readily admit that I dont know. The LDS could have it completely right. Or not. Same with the Muslims or Jehovas Witnesses. And I am OK with that.

Are you all saying that you believe everyone who claims the KNOW religious truth? What makes them different from you?


Hi, "My Two Cents777,"

If I were you, I wouldn't really say that you're inactive, because if your reason for not physically attending church is because of illness and things like that--stuff that you can't really control--but you're still strongly connected in your heart (meaning that you would be willingly going to church every Sunday if you could), then you should still count yourself as active. This sample of the fruit of your character that you posted here tells me that you are still active.

The difference between you--still a good member with what appears to me to be a strong testimony--and someone who isn't still interested in the church even though they are still a member of it, is obvious--at least to me. Thanks for your posting!

(You don't need quotation marks around the word "show" there, though.)


Provo, UT

JoeBlow: We have evidence, that must be explained away. The Book of Mormon exists. While clearly you haven't read it, it does exist. Why and how? It demands an explanation. The Koran or even the Bible are explainable as traditions, etc. You can't do that with the Book of Mormon. It has defied any other explanation except the one Joseph Smith gave. Look at the things in it that no one in the early 1800's could have possibly known (chiasmus, Nahom, Bountiful on the Arabian coast, legal structures, Olmec civilization, etc.). Look at the witnesses of it.

The presence of the Book of Mormon elevates us far above the Jim Jones of the world. It doesn't PROVE the LDS church true--only God can do that-- but it provides far more concrete evidence than anything else in the modern world. So it's not just a "feeling", it's academically based as well.
Incidentally, it's why the LDS church critics try so desperately to discredit the Book of Mormon--they understand its importance. The fact that they have failed every time should make you pause.

terra nova
Park City, UT

The difference is that within the confines of this church we have access to blessings opened by authorized priesthood keys. Where else can you go to be sealed for time and eternity? Where else do you find temple endowments? Where else do we seek to open the doors of salvation for our forefathers? Where else can you turn to find a living prophet and twelve apostles? Where else can you go to find a second witness of Jesus Christ anything like the Book of Mormon? Where else can you go to get the multitude of blessings offered by the restoration?

There are bits and pieces of good everywhere and in many religions. But nowhere is there more in one place than there is here and now. And more is coming! Much more.

Idaho Falls, ID

Awesome story! Thanks for sharing. As a reminder, at least two people have told their stories of how they actually joined the church after attending "The Book of Mormon Musical." I suspected such things would happen and that the musical would probably do more good than any harm, as it would pique the interest of those sincerely looking for the truth. Those who aren't will be no more negative about the church than they are already.


Hi, Sister Whitney Butters,

Whow, how did you get this job writing for the news so soon after your mission? Or did they just hear about this and ask you to write as a guest (while still giving you an e-mail address with them)?

Thanks for your great story! How lucky/blessed you are to have been in that area where you could tell the cast of that irreverent show named after such a reverent and true book what you know about the gospel--particularly about how the book's contents help you--and what you would like the cast to know about it also! I hope they will gain testimonies over time, too. But if they do, maybe the show will have to find new actors or just close.

You weren't trying to get the show closed locally, but if it's so irreverent that it's sort of disgraceful, then if these cast members felt the Spirit strongly enough, they wouldn't want to continue (and maybe only contract would keep them for a time). Maybe I should see it because of curiosity, but I don't think I'd appreciate it. We'll see....


Bountiful, ut

What a well-written insightful article. It doesn't matter if Joe Blow ever agrees that knowledge can be independent of scientific "proof." It's OK for him to have a well-reasoned opinion. But what I took away from the story and the comments is that there are some awesome people out there and I want to try harder to be one of them. I lost my testimony of the church years ago and I'm still trying to understand how it happened; it's just gone. This story made me feel good, and I want to feel like this more often.

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