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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 14 2014 11:15 a.m. MST

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Gone fishin
Seattle, WA

It is a revolving door approach to coaching.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Yeah, that Wyoming o-line was nothing short of a steam roller. Seriously, I saw BSU run through that line like water through a sieve. Brett Smith ran for his life all day long.

Layton, UT

Gone fishin,

No, It's attempting to improve our standing in the PAC 12. If all we had to do is beat byu and USU, no changes would be needed.

Lindon, UT

Where's all the talk about how the PAC12 is such a power house conference and no one from the MWC can even think about competing at that level? Is that still true? Do you think promoting coaches from a "less than" conference who struggled to find success there will instantly be successful with a bit more talented players at Utah? That's a lot of faith and hope--- maybe Whitt should add some pixie dust, then he'll have it.

Gone fishin
Seattle, WA

If utah is in such a mighty conference then why are they having to go to a losing team in lesser conference to recruit coaches? I thought that your conference membership would land you blue chip coaches. Maybe the rest of the football world sees things as they really are on the hill. Maybe you could send them your crimson colored glasses. You might also want to throw in a few PAC 12 stickers. I'm sure they are in great supply on the hill.

Fight On!
St George, Utah

Utah is really establishing itself as the Wyoming of the PAC-12.

You'll get the occasional upset and winning season, but your destined to be the whipping boy of more talented competition.

Looking forward to another losing season for the frUtes and a beat down @ RES on Oct 25th.

Fight On!

Pocatello, ID

I think the hire is fine. Whit has brought in higher profile guys before and they didn't work out really well. I think this shows that Christensen is in complete control of the offense. Obviously this someone who Christensen is comfortable with, and knows the system inside and out.

I have no clue when it comes to evaluating an O-line coach. If the O-line struggles is because of the technique and schemes or is it just a talent deficit. I don't know, but it certainly has to benefit having an Oline coach the OC is simpatico with.

I'm excited to see what this offense looks like, and excited to see that there appears to be direction and the potential for stability in the program. Something that has obviously been lacking since Ludwig left.

GO UTES !!!!

Herriman, UT

There is no denying that Utah has not done well in the PAC 12. The record speaks for itself. However, it is still better than being in the MWC or independent. Arizona has never been to the Rose Bowl, but I guarantee that they don't wish they never left the WAC. It is still better to be in the PAC 12, it is still better to be a Ute than a Cougar (that has been proven on the field).


@Gone Fishin, haven't a lot of really good coaches started out schools that weren't that great? Urban Meyer coached at Bowling Green! Plus Wyoming is in no position to ever be good at football. It's Wyoming! 472 ypg is pretty impressive for a team that probably has never had a 3 start recruit.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Where's all the talk about how the PAC12 is such a power house conference and no one from the MWC can even think about competing at that level? Is that still true?"

Let's see, souptwins...Utah came from the lesser MWC and has improved but still struggles to compete in the elite Pac-12. In the interim, Utah has consistently owned byu, also from the MWC. You do the math and answer your own question.

I agree with your assessment. This is a good indication (a data point) that Christensen truly owns the offense and I like that. I think this is the time an OC under Whittingham has had the green light to make his own hire. Definitely a step in the right direction. I'm not sure that bringing coaches from Wyoming is the silver bullet that Whittingham is looking for but Harding has impressive credentials (on paper anyway).

I'm still hoping that Coach Whittingham will take a hard look at the receivers and db coaches.

Highland, UT


I actually agree with you and pocy on a couple of those points, in fact I made them a couple of days ago. No one knows if this guy will be any good or not, everyone starts someplace and very few start out at the top, they start low and work their way up.

But I absolutely disagree with this comment,

"Harding has impressive credentials"

No he doesn't. He was a grad assistant at a middle tier school, he was a high school coach, then he was a coach at a bad wyoming program. None of those credentials is "impressive". That is the type of hyperbole that I enjoy pointing out with utah "fans".

But of course none of us knows how he will perform, he might be really good, he might stink. We'll find out.

Salt Lake City, UT

You are correct, Duck, I missed the modifier "graduate" assistant at Missouri in the write up. Harding must be very young. The question remains...is he "the best" person to shore up the offensive line at Utah, open holes for the run game, and most important...protect the quarterback? As you say, Duck, we'll find out soon enough but it's becoming increasing clear that both Christensen and Whittingham are betting their careers at Utah on the decision.

As for the rest of your comment, I have to tell you Duck...I don't think it was necessary. But hey...it's a reflection of who you are.

Pocatello, ID


first of all, let's lay off the name calling. It's Myperspective, not noperspective. Seriously, this isn't Jr. High.

2nd, you're correct in terms of credentials. He doesn't have a lot that jumps off the page, but he probably has the 2 things that matter most, an understanding of DC's offense, and his trust.

There have been a lot of coaches who have come out of nowhere to knock it out of the park. Urban and Chip Kelly come to mind first for me. Coach Tuiaki (Utah's D-line coach) was home run in his first year coaching D-line ever and only his 4th year coaching at all. He replaced coach a much more experienced Coach Chad, and got a lot more out the D-line. There have been others who have looked too raw when they got the call, I think BJ falls into that category.

Ultimately time will tell. If he can get the O-line to do what DC wants, then thats all that matters.

go Utes!!

Qwest Perfected
Salt Lake City, UT

In my opinion, these last recent coaching moves by Kyle wreak of desperation. I like Whitingham but I think his biggest problem is that he is way too loyal to his friends which all become his assistant coaches.

I'm happy he got rid of Finn. The O-line has under performed for the last few years now and I think that has to do with coaching. As far as this hire goes, who knows if the guy is any better or not but any Utah fan who is happy about taking coaches from Wyoming need to think twice. The only thing good to come out of Wyoming is I-80.

I figure this experiment will either work or it will perhaps be the end of Kyle's career at Utah. I hope it works but I think it will be a tough task. The Utes schedule will probably be even harder next year than it was this last year. One less home game and you swap Michigan on the road for byu.

Time will tell.

Go Utes!

The Moose
Southern, UT

Some of the commentators here and in the past point to desperation. I think to some degree that is fair. Utah fans expect success in the Pac-12. Utah's program expects success in the Pac-12. If not they would have stayed pat and went bowling every year with at least 9 wins against easier opponents. Time to step up. As mentioned earlier, Arizona had to do it. By the way, I think they will step up. Go Utes.


This hire cant be any good because he coached at Wyoming.

That's what I call advanced analysis (eye roll). Yet that's the only thing the haters can say. Either this is a good hire or a bad one, but none of us will know that for a long time, even duck knows that much.

Spanish Fork, UT

The hire is simple: Hail Mary. Who knows if it will work -- it might -- but it's about the last play Kyle has. He knows if the Mary offense doesn't work and the Utes are again bowless, he'll be looking for work.

I still wonder if Dennis Erickson has any self-esteem left.

Elk Hair Caddis
Sandy, UT

Its all about the money. Utah does not have the money to attract coaching talent on the rise.

The athletic department budgets at private schools USC and Stanford are triple Utah's. Oregon (also known as NIKE U) has an athletic department budget that dwarfs USC and Stanford. These three schools have won a share of or the outright conference championship in 18 of the last 20 years.

Utah and its alumni base need to dig allot deeper into their pockets to find lasting success in the PAC. Buying PAC stickers is not going to get it done Utes.

Sandy, UT

Coach harding will fit right in with the utes' coaching staff. He's been a 'co-something' coach virtually his whole career. Practically the whole ute offensive staff has been in that same position at utah.

On the plus side, if DC goes down with an injury, kyle can always sub-in DE, BJ, or AR. The utes have stockpiled lots of depth at the OC position.

Lindon, UT

From "My Perspective", you didn't explain why Utah would look backwards to a struggling and perennial bottom team from the MWC as a good place to find coaches to be successful in the PAC and help Utah climb up in their NEW conference. Are Ute fans still learning that one or two decent wins does not a season make?

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