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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 15 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

The good news is that Christie's aides are not professional criminals.

Professional criminals do not carefully document their crimes using accounts with their real names on them hosted by Gmail and Yahoo. Apparently the aides figured that since they were using private email accounts instead of their State email accounts they could communicate with reckless abandon. That was a stupid move. The next logically stupid mistake would be to erase those emails.

That would be a stupid move because those email can't be erased.

They are all safe and sound in Utah. Just take North Temple to Redwood Road and head South to Camp Williams. Its that big building on your left with a sign that says "NSA Data Center." You can't plan something intentionally disruptive for the George Washington Bridge that is timed to coincide with a September 11 anniversary and not get someone's attention in that building.

I'll leave for others to decide if these guys were stupid criminals or just stupid. One thing is for sure however. This story isn't going away.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

Christie's traits of candor and political savvy took a serious hit over this issue.
He's finished on the national stage.

Hayden, ID

All Christie had to do was blame Bush! That's what the Demos do and look how well it works!

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm not a Christie fan, but I think it's amazing that Bridge-gate (a traffic jam) is getting all this media attention right from the start... and Bengazi was swept under the rug by the same media people right from the start.

And people DIED in Bengazi, and Hillary Clinton was responsible for their security (even if she didn't know).

And dispite recent sworn testimony that shows that many people told her... but the media is still sweeping it under the rug and buying her story that she knew nothing. But they keep opening every morning news broadcast with the news that there is no new news on Bridge-gate... but polls show that some people still believe Christie is lieing about not knowing about it... big suprise when they are the people helping build that suspicion with their daily reports that despite all evidence indicating he didn't know, but there's still a possiblility that they just haven't found that piece of evidence that he did know.

It's just amazing how the two get such different treatement by the NY and Washington Media people (IMO)

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Christie may have been in the dark about what went on behind the sham traffic jam. But he definitely should have known something about the caliber of people who were in jobs that enabled them to perpetrate that outrage. Was he that insulated from the vetting process that brought these people into high positions of public trust?

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