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Published: Monday, Jan. 13 2014 7:00 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

Knowing and delivering are not the same.

I will believe it when I see it.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

Next years schedule is really tough so he'll get better.

Herndon, VA

BYU needs to answer the question: What do I want to be when I grow up? And stick with it.

"No man can serve two masters." Is Taysom a passing quarterback or a runner?

He's not "dual-threat" – that’s vanity. BYU is not fast enough and we don’t had the personnel. True?

Yet, if Taysom became an accurate drop-back and roll-out passer, which is possible, is there any question defenses would fear him as they did Steve Young? They know if they overplay him he's going to run and burn the defense. It opens up the offense.

We've degenerated into three backs and no real quarterback. Then, when it's third and a gazillion the defense just sits back, or blitzes. We are forced to pass long, and - unlike the BYU of old - we are unprepared to do so. Please, let's have a real pass-oriented offense next, all year. That would be bold. Try if for one year!

With our schedule, what would be the risk? At a minimum we’d win 8 or 9 games on the low side. And what about the high?

let's roll

When Anae and Hill both realize that a simple swing pass to Williams in the flat is a much better use of his skills than trying to run him between the tackles more than a dozen times a game, we'll see some progress in the offense.

Countless times Hill didn't even look at Williams as he either threw into coverage or was sacked as Williams was wide open in the flat. We've all seen what he can do when he gets the ball in space.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Next years schedule of power conference teams:

Texas(good one)
Cal(12th of 12 in pac 12)
Virginia(dead last in ACC, only 1 win against Division 1 teams last year - byu) LOL

What a schedule!

As for Taysom, with byu being one of the worst teams in the nation at scoring touchdowns once in the "blue zone" Taysom has yet to prove he is anymore more than a very average QB.

Lehi, UT

Yes! his arm, not his feet and legs, his ARM, please Mr. Harmon let him know that. And plus if he wants to play in the next level, he better have a good arm. Better still if he wants BYU to play in January, then he needs to concentrate on his passing skills.

Provo, UT

Hope that we will actually have a passing QB this season, not a running QB. Let the RB do the running. But like the comments above, we will believe it when we see it. I'm sick of fans saying it'll be better next year. We have been hearing that since Jake Heaps was about to be the big thing for BYU.

Idaho Falls, ID


'He's not "dual-threat"...'

I disagree. I think a dual threat is exactly what he is. Now, one threat may be more polished than the other, but make no mistake, because of his arm strength and running ability, opposing teams have to respect the deep ball was well as the run. If he can improve his accuracy and if his receivers can get better at separation, and his line can provide a little protection, that threat will be amplified.

I disagree with the premise that BYU HAS to have a drop back passer to be successful. Dual threat is a very popular trend these days in NCAA football, and many successful teams are utilizing them. I say BYU should do with the QB whatever it takes to win. But I do agree that improving the passing game is a must if BYU wants to improve their success in the Red Zone.

Cougar Blue 1
Henderson , NV

Let's be honest, with Anae running the show we will only be a decent offense at best. The reason Young flourished after getting more consistent with his arm, was because he had offensive coordinators who knew what they were doing. They maximized Young's talents. What we will have is another decent season because of a weak schedule, but will more than likely lose to a few of the decent teams. I hope that doesn't happen. However, after many seasons with Mendenhall I have learned to keep expectations low or else you end up feeling like the Ute basketball fans.

Kaysville, UT

I find it funny that CB is mocking our QB calling him a very average QB. Maybe he should worry about his own teams dismal QB situation before poking fun at ours.

South Jordan, UT

I watched Dave McCann interview Taysom Hill last night on True Blue (BYUtv). My opinion is that we have the "real deal" with Taysom. He's smart, talented, teachable, and has a great work ethic. I think he will work hard in the off season to develop the rhythm and trust in his receivers. I just hope that Anae is on-board as well to help him to develop into the quarterback that he can become. Remember, he was a Stanford recruit before his mission and then switched to BYU. The guy will be great.

Go Cougars!

Salt Lake City, UT


You know what the problem is with this entire Taysom Hill needs to become a better passing quarterback discussion? BYU already has a great passing QB on its roster -- his name is Ammon Olsen, and he's a pretty decent running QB too. Sad, sad, sad.

I like Hill and his grit and leadership qualities. And yes, the kid can REALLY run. But unless Hill can become a much better (nee accurate, "thread-the-needle" and touch) passer, BYU is destined to average 7--9 wins per season. Tops.

Unfortunately, BYU will NEVER become an "Elite," Top 10 team with a run-first QB. NEVER.

Why? Because BYU cannot consistently land AAAAA-speed across the board because of its Honor Code standards, which I'm fine with. That's why a passing QB is SO important, because an elite passing QB can overcome the speed differential had by the defenses of elite teams.

Poppa P

Cinci Man

"As he told McCann, offensive coordinator Robert Anae must also trust the offense and fertilize it with calls that give other parts of the machinery a chance to get involved."

Taysom is echoing what many BYU fans have said all year. It is the most significant thing Taysom said. Jake Heaps is where he is today, on the bench at Kansas, because he didn't develop his arm in Kansas or BYU. Hoffman was special because he could get his hands on many balls even when the throw was not accurate. But not all received are a Hoffman. The QB has to get better. The offensive coordinator has to be creative and mix it up good. I have one suggestion - Practice you game plan; then play your game plan. Go Cougars! Good luck to Hill and the team.

Missouri Coug
Greenwood, MO

What I saw this year, was after Taysom would run for 40 yards, they would immediately come back with some kind of pass play, and the ball would fall short of the receiver... This is because the dude had just ran 40 yards, and he is tired after that run. To immediately try and throw a long pass, or even a short one with accuracy is pretty hard to do...you just don't have the immediate strength to do so...give the guy a break...He has a strong arm, and with correct coaching, will become a great passer..The coaches need to look at this throwing form, and show him what needs to be changed in the way he releases the ball....Go Taysom....

Layton, UT

Hills abilities are there. You can see them surface at times. He needs time, after all he was only a Sophomore this year. I believe it come down to play calling and setting Hill up for success. I can't stand to watch Anae's play calling, especially when they are in the Blue Zone. I hate the fade route as its a low % play and takes a special QB to throw it. Anae is also very, very predictable. A novice can see this watching games that in certain line ups on 3rd down it will be the same play. He does not hide the offensive look and run multiple plays from the same look. He did this in first go round at BYU also. It makes me sick to watch his play calling. Think about what I just said and look at there Blue Zone % and 3rd down % this year. almost last in FBS. I know that BYU fans want to move on from the stagnate Mendenhall, I know I do, but who is out there? Think about it! Robert Anae as BYU's next head coach. That is where we are heading.

west jordan , UT

For a rebuilding year BYU did fine, not great, but fine. Let back off a little bit. I think due to the teams we play and the development of the team this year I think we will have a good shot at a 10 win season to then jump to a great season of Hill's and William's SR year.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

@Chris B

You forgot UCF, the most challenging team on BYU's schedule unless the NFL beckons its stellar QB. USU, Boise State and Houston all are respectable teams that can further enhance BYU's reputation with a win.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Poppa p,

What does the honor code have to do with byu's lack of speed?

And saying "limited recruiting pool" doesn't answer the question unless you are saying byu can't recruit quarterbacks or linebackers or any other position as well due to the honor code?

What about the honor code specifically makes byu unable to recruit speed but can still recruit qb?

Salt Lake City, UT

@Poppa P:

I am interested in your apparent assertion that a young man cannot be both fast and honorable. The notion that in order to keep the BYU honor code a young man must necessarily be slow, seems ridiculous to me.

Orem, UT

My number 1 concern is Robert Anae. He has no resume' of success. He refuses to be in the box where he can "see" what is going on. He seems to have no creativity. He is very much figured out by opposing defenses.

What is going to change? My second concern in with Bronco's grasp of creating a powerful offense. I have no quarrel with his goodness, and especially his ability to coach defense. But the offense, year in, year out, with Bronco, is dismal. We cannot get the ball into the endzone after driving 80 yards.

I keep hoping that will change, but so far, I don't have confidence in that "really" changing.

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