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Published: Monday, Jan. 13 2014 2:50 p.m. MST

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Somewhere, IL

Is Dunnigan also drafting a bill to increase funding for emergency response services to deal with the increase in accidents that the speed increase will cause?

Surfers Paradise, AU

people drive way faster than that anyway. It's scary how fast people drive on I-15 between Provo and Ogden.

Federal Way, WA

Rememer, the "percieved" speed limit is 5 mph over the posted speed limit. If you raise the posted limit, you are unintentinally telling people it is ok to go 85mph.

Draper, UT

@Chilidog Same old disproved argument that more speed causes more accidents, shown time and time again to be false. More dangerous are fatigued drivers, which is decreased by getting there sooner. I think some are just scared of the speed! Just stay out of the left lane, its called the passing lane for a reason.

Phoenix, AZ

Not a good idea... speed is the major cause of freeway deaths. The government's job is to protect people... not get them to work earlier.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good. As long as they are wise about where they increase the speed limit, this will be a good thing. For those of you that are scared of the speed limit being raised even though there is evidence that it does not make it more dangerous, I guess you can still drive slowly and annoy everyone else (and ironically be the cause of increased danger by not going with the flow of traffic). Just stay out of the left lane on two lane freeways please and the left most lanes on larger freeways.


We have all driven faster than 80 on all parts of the Freeway in Utah. This is ok.

Provo, ut

Might as well raise it, the speed limits in Utah are like the Pirate Code in the Jack Sparrow movies..."More of a suggestion" People tend to drive the speed they are comfortable with and that matches the flow of the traffic anyway. There are a few crazies out there and I hope the little towns up and down the state make good money off of them.

Somewhere, IL

The other issue that Dunnigan needs to consider is this: were the roads designed for this speed? Were curves, off ramps, etc, properly slopped and banked to handle that speed?

Somewhere, IL

Roughd, the likelihood of a crash being fatal increases as the speed increases.

That is an incontrovertible back and is based on simple physics.

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

As the study pointed out, crashes are more likely a result from greatly differing speeds rather than simply high speeds. I would imagine that a freeway with everybody travelling 80 mph is safer than a freeway with people with different speeds ranging from 55 - 75 mph.

Duchesne, UT

I'd like to see the speed limit raised on Highway 40 and through Provo Canyon!

Potsdam, 00

As we all know speed is related to awareness, remember Einstein ?
Since many people's awareness is derived from Burger visits and handy "tractions",
I would suggest to raise the drivers training as well.(!)

Any accident above 30 would kill you anyway, if you don't know what you do.
Have a sticker on your car, says you been trained, otherwise you can not visit the left lane.
Simple as that, locals can make some extra bugs.

Sandy, Utah

OK for rural sections of interstate highways, not OK for urban freeways. With a 65 mph limit, people already drive 75 mph. If they raise it to 80, everyone will feel obligated to go 90. Big gravel trucks will also be doing 80-90 mph, which means you'll have to do 100 mph just to avoid a broken windshield.


So many opinions only a handful know what they're talking about. As a former Utah Highway Patrolman told me long ago "if you're driving over 75 mph it doesn't matter if you have on your seat belt, you'll probably die or be severaly impaired for life." He added, "When you have an accident there are three collisions: the first is the car with whatever object it hits; the second is your body with the interior of the car; and the third are your internal organs colliding with your skeleton, in which case they are either severely bruised or they explode from the impact killing you." That advice changed my driving habits forever.

Phoenix, AZ

"For those of you that are scared of the speed limit being raised even though there is evidence that it does not make it more dangerous..."

Speed is the primary cause of deaths on the freeway. This is a fact.

"I guess you can still drive slowly and annoy everyone else..."

The freeway is build for everyone who has a license. Some drivers who prefer not to die go cautiously while others who don't fear death (but die nonetheless) are speed demons.

"...and ironically be the cause of increased danger by not going with the flow of traffic."

Speed is the primary cause of deaths on the freeway... did I say? If you'll check, I think you'll find there are what's commonly referred to as 'speed limits' that you, Sam, would be wise to obey.

"Just stay out of the left lane on two lane freeways please and the left most lanes on larger freeways."

Just stay off the freeway if you can't drive the speed limit or less... so you don't end up killing yourself, or someone else.

West Jordan, UT

@Chilidog - It's like you didn't even bother reading the article... It says right in the article that they've done studies on multiple stretches of highway and fatalities have not increased anywhere that they've already raised the limit. Secondly, spokesman for UDOT (the entity that would have the authority to raise the speed limits) says right in the article that before they would consider raising limits anywhere, they would look at the existing engineering studies.

Draper, UT

Interesting to me that most of the comments here opposing this are from out-of-state posters. Seems they have an innate need to try to control other people's lives. And just because you keep saying it doesn't make it true, as the article states, studies have shown no significant increase in accidents or fatalities with higher limits. None of you have addressed the issue of driver fatigue, those from the east have no concept of the distances of wide open country traveled out here in the west.


When it says "crashes have slightly dropped over the past three years, attributed to more vehicles traveling at the same speeds and less variation in the speed of surrounding vehicles" I disagree. The reason it has dropped is because people get their destinations more rapidly and don't fall asleep as much. Just got done with a drive from Texas to northern Utah. No doubt a higher speed limit helps reduce fatigue. I can remember when 55 was the national speed limit. It was a long drive to St. George! Now it's more manageable. Time to follow the stats. The faster roads have a drop in crashes, no matter what else you may think. The figures are right there in front of you.

Salt Lake City, UT

Anywhere from Ogden-Provo should not see an increase, too much traffic there and quite frankly we don't need the higher emissions output that comes with faster driving. In other locations like that I-70 corridor, sure.

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