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Published: Sunday, Jan. 12 2014 9:25 p.m. MST

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Utah Teacher
Orem, UT

Ouch. Losing to the team that only scored 25 points one game this season? And named the Cougars no less? This has to be the low point for the utes. I thought maybe they had a chance to make some noise in the Pac but I guess it is not going to happen. Tough time to be a utah fan right now.

South Jordan, Utah

ANOTHER loss directly attributable to the weak schedule Utah played in the pre-season! This team is woefully prepared to play on the road.

Salt Lake City, UT

Well that was the first bad loss of the year... and it took them something like 16 games to get one of those so that's good. The team isn't going to go to even the NIT at this rate but should still finish out better than last year and with a solid recruiting class for next year so you know... could be worse.

Layton, UT

Disapointing. Utah Teacher, It is a low point. What do we do now? Hire the coach from Wyoming? geeze. Bring on the detractors celebration.

Phoenix, AZ

Washington beat Colorado today. Utah's loss got upgraded from a bad loss to a moral victory!

Lincoln City, OR

Once again the mighty utes nearly pull off the upset on the road against perennial Basketball Giant WSU... Instead they were able to keep their perfect road streak in-tact and will more than likely finish the season a perfect 0-10...

This brings full legitimacy to the RPI rating system and explains why Utah continues to remain where they are in the pac12 rankings...

You just never know what is going to happen each week in the big bad pac12... Well wait, I guess that's not true... We know that if the utes are on the road you can bet the house on a guaranteed "L"... lol. Looks like one more year of watching March Madness from the comforts of their own slc homes.

But look at the positives, the Defense was great... They held the Cougs to only twice as many as Arizona did...

As my friend the WSU Alumni tells me several times a year, they are absolutely delighted to have the utes in their Conference... Without them they would not have been able to go "Bowling" this year in Football... And without them they would have a sub .500 Basketball Season going right now.

West Jordan, UT


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

It's tough to win in the prestigious PAC 12.

I love the way this program is headed with coach K

Tough loss but the future is bright for the PAC 12 utes.

Onward an upward

South Jordan, Utah

alt134 calls it the first bad loss of the year??? What about the 10 bad wins - you know against the likes of Savannah State et al, teams that barely reach the junior college level? I stand by my assertion that Coach k and the administration sealed this team's fate with the pathetic preseason they played.

North Bend, WA

Chris B., I have come to believe that you must be a secret BYU fan - posing as a "Troll"! Your comments are beyond any sense of reason!

Richmond, VA

Sorry to see the Utes lost a sure chance to secure a win over a winnable opponent. I'm sure they're as disappointed as we were when they beat our Cougars. Stanford that lost to BYU beat Oregon and California beat Colorado. That does not bode well for the Utes' chances as their conference is also vastly improved in b/b too this year. I'm not sure how long their fans can sing the praises of their being in a prestigious conference if they can't compete and prove they belong. Belonging is one thing, being competitive is quite another.

Good luck Utes!

Phoenix, AZ

We're going nowhere this year. Lucky if we get an NIT bid.

Hyrum, UT

I really thought the Cougars would beat the Utes this year. I just didn't realise it would be a loss to these Cougars.

Was really hoping for a Ute win today. These 2 and 3 point losses are extra tough. BYU has had a few of those too.

I was somewhat worried about how the Utes would do on the road after they had almost all home games in their pre-conference play. Not a great way to fully prepare. But there is still time to start winning again and have a decent season.

Is there such a thing as the PAC12... or is it always the "prestigious" PAC12?
I'd rather hear about the prestigious Utes... after they finish earning the description.

Lincoln City, OR

Honorable Mr. Jeffereson...

With all due respect to a former President who could care less about the big bad pac12 today... How do you come up with 17 wins?...

The utes have 12 wins today (if we count all of the pre-season community college and HS victories at the HC)... They have already played 2 of their 11 home conference games leaving 9 yet to play. It is completely improbable that Utah will win a conference game on the road... So which 5 home games are they going to win at home to reach 17 wins on the year? UCLA, Cal, Colorado, and Arizona are definite losses in my book (I'd even add Stanford after seeing them beat Oregon today in Eugene)... Leaving only four "maybe" victories against UW,WSU,USC, and ASU at the HC...

That would give the utes 16 wins against 17 losses...

Even if you gave them 17 or 18 wins (which I think is highly unlikely they would still have 16 or 15 losses... That doesn't get them into any post season tourneys outside of the obligatory pac12 tournament... This all translates into cleaning out their lockers by the ides of March.

Orem, UT

Not related to the game, but...suddenly it seems like the Utes are playing Sunday games like all the time...it just...surprises me somehow...not that it's good or bad, just...surprising.


Washington State played really good defense keeping the Utes to 29% from the field and that looks like the biggest difference in the stats (WSU was 37% from the field).

I'm glad the Utes are improved over prior years, but it is tough to lose so many close games, especially games like this one where the Utes lead almost the entire game.

Pocatello, ID

This loss is like a kick to the gut. Oddly enough, I'm sure it's more so for the players and coaches than me, but it still is a drag.

Again, a winnable game, again, poor execution down the stretch.

I am still encouraged by the team, and love the direction they are going, but they are young. That being said, I hope they turn the corner soon.

Let's go get USC.

Go UTES!!!

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Like I told Chris B, beating WSU would be an upset. I agree with all the posts since the season started that the coach and AD made a terrible decision to schedule all of those weak teams on the hill. Not playing road games is now taking its toll. The utes are done for this year if they cannot beat a winless conference bottom feeder and then to only score 46 points, WOW. But hey the utes are in the pac so that is all that matters.

Ute buster
Salt Lake City, UT

So let's see who the best player in the state is: Haws scores two games over 30 points in a row and two wins in a row, Wright nets 14 points in a loss to the previous worst team in the conference. Do we even need to think about this for more than a nano second?
BYU may have lost to the utes on the hill but they are clearly the best team in the state right now with several of the best players,and by several I mean more than two.

The Anti Chris
Salt Lake City, UT

CB, Surely you jest. The immediate future does not look bright, but through your crimson colored glasses I can see how you would think that all is well because the utes are in the pac. Utah cannot win on the road again this year. I see a multi-year trend going here. WSU thanks you for joining the pac and replacing them at the bottom in basketball too.

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