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State officials see federal control as blocking source of revenue, education funding

Published: Saturday, Jan. 11 2014 5:20 p.m. MST

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A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

I'm for:

- oil (in our borders and off-shore drilling, too)
- wind
- solar
- nuclear

Anything that will get us OFF foreign oil!

I am not for ethanol. Why grind food into fuel, especially given the undisputed fact that it costs more (in energy) to make the ethanol than just the standard oil-based gasoline? Ethanol uses up more energy than it produces. Go look it up. Plus, I know the environmentalists typically go ga-ga for ethanol since it's a 'green' fuel, but how can they justify eliminating food for all those people trapped in poverty? I'm pretty sure that between fuel and food, those that struggle for money would rather have something to eat.

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

Ahhhh.....I see the environmentalists are here in full force.

I worked a government job once that involved building on a piece of ground that had at one time (over 40 years ago) been a skeet range on an Air Force base. The (mandatory) environmental survey found that there were "traces" of lead found in the soil samples. We weren't drilling water wells or planting crops on the land, we were building a building for an Army National Guard unit. But the "trace" amounts of lead-contaminated soil had to be dug up and removed. Then, because the soil was deemed "contaminated" it had to be disposed of in a special way and taken to a special place for "hazardous" material. My beef with all this was that A) we weren't going to build or do anything on the land that involved ingesting the soil or the water that leeched down through the soil and B) that same soil had been sitting there for 40 years and hadn't hurt anybody.

But build a government building on it?

Oh, nooooo.

The environmentalist people ran the show on that and it costs us (taxpayers) hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Utter nonsense.

Salt Lake City, UT

Thanks for a comprehensive and well written story.

The major issue not addressed is CO2 and methane production and climate change, which Herbert and apparently Stewart (both of them, Cody and Chris) continue to ignore.

Every major fossil fuel energy firm is now including a significant carbon fee or tax in its short and long range planning. As soon as there is even a modest fee on carbon, practically all fracking-based and shale-based energy 'sources' will be economically non-competitive.
Another BUST for Vernal and the Uinta Basin - and likely an even greater BUST for North Dakota.

Federal Lands are our greatest asset - not for energy production but for tourism and recreation. Most of the nation understands that - and our kids understand it. It's only our so-called 'leaders' still programmed by 19th century thinking and economics who are clueless.

Let's get them unelected before they further ruin our wonderful state.

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