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Published: Friday, Jan. 10 2014 1:45 p.m. MST

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Mountain Fox
Davis, UT

Nice article Mr. Tad Walsh, short and to the point. I love how the church has and always have approached this. It is obvious that we can not legislate moral values, so if it is possible, I would hope that the same sex community would at least be willing to change the word "Marriage" to something else that would mean a union between the couples and allow them the government benefits they desire. Love the sinner not the sin, respect begets respect. God Bless.

West Jordan, UT

The bottom line is....it's all about respect AND equal treatment under the LAW. It's no longer 2004 in Utah. Let's hold another vote Mr. Gary Herbert. Then we'll see what Utah really wants!!!

Lehi, UT

People have a right to choose. Freedom has a price. You are free to choose, however, there will be a consequence for the choice you make. You can choose to listen to God or not listen to God. If God says marriage is for a man and women and not for SSM, then there will be consequence for not listening to God. Truth cannot change. Truth is eternal. God knows what is right because he is God and have seen what happens if SSM marriage happens. So, you can choose eternal life or death (separation from God).

Cedar Hills, UT

I honestly doubt those active LDS members who are homosexual would request that an LDS bishop marry them.They understand the Church's position regarding homosexual marriage. Only the militant gay crowd would attempt to force the issue...along with perhaps the White House.

Heber City, UT

Bj-hp: again I point out: A prophet's verbal description of the Proclamation in conference: "it qualifies according to scriptural definition as a revelation, a guide that members of the church would do well to read and to follow.” And then editing his own words, described it thus: "It is a guide that members of the church would do well to read and to follow.” Like the dietary guidelines in the Word of Wisdom. Your (or the PR department's) use of "doctrine" does not make it so. My inspired leaders have always had the good sense not to canonize such proclamations without common consent. Let's hope inspired minds continue to trump legal/PR experts and edit it to match the scriptures in which Gods created humans by using power to organize elements. We have no idea (unless you are advocating canonizing the journal of discourses) how spirit children are created and whether gender plays any role.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "Baccus0902" you didn't answer ChrisB's question.

You claim to be LDS, and the doctrine of the LDS church says that the Prophets speak for god. If they have spoken for God regarding SSM, then why do you not support what God has spoken through his prophets?

To "The Caravan Moves On" yes the church encourages its members to think for themselves, but if I think that it is ok to drink just a little bit of wine every day does that make it ok? Just because you are to think for your self, that does not mean that you are to justify sinful behavior using whatever logic you see fit.

Maryville, MO

Owen again you miss the point. Re-read what the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve have stated especially with what this statement said towards same-sex marriage. They are using exclusively The Family: A Proclamation to the World as a teaching tool pertaining to marriage and the family. You are arguing something that is clearly DOCTRINE. Everything in the Proclamation has been stated and restated in the scriptures from the time of Adam down to today. Nothing in the Proclamation is new nor was it ever new. Therefore, as someone else has mentioned it is SCRIPTURE and it is best that those who oppose it as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints adhere to it. The reason it is scripture is because it is based on scripture. It is based on the teachings of the LDS Church for as long as I have been alive and it is based on the teachings of the Prophets since the beginning of time. It doesn't need to be canonized because it was already scripture. That is why it is an inspired document because it was already scripture.

Heber City, UT

Scripture is doctrine? No. Regardless, I'll wait for our leaders to declare the proclamation doctrine - after the process they've always followed. Doctrine has been canonized six times in our faith's history. Three steps have always been followed: approval of the First Presidency, the concurrence of the Twelve, a sustaining vote of the entire membership. Imagine if a church lobbyist (the Proclamation grew out of the first SSM political battles) had drafted a proclamation on race in the heat of the civil rights battles. Imagine if we had framed it and hung it on our walls 50 years before admitting our racial policy (then called doctrine) had no basis in doctrine or the scriptures. Be careful when looking beyond the mark.

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "Owen" yes, scripture is doctrine. Actually, doctrine has not been cannonized six times. Declarations and revelations have been cannonized.

Read D&C 68:4 "And whatsoever they shall speak when moved upon by the Holy Ghost shall be scripture, shall be the will of the Lord, shall be the mind of the Lord, shall be the word of the Lord, shall be the voice of the Lord, and the power of God unto salvation."

So, if the Prophets have spoken while moved upon by the Holy Ghost to declare that marriage is between a man and a woman, and that we should support laws delcaring such, according to the LDS scriptures it is the will of the Lord. Should we follow the will of the Lord or not?

Those that look beyond the mark are those that, like the ancient Jewish people, look for specific steps to be followed to know that something was done correctly. Since the scriptures declare that the only thing that is required for something to be considered scripture is for the church leaders to speak as moved by the HG, how do you identify when that has occured?

Salt Lake City, UT

God had everything to do with those of us who are gay! It wasn't something that we did to ourselves and if people want to insult us by saying that we are immoral, what can we say? I can stand up for myself because I believe God gave each and every one of us an ability to look within and know who we are! I look inside of myself, and I know for whatever reason I am gay, it is part of the plan! It is an insult to treat us as if we are stupid and it is an insult to take a few scripture out of the Bible and do what people do with them! If you don't think it is an insult what is happening to us, then just ask yourselves why it is that we don't deserve to live our own convictions? Why do people feel they have a need to degrade us, because that is what is happening. If it happens to be a part of your beliefs, then that belief is demeaning to us! To say these things come from God is truly an insult.

Salt Lake City, UT

I love so many people in the Church! It is very difficult and probably always will be, but one day we will all face God and I am going to ask him why? Why is it that we should be treated differently? Don't you think that if people choose to have respect for us, they will allow us the same right to live according to what we believe? Don't just say in words, but show it in deeds! That is what the problem truly is, the fact that what LDS people believe about us is not good! Guess what, your going to act on it! You are going to put us down again and again! nobody will do this to me and tell me it is ok! It may be one or two people that you deal with! Think about how many people we deal with each day and each one has his or her point of view! We are suppose to respect that and I do! It wouldn't be so hard if I didn't care! I wish that I could just not care, but I know that I always will!


You've quoted part of a sentence in such a way as to muddle its meaning. Here is the complete quote: "We do not believe it just to mingle religious influence with civil government, whereby one religious society is fostered and another proscribed in its spiritual privileges, and the individual rights of its members, as citizens, denied."
The Church has always been very careful to follow the belief expressed by that complete thought.


Something that many (in and out of the Church) seem to forget is that the Church has been dealing with people (and members) that don't abide by the Law of Chastity for its entire existence. Homosexual behavior is not fundamentally different, it is a violation of that very fundamental law.
Just as we have lived with neighbors, friends, and family members that are adulterers and fornicators from the beginning, so shall we live with neighbors, friends and family members that are actively homosexual. We understand the eternal and temporal consequences of violating the Law of Chastity to be more severe than for many other sins. Regardless, we all have to live with sinful people, including ourselves.
Along with this, we as a people will continue to advocate for a broader society that embraces and encourages that which it moral and good. Civil law is simply an expression of a society's values.

Saint George, UT

The logical conclusion for those who believe that they were made gay is quite puzzling. They seem to excuse themselves for not being able to reproduce, but God, who knows all, holds dearest the power to create life, something represented by the 50 or 60 billion children that he has placed here on this earth. I hold it as blasphemy anyone that proposes that God engages in the same behavior exhibited by the Gay oommunity, who, unlike the women caught in adultery, are quite pleased with their actions. One must only conclude that truths can only be understood by the same spirit that caused the repentant adulterer to change her ways. However, if we aspire to be Gods, or even just saints, it is incumbent upon us to seek to know the truth, no matter what the outcome of our search. God has spoken in both ancient and modern scriptures of the evils of sexual immorality, especially the evils of Homosexuality. You can debate me all you want and I will readily concede that I am a poor example of christian living, but you can't tell God the same. His word is final.

Bob K
portland, OR

Here is pretty much the classic example of asking someone to pay for the sins of another.
I thought that Jesus died to cleanse all of us.

Saratoga Springs, UT
Homosexuality is, always has been, and always will be a moral crime of immense magnitude.
--- Continuing through your post, you ask 2 loving people who want to marry to pay for all the adulterers, the divorces, the single mother births, etc.

This land has been declared to be a land of freedom as long as its inhabitants observe the laws of their Creator.
--- Really, I thought the Constitution covers everyone!

I predict that the persecution of those who do not accept society's values will become more severe.
--- Actually, society's values in 2014 say that people who single out a group as a scapegoat for the ills of the world are meanspirited and wrong


The LDS church stood strong against interracial marriage on the grounds it was God's will. Now it stands against gay marriage.

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "ThinksIThink" the LDS church still advises against interracial marriage. Not because of any racism, but because of the difficulties in combining 2 distinct cultures. The church is trying to ensure that the marriages that people enter into have the greatest possibility to succeed. Removing cultural differences is a big step towards success in marriage.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah's religious leaders have scrambled to "protect" their state from what they fear as an alternative marriage of SSM. Yet, they do not look at the continual hypocrisy of polygamist marriages that have impacted little female children and the implementation of the lost boy syndrome. According to UCLA Law Stats, Utah has the most same-sex parents in a metropolitan city nation-wide and The Advocate has claimed it the most gay city for numerous years. Religious leaders have spent mega money over the last 40 years to beautiful downtown SLC for Christ's return - does He need a beautification and place to speak? They forgot to listen to Brigham Young who prophesied what UCLA and The Advocate confirmed. Nor did they adhere to keep state and church separate as Joseph Smith counseled in Articles of Faith 11, 12. If only - now Utah is the forefront of more prejudice and disdain.

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "InLifeHappiness" what are you talking about. Do you realize that the Church didn't beautify downtown for "Christ's return". Christ is not going to be returning to SLC, he will be coming somewhere else according to LDS doctrine. The LDS church has beautified their land, and their business arm has done what it can to make money while revitalizing downtown.

Much of what they have done has gone against the desires of government. They have had to fight against the Mayor and SLC planners, so I don't think that they have merged with the goernment, and are doing as Brigham Young prophesied. The church has kept itself separate from the state.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

Redshirt1701 wrote:

"The church has kept itself separate from the state."


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