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Published: Friday, Jan. 10 2014 1:45 p.m. MST

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The LDS hierarchy is more concerned public perception than non-members' morality. The LDS church wants to be seen as a mainstream religion. That image is clouded by their association of polygamy. They have been fighting that association ever since they forbid it. If Utah legalizes gay marriage then members will be asking for plural marriage. The LDS church will either have to allow it or answer why it is still wrong. They will then be once again linked to plural marriage and mainstream acceptance will be gone.

It's easier for them to fight gay marriage than fight that battle.

Blue AZ Cougar
Chandler, AZ

The personal rancor reflected in that remark I don't intend to dignify with comment. But I would like to address your general attitude of hopeless negativism. First, I haven't read any comment where someone claims their "invisible friend" told them to do anything, so please stop with the baseless attacks on religionists.

Second, the fact that religionists do not base their beliefs or arguments for opposing same-sex marriage on tangible or "reasonable" facts does not preclude them from voicing those opinions, nor does it mean they're wrong. Just because they do not explain their moral conviction to your satisfaction does not negate their opinion or belief. "Reason" is based on interpretation and point of view, so despite the facts there will always be differences of opinion. The key takeaway from your comment is that if religionists were as intelligent as you, they would undoubtedly take your position on the matter. That's pretty presumptuous. There are very intelligent people on both sides of the debate.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

As an atheist, I believe contrary to almost everything Mormons stand for. Yet I was married to my LDS wife by a Mormon Bishop, and although we held our wedding and reception in a much nicer venue than a Mormon building, we could have easily done the cheap reception in a Mormon cultural hall.

But LDS same sex couples are not allowed to do so?

That just seems a bit petty to me.

Bob Pomeroy
Bisbee, AZ

I think the church has some legitimate concerns beyond section 130. One of them is that by not performing ssm's, it might be seen as acting outside the law, resulting in the loss of authority to perform marriages which are recognized by the state. I do not think that threat can come to pass, history to the contrary notwithstanding. Nor do I believe that section 130 supports the idea of natural law having the ability to trump God, nor that mankind can do so. I always thought that the primary law of Christianity was to love God and serve his children.

us, CA

"The same principle of equality ensures each of us are able to live our own lives as we see fit. I hope Utahns can get better at sharing the public square, treating other civilly and start being better neighbors."

NYCUT...What would you say in light of your words above to the business owners who have lost their livelihoods because they were forced to either defend their right to "live their lives as they see fit" and not cater to gay weddings? A baker, a photographer both have lost ALL they worked for ALL their lives. Where is the equality in that? Where the civility? Everyone was assured that wouldn't happen, but guess what...it did. Civility only seems to work for the other side. There are plenty of Mormon owned business who will cater...ie Marriott Hotels welcomes and goes after the business on a website designed ONLY for GLBT weddings and receptions. Why persecute the little guy?

Portland, Oregon

@Chris B - "If you Mormons believe your prophet speaks for God what is there to "regret"? Shouldn't people always support what God says?"

Everyone, even members of the Church, has a right to their own opinion and must decide for themselves what they must do. To demand or expect blind obedience is not something that one believing in the Gospel of Jesus Christ would desire.

Anyone who believes the Gospel forces them to do anything does not understand it.

We are given the Gospel freely and *asked* to obey its requirements. We take upon ourselves the name of Jesus Christ by choice. But those who choose to obey the Gospel must also understand that its principles and doctrine must be obeyed to obtain its blessings. That principle has been that way since the time of Adam and should always be made clear before anyone accepts the covenant.


Life is meant to follow law and order. In the case of marriage is meant to be the Lords standards, which is not same sex marriage any more than those who choose to live out of wed lock. Now said doesn't mean people aren't suppose to care for each other because you disagree with the desires of another.

Salt Lake City, UT

I respectfully reply to you that there is more to heterosexual concern with SSM than "God said it's wrong" In my view, it is an intellectual, biological, anatomical, and moral counterfeit. Additionally, many credible studies have concluded that SSM is an inferior model for rearing children. I totally understand your view that sometimes in various cultures there is and has been some violence, discrimination and ostracism in the name of religious morality. That said, I am personally familiar with a multitude of instances where religion has also inspired folks to be kinder, gentler and more loving to their fellow beings. You and I have greatly differing points of view about SSM and that is OK. I respect your views and I hope you will respect mine? I hope we as citizens can find a win-win solution that meets the needs and rights of both sides of this issue. If we don't, I fear a future society that may not be kinder and gentler.

Saint George, UT

Rushing up to the Capitol steps is not a reason to make a law. I think the story of narcissus is relevant. Gay marriage is unnatural, demeans Gods love, and rips apart the civil rights of the people of utah. It demeans the opposite gender by saying "you are nothing. I am everything. Look at me!" A generation raised on a steady stream of narcissistic behavior is certain to seek the mirror to reflect itself. How sad! Make no mistake slumbering citizens. This isn't about equality. It is about compulsion. Misery loves company! The real motives are coming. Members of the church have been put on notice. It is a mystery to me how anyone would want to be considered a follower of Christ, but want him to change His laws to fit his own narcissistic behavior. The counterfeit of real marriage is here to stay, but the real issue is whether sleeping citizens recognize that their liberties and civil rights are being thrown out the door by activists judges and a vocal minority. Hopefully, those who understand the Constitution and love it will begin to defend it.

Bob K
portland, OR

"The letter urges congregational leaders to teach members the church's doctrine in "The Family: A Proclamation to the World," issued in 1995."

Just look at how the USA has changed on the issue of Gay people since 1995.

The best the mormon leaders can come up with is "Be civil to them"

This ENTIRELY begs the question:
____"When will the prophet hear from God that Gay persons born into mormon families must no longer be shortchanged, nor relegated to a lesser status, nor be encouraged to lie in order
to be accepted?"

No matter how wonderful the "prophet" is, he is a man who reached adulthood before 1950.

I think that God is way ahead of the mormon church:
-- He created many thousands of Gay children in mormon families, and expects the church to treat them equally.

I believe that lds people deserve a more enlightened answer, rather than continued announcements that avoid dealing with the issue.

Heber City, UT

bj-hp: as far as being "at odds" with Jesus on this issue. I believe I'll let him be the judge of that. And those who have responsibility to interview me a few times a year. So far, so good. I understand where most LDS scriptural literalists are coming from. They, like you, believe that 21st-century-style Mormon marriage was practiced from the beginning of time, despite the fact that their leaders have taught something else and history shows even another thing completely. But you misunderstand the history of your own doctrine on interracial marriage and priesthood eligibility. Even the church now admits the justifications for those now-changed doctrines were false. And both certainly we're considered to have originated in the Garden, if not before. The Proclamation is a political document that can easily be edited to be gender neutral except for one sentence. In every official creation story in our faith tradition, God or Gods (all male) create Adam by using their power to command the elements. Maybe gender roles and relationships beyond our limited existence are beyond our limited understanding.

West Jordan, UT


You are dead wrong. Why would LGBT people want power. What purpose would that serve? They have been living a life of discrimination and bullying for years. They just want equal treatment and respect of people. The sooner we can all learn to love and respect our fellow men, the sooner we will all live in a world of peace and harmony!!!

Savage, MD

The church is still entitled to its beliefs, even after gay marriage is allowed. So in this country where you have the right to freedom of religion(or no religion) why has the church fought so hard to keep others from practicing their own beliefs? I'm not trying to be antagonizing.But really this all comes down to religion. There is separation of church and state.

Salt Lake City, UT


You speak as a person with profound wisdom. Thank you for sounding the alarm to awaken us from the deep sleep we are in. As we slumber our civil rights are even now being trodden asunder. Let us speak now with a voice of civility, but with a resolve to declare that our first freedoms must never be abandoned.

Blaine, Wa.

Hate the Sin....Love the Sinner, isn't that the way it's supposed to be? I can get along with anyone who are homosexual, they are human beings, though misguided or misinformed as they may be, they are still God's Children, and worthy of respect as such. I cannot and will not, support their life style, but after all, they do have their free agency and therefore free to make their own choices decisions. I do not agree with them, but do I hate them for that?....No, I do not. I follow the direction of our Heavenly Father and our Prophet, and I agree totally with them, in that the Holy Institution of Marriage is between a Man and a Woman.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ bandersen

Our civil rights are actually being expanded. Nobody is losing any rights by legalizing SSM. Also, the real motive arrived long ago. It's all about equal treatment.

Seattle, WA

You made a comment that the world would be better off if everyone followed the law of chastity. I agree. So, if we had a magic wand and could make everyone do what we think is best, what would we do about gay people? According to the law of chastity, there is no chaste way for a gay person to experience romance and sexuality. The impluse to love (and we are not just talking about lust) needs to be dialed down to zero: Total celibacy. Would the world be better off if every gay person stayed alone forever? Read the recent DesNews series on Living Lonely. It states that "humans are not designed to be alone." I have a lot of gay friends who are not LDS. They respect me, but they are not going to join the church. I don't expect them to be celibate forever. I am happy for them when they find someone to commit to. I think this is better than promiscuity or cohabitation in exactly the same way it is for straight people. So SSM seems to support the law of chastity principles of faithfulness and fidelity for gay people.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Homosexuality is, always has been, and always will be a moral crime of immense magnitude. As such, every prophet, living and dead, who has ever spoken on the subject has declared it so. The First Presidency is merely reiterating what has been repeated time and again for thousands of years.

This land has been declared to be a land of freedom as long as its inhabitants observe the laws of their Creator. Today, more than half of the children born in America are born to unmarried women, half of our marriages end in divorce, nearly 1 million unborn children are aborted annually, chastity is often seen as an outdated value, and homosexuality is touted as an acceptable lifestyle. As our society's morals continue to degrade, I predict that the persecution of those who do not accept society's values will become more severe.

Maryville, MO

Owen: Again you are taking and making falsehoods about what the Prophets have stated. First they never stated that the Priesthood ban was wrong. They stated that when instituted by Brigham Young instituted it that he did state it would be reinstated at a later date. That did come true in 1978. Polygamy was never stated as being wrong. The time had come that it was no longer needed. The Family, A Proclamation to the World is an inspired document that we are to use to teach our membership what the meaning of marriage and families are about. This document states emphatically that marriage is defined by our Heavenly Father from the beginning in the Garden of Eden. The Doctrines in the proclamation will stand as a testament against those who continue to be deceived by Satan as his angels about marriage and the family. Failure to heed the warnings in the proclamation will be a testament against all those who are openly rebelling against the word of the prophets who are the mouthpiece of Jesus Christ and our Heavenly Father.

Saint George, UT

the darkest night makes those without a candle lost. I am stunned by the lack of civility toward God! the narcissistic behavior of those who believe that God will some day validate poor choices is without historical equal. Abortion showed the extent to which people will go to extinguish the light of God through a child and now we must forbear when two people decide to disregard God's plan, the value of the opposite gender, as well as the societal imperative to marry, have children, and contribute to a cause higher than themselves! how sad! Welcome to a brave new world, one that only the brave will be able to survive!

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