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Published: Friday, Jan. 10 2014 12:35 p.m. MST

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Pocatello, ID


I was merely responding to Troytown who said there is no evidence that BYU would be at the bottom of the Pac-12.

I think your assumption is correct that eventually BYU would see an increase in recruiting and talent. But the facts of their record over the past 3 years shows they aren't even a midland team in the PAC-12 at this point. I don't doubt that BYU would be better, over time, but if BYU came into the Pac-12 right now, they would struggle mightily.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Your speculation about how BYU would do in the PAC 12 is just that, pure speculation.


No it's not, it's based on inductive reasoning:

NFL Talent (as per draft since 2005, under Bronco):
USC 53
Oregon 39
Stanford 32
Utah 31
Colorado 15
BYU 13
Washington State 11

Recruiting Talent (average P12 rankings over 3 years, as per Rivals):
#1 USC
#4 Washington
#7 Utah
#9 Arizona
#11 BYU (#63 avg national class ranking).
#12 Washington State

Coaching? The only one in demand in Robert Anna so I am assuming coaching is about average since:

* No undefeated seasons in the BCS era
* No BCS bowls
* No BCS Bowl wins
* No top 10 finishes (Utah 2, TCU 4)
* Losing record against BCS teams
* Losing record against top-mid majors (3-9 vs. Utah, 2-5 vs. TCU, and 1-3 vs. Boise)
* Losing record against PAC-12 teams in the BCS era
* 62% of BMs total wins were against losing teams

Syracuse, UT


Godfrey was rated an 89 by 24/7 and listed as the 38th best safety in the country. 13 BCS programs offered him a scholarship so he must be a very talented DB.

Highland, UT


Ok, but so what? He is hardly a "huge get" as several utah "fans" have claimed. He is a decent recruit, no more.

In fact back just before this previous season began one of the Utah "fans" on here, stg if I remember correctly, was telling me that BYU's defensive backs were all terrible and would be the worst part of the team. I pointed out to him that BYU's starting safeties, Sorenson and Bills, were not only not terrible but were actually highly ranked recruits coming out of high school with multiple bcs school offers. Sorenson was a top 50 rated safety recruit and Bills was a top 10, that's right TOP 10, rated recruit, and was recruited by just about every school you can imagine. he then of course reiterated how terrible they are in his opinion, blah, blah, blah.

Interestingly he has now posted on this article what a great commit this is for utah despite not being near the caliber of recruit BYU's safeties are. I shouldn't have to point out the irony/hypocrisy but obviously I do.

Syracuse, UT


"I pointed out to him that BYU's starting safeties, Sorenson and Bills, were not only not terrible but were actually highly ranked recruits coming out of high school with multiple bcs school offers. Sorenson was a top 50 rated safety recruit and Bills was a top 10, that's right TOP 10, rated recruit, and was recruited by just about every school you can imagine."

I checked all of the recruiting services and found that Bills was offered by BYU and no BCS schools. Sorensen was offered by BYU and one BCS school: Mississippi. Based on your post I was imagining many, many BCS programs offering Bills a scholarship.

Bills was rated the #15 Safety in his class by Scout, #149 by ESPN, #10 by Rivals and 24/7 rated his composite score #21.

Sorensen was rated the #85 Safety in his class by Scout, NR by ESPN, #55 by Rivals and wasn't in the 24/7 database.

Godfrey is rated #126 by Scout, #33 by ESPN, #47 by Rivals and has a composite score of #38 by 24/7. Godfrey has 17 offers including 13 from BCS programs.

I like how Bills and Sorensen play, they are solid safeties. Godfrey looks to be a good recruit for Utah.


Duck, what I ACTUALLY said:

"(Johnson) was the anchor as likely the only solid defensive back in the lineup."

"Sorensen is good in run support, but neither (Sorensen or Bills) looked good in coverage."

Then you told me they were both "EXCELLENT" pass defenders. What's interesting, after hearing your claims of "just about every school you can imagine" recruiting Bills is that BYU is the only one listed as having offered him a scholarship. And Sorensen was rated as the 55th safety by Rivals (close to what you said, but 55 is not "top 50") and 85th by Scout. At that time, Bills had recorded 2 INTs and 5 PBUs against Wyoming, Tulane, Idaho and San Diego State (none of them respected passing offenses). This year he looked a little better against better competition, but far from "EXCELLENT." Sorensen is 36th rated safety in this draft class, and not projected to be drafted. Again, not "EXCELLENT."



I say that not to minimize those players, because, while not currently considered pro caliber players, I think they're both fine athletes, seem like good guys, and being disrespectful towards student athletes is not something I do. But how one can come here and try to slander me by telling an absolute lie about something I said while sensationalizing their own favorite team's players expressly to minimize another's is inexcusable.

Highland, UT


So according to the utah "fan" recruiting bible rivals Bills was a top 10 safety recruit. Thanks for confirming that fact. And of course I said he was "recruited" by just about everyone and he was. He committed to BYU very early and made it known he would not change his mind, hence the other teams giving up on recruiting him. Interesting he would still be so highly rated with what you claim are a lack of offers. That doesn't happen often.


They both were excellent pass defenders this year, they did a great job. Far, far, far, far, far, better than your "expert" assessment. Far, far, far, far, far better than any safety utah put on the field. In fact your man love for rowe appears to have been more than a bit misplaced. And yes Sorenson is getting some NFL interest. Who knows if he'll be drafted but he is a prospect and when you have two safeties that are NFL prospects they are far, far, far, far, far better than some utah "fan", who apparently knows nothing, claims they are.


Duckhunter, no, Rowe did not perform as well as I'd hoped the former Freshman All-American would this year. Regardless, he'll get "some NFL interest" next year as well, by virtue of his experience and graduating, just as Sorensen is. You have a very loose interpretation of "excellent," and for that I can't help you. Excellent and great to me would indicate a top 10 player in their class at their position, with more than a fighter's chance at a lasting career in football. And do you know what happened in the wake of my "expert" assessment? BYU gave up more passing yards per game this year without Jordan Johnson, and let almost all semi-competent passing teams' #1 WRs run wild against them, including Mike Davis, Dres Anderson, Davaris Daniels, and some guys named Daniel Spencer, Xavier Maxwell, and Brandon Wimberly.


And thank you for showcasing exactly what I said in sensationalizing anything anyone from BYU has ever done with the sole intention of minimizing Utah's players. You made that far, far, far, far, far, far, far too obvious. I shouldn't have to point out the irony/hypocrisy but obviously I do.

Highland, UT


godfrey does appear to be a good recruit, just not worthy of the over the top hyperbole utah "fans" are heaping on in this comment section. But as I said before none of us really know anything about him, good, bad, great, bust, nothing, we don't know. And that is why I enjoy mocking utah "fans" so much about this stuff. Everytime a new commit is announced for utah a bunch of their "fans" get on here and act like they are the greatest players in the world when in fact utah just about never gets any committments from anything higher than a middle of the star ratings 3 star anything. They likewise bag on the guys BYU gets despite the fact they are pretty similar overall. In fact BYU's recruits average star ranking is higher than utah's in both rivals and scout this year. utah has an overall higher ranking based on having more committments. Of course that means utah's has little room to rise whereas BYU's can go higher.

It is just fun to get them all worked up and trying to defend their hypocrisy, like stg is doing right now. lol


Duckhunter: "It is just fun to get them all worked up and trying to defend their hypocrisy, like stg is doing right now."

What hypocrisy am I defending? You straight up lied about several points, which included an attack on me. You are the only hypocrite in this argument. I posted about Utah Football recruiting, and you came to attack people and blatantly make things up. I've posted several complimentary remarks about BYU players in the past few months, and all you do is come trash Utah fans, players and coaches, and make your own over the top statements about BYU guys.

Miami, FL

"I know the coaches are loyal to the program and will be there for the entire time I'm there."


Miami, FL

If ChrisB and gang only compare to other Utah schools, what is the point? Compared to other PAC and Top programs, Utah is nowhere closer to being elite in recruiting than 4 years ago. The average position in major recruiting sites such as Scout and Rivals is in the 40's. Being 43th Best in the Nation for 4 straight years is "nothing to write home about". In PAC recruiting, Utah's classes have been consistently ranked in position 9-11 (out of 12, of course).

Pocatello, ID


It really ruffles some feathers if Ute fans are excited about a recruit. Goodness.

The reality is that Godfrey is a huge recruit. He is expected to come in and contribute right away. I would say that Eric Weddle was a huge recruit too, despite the fact that he was a 2 star.

Recruiting insiders have reported that Godfrey was very high on the coaches list. Therefore, he is a huge get for the program.

However, some individuals on this board continue hammer on class rankings or and internet evaluations. Frankly, I will put my money on people who's job depends on properly evaluating the talent, not writing stories about them.

Syracuse, UT


I think you and I both know that schools continue to recruit and offer scholarships up until signing day. These recruits are high school teenage boys that often change their minds. Case in point, Utah recruit Kenyon Frison from Granger High. Kenyon verbally accepted Utah's offer in February, 2012. Since that time several other schools have recruited him. Oklahoma coaches have visited him twice and Nebraska and ASU have January visits planned for Kenyon to visit their campuses. All three programs offered after he verbally accepted the Utah offer. My point, the good players continue to get recruited until they sign.

Craig Bills committed to byu on June 25, 2008 and signed to play on February 4, 2009. He wasn't offered a scholarship by any program before or after his verbal commitment. LSU, Colorado and Utah looked at him but didn't offer. If you think other programs stopped looking at him because he gave byu a verbal commitment then I've got some ocean front land to sell you up here in Davis County. Maybe ESPN was closer to reality by ranking him #149? Website to support your claims?

Syracuse, UT

Here's a thought for all the Chris B's and Duckhunters out there:

Why don't we just wait and see how good the kid is? I would say that outside of the perennial top 10 teams that no recruiting class ever pans out exactly as expected or ranked. SI.com did a fascinating article about this a few years ago (forgot the title). They took a specific year's recruiting classes for several universities and re-ranked them. Guess what? Each and every one of them had changed in a material way. You never know how a 17 year-old is going to develop. Will he grow? Will he learn? Can he be coached? Will he transfer for any myriad number of reasons? Will coaches change? Will injuries take their toll? Or, in the worst case, will they leave the school/sport completely? Each of these could be a negative or a positive depending on the recruit and the school.

I hope Godfrey works out well for the Utes. Not because I love the Utes but because every kid deserves the best shot they can get.

Payson, UT

47th best DB in the country per Rivals.

We won a close recruitng battle as his final three included Wisconson, who was really going after this kid.

Nice work by coaching staff to get Andre out to SLC so he could really see what a top tier program and city the Utes have.

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