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Published: Friday, Jan. 10 2014 12:35 p.m. MST

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Mcallen, TX

Perhaps this will enable the utes, to be competitive in at least one sport, in the PAC.

Anaheim, CA


"Bama and Texas play in the same league"

Bama and Texas have NEVER played in the same league.


Your speculation about how BYU would do in the PAC 12 is just that, pure speculation. You have absolutely no proof that would be the case. In fact, Bronco's overall record versus PAC 12 teams proves just the opposite, Bronco is 9-9 (50%) versus PAC 12 teams, while Kyle is only 13-21 (38%).

Against the 38th toughest schedule this year, Bronco was 8-5.
Against the 41st toughest schedule last year, Kyle was 5-7.

Anaheim, CA

Since Utah fans are still so obsessed with BYU that they're incapable of seeing the big picture, here's how Utah stacks up versus the PAC 12 in recruiting, according to Rivals rankings.

PAC 10.2 Recruiting since Utah's glorious Sugar Bowl win

2008 11th MWC 13-0 #2/#4, bcs bowl winner
2009 7th MWC 10-3 #18/#18, bowl winner
2010 7th MWC 10-3 ur/#23, bowl loser
2011 6th PAC 8-5 unranked, bowl winner
2012 7th PAC 5-7 unranked, no bowl
2013 9th PAC 5-7 unranked, no bowl
2014 8th PAC ???

Average ranking 8th, solidly in the bottom half of the PAC, with only one recruiting class ranked, just barely, in the top half.

Utah's recruiting has actually declined since 2011 when Utah first entered the PAC and Utah's football program has been in steady decline since 2008.

Our little brothers continue to compare themselves to BYU, because they have absolutely nothing to beat their chests about when it comes to comparing themselves to the PAC 12.

Gilbert, AZ


"If you look at the last few years, you will find that the coaches focused on the both lines, LBs and QBs."


Utah's OL and QBs have struggled since 2008 and Whit has done little to address the situation other than hire a new OC every year.

Chow was so shocked when he discovered how bare Utah's QB cupboard was, that he immediately went out and signed a QB whose school had just dropped football just to have a warm body in case injury-prone Jordan Wynn went down again.

Palo Alto, CA


In the Director's Cup scoring, playing in a bowl is the minimum threshold for receiving any points for football.

Utah fans beat their chests about beating BYU because they have nothing else to brag about.

The problem for U is NOBODY outside the Wasatch Front cares whether you beat BYU, or not, if you're not good enough to play in a bowl.


"BYU's biggest challenge will be to avoid playing Pac-12 schools."

LOL at how uninformed you are.

In 2014, BYU plays its final regular season game against a PAC 12 school, and already has games scheduled against USC, Stanford, Arizona, California, Washington St, and Utah.

Pocatello, ID

Christine B

Biggest misconception out there. If you understood the admission requirements for Utah in the Pac-12, you would understand that Utah, in the Pac-12, cannot take students under the previous Prop-48 exclusion clause meaning that a student can pay their own way for 1 year (essentially a redshirt year) then start playing the next year, they don't have to go the JUCO route.

BYU on the other hand, because of their independent status, can admit prop 48 students, and has tried with students who still elected to go elsewhere. The only other schools that accept this type of student are team from power conferences such as the Sunbelt or like conferences.

Highland, UT

This is interesting, utah "fans" call this a "huge commit". Really? Now I admit up front I knew nothing about him before reading this article today, never heard of him, and of course other than as a name on some recruiting site none of the utah "fans" on here calling him a "huge commit" knew anything about him either. And of course none of them really know anything about him now.

Looking him up on google, which sent me to several recruiting sites, it would appear he is a "3 star" safety, 3 stars means middle of the pack in a 5 star rating system, and the 126th safety in the country. Now once again just like utah "fans" I really don't know anything about this kid, but being a middle star 126th ranked safety hardly seems to me to be a "huge commit". Not based on what utah "fans" like christina b have been telling us about recruit rankings.

But I'm accustomed to utah "fan" hyperbole and realize if you can't win games you have to try to excite yourself about winning the 126th ranked safety recruit. Let me congratulate you wholeheartedly.

Pocatello, ID


there's actually pretty good evidence that BYU would be at the bottom of the Pac-12.

Since Utah has been in the Pac-12, BYU is 1-5 in the Pac 12, their only winning coming against a horrid Oregon St. team in 2011, that finished 11th in the Pac-12.

Over that same time, BYU has lost all 3 games to Utah, and most recently got boat raced by Washington who finished 6th in the Pac-12 and had an interim head coach.

So yes, I think it's safe to say that BYU would be at the bottom of the Pac-12

Uncle festis
Pasadena, CA

Troy town-
According to who did byu have the 38th toughest schedule and Utah had the 41st?
Utah played 5 teams that ended the season ranked in the top 25 and byu didn't play anyone that finished ranked, so I have no idea what website you had to go to in order to get that stat.

Layton, UT

That's ok, you'll see him first hand and up close in 2016. In 2008, I remember a byu "fan" telling me that they had never heard of Paul Kruger.


I don't know why, but there is a big discrepancy between how Scout sees Godfrey, and how ESPN, Rivals, and 24/7 Sports see him. It's true that Scout ranks him as the 126th best safety recruit, but ESPN, Rivals, and 24/7 rank him as the 33rd, 47th, and 38th best safety recruit this year.

In addition, he numerous programs offer him a scholarship, including UCLA, Wisconsin, and nine other Big 5 programs.

Sounds like a good get to me.

Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

Pocatello, ID


"...there's actually pretty good evidence that BYU would be at the bottom of the Pac-12."

There is no one on the planet better at talking and dreaming and dreaming and talking than byu fans. It's easy for them to talk about how great they are when they will never have to prove it. byu is not part of the Pac-12. They never will be because the bar is too high. Further, none of this has anything to do with Godfrey.

This is a nice pick up for the Utes. A number of big time programs offered him and chose the Utes. I agree with a post above, this class is shaping up nicely.

Pocatello, ID


Apparently a lot of other schools thought Godfrey was a real player. You haven't heard of him? Shocked, because he isn't in Utah county. Oddly enough, football is played outside of Utah County.

And if all you need to do to value a recruit is google him, why do these coaches even look at film.


Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Nice pick up Utes!!! My only question is why are you the Ute faithful only giving us a comparison of recruiting between Utah and BYU? Where does the U stand in their own conference? Is Dr. Hill and the rest of Ute nation now able to sleep now that the Texas and Penn St. jobs are filled? I am sure Coach Whit or Dennis Erickson were finalist for both jobs!!! Good luck Sunday against WSU!!!

Go Cougs Rise Up!!!!

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

Since the Utes recruiting has gone up since joining the PAC12 is it not a safe bet that the same would be for BYU if they were in the PAC or BIG12? So your assumption that BYU would have a much worse record is just that an assumption and not based on any facts!!!

Go Cougs Rise Up!!!

Mesa, AZ


"Overall, a good recruit for Utah. From the highlight film, it looks like Godfrey plays the DB position with the game in front of him. No worries though, ample bad coaching technique from Shah will put an end to that, and relegate Godfrey's college football career to a litany of lowlight PI calls and busted coverage for huge opponent gains. As a Utah fan, I hate to say that. But the bigger question remains-why is Shah still on Utah's staff?! I know Whitt doesn't fire buddies, but that personnel decision is beyond ridiculous."

Coach SS coaches CBs, not Safeties....Andre Godfrey plays SS, not CB....His position coach will be Morgan Scalley.

Coach SS did well enough to coach-up CB Keith McGill in 1st-YR at this position to Senior Bowl invitation....He'll do likewise w/Eric Rowe in '14....We were extremely inexperienced at CB coming into '13, yet we significantly improved throughout the year....Only knock on the entire secondary was lack of INTs, yet they performed admirably against one of nation's #3 SOS.

U fans already know all of this.

Beat-out UCLA/WISC, etc., for S AG!

Go Utes!

Syracuse, UT


"Since Utah fans are still so obsessed with BYU"

This is a University of Utah article. It appears that you and many other byu "fans" seem to be obsessed with Utah based on the percentage of comments coming from byu "fans".

Godfrey will be a nice DB. Several other offers from major conference programs confirms his value. Godfrey was recruited by Dennis Erikson who is an excellent judge of talent.

Nice work Coach Erikson. Good luck to Andre at the U of U.

Richmond, VA

The kid sounds like another great recruit for the Utes! One more piece of the puzzle they need to ensure bowl eligibility for them this year I hope! They have to do that or else there will be some major changes to their coaching staff and that cannot be good for this kid's sake. He sounded like he's banking on his coaches to be there for him the whole four years! Good luck to him and the Utes!

Pocatello, ID


Again, I said over the past 2-3 years.

If you look at Utah's QB recruiting over those years

Travis Wilson, invited to the Elite 11 (Junior)

Manning (RS Freshman: Broke almost all of Barkley's passing records in their league in California)

Cox (RS Freshman: Was challenging Wilson for the starting spot before his injury during spring ball)

Thomas (RS Freshman: Will likely move to the defense)

Isom (Incoming Freshman: A huge dude tearing it up in Louisiana)

My point was that when the coaching staff focuses on a need, they find the talent and they fix it.

Springville, UT

Quite funny seeing all of the hype over a 126th pick.

Of course I temper this comment because I'm reminded that some people get pretty excited over regular OC announcements as well.

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