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Published: Friday, Jan. 10 2014 12:35 p.m. MST

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PAC man
Anaheim, CA

It would be interesting to know what the Utes are promising new recruits, since they can't promise a bowl experience.

Eagle Mountain, UT

Top safety? Top of what? the U offered scholarships to 24 safeties. 16 of them are rated higher than this young man. He is ranked as the 126th best safety in the country. A good pickup for the U but hardly a top prospect.
Just saying...

Salt Lake City, Utah

Andre Godfrey is a nice 3-star recruit for the Utes, but hardly the type of player that will create even a ripple of concern throughout the rest of the league.



"hardly the type of player that will create even a ripple of concern throughout the rest of the league."

He does seem to be creating quite a ripple among byu trolls.

I'm guessing UCLA is a little concerned, since they recruited him.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

Final BCS Ranking 2014:
42 - BYU
45 - USU
82 - uofu

let's roll

Best wishes to this young man for success on the field and in the classroom at the U.

I also hope his confidence in the stability of the coaching staff turns out to be well-founded.



"Final BCS Ranking 2014"

Final record of those teams actually playing against each other:

Utah 2-0
BYU 1-1
USU 0-2

Salt Lake City, Utah


The only thing that really matters is final overall record and ranking.

Texas A&M beat Alabama in 2012. Alabama won the National Championship.
Which accomplishment will be remembered most 10 years from now?

BYU and USU both finished with winning records, both played in a bowl, and BYU was ranked higher than either in most final polls.

BYU has nine straight bowl appearances.
USU has three straight bowl appearance.
Utah hasn't played in a bowl since 2011.

On the bright side, the Utes are doing better than their new "rival". The Buffaloes haven't played in a bowl since 2007 and haven't finished the season with a winning record since 2005.

scenic view
Baltimore, MD


"Utah's worst year of the last 4 years is better than any other school in Utah's best year of the last 4 years."

Utah doesn't even play BYU or USU next season, so what difference does it make whether Utah has the best or the worst recruiting class in the state?

Shouldn't your primary focus be on how Utah's recruiting stacks up against PAC 12 teams?

Of course, spouting off about Utah's "great" recruiting classes to USC, UCLA, Stanford, Oregon, Arizona, ASU, and Washington fans would simply expose U as the conference cellar dweller that you really are.

Uncle festis
Pasadena, CA

For all byu fans out there that say that the pac 12 is the pac 10.2, I would rather be the fat girl at prom rather than the girl who wasn't invited. I mean if Utah sucks so bad why do they beat byu every year?
Didn't byu just lose to a washington team that didn't have a coach and rested there starting qb and rb for the fourth quarter? But hey you beat middle tenessee state and 7 other mighty might teams so I guess you've earned the right to tell Utah that they're strugglin.



"Texas A&M beat Alabama in 2012. Alabama won the National Championship.
Which accomplishment will be remembered most 10 years from now?"

I'm sorry, but BYU's bowl game beat down at the hands of a middle-of-the-road Pac 12 team is not equivalent to Alabama winning a National Championship.

The Utes finished ahead of BYU in the oft quoted Sagarin rankings, but to your argument: Utah's fourth consecutive victory over BYU in the Cougar's self-proclaimed Super Bowl will most definitely be "more memorable 10 years from now" than either team's insignificant final ranking.

Uncle festis
Pasadena, CA

Rivals.com does a top 5 list of the best high school football players in the state of Utah every year. That would mean that since the utes joined the pac 12 four recruiting classes ago there have been 20 top five players of the state of Utah.
Of those 20:
Utah has signed- 10
Byu has signed- 2
Utah state- 0
Other schools- 8

Byu hasn't received a commitment from someone in the top 5 in the last 2 recruiting classes. So apparently kids in Utah that actually play the game would disagree that byu is the premier program in the state and don't think playing in the WAC/mountain worst/conference USA/ 5A region 4 to be that appealing

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Bama and Texas play in the same league, BYU and USU play at a lower level (Utah is 8-1 against the lower level teams).

BYU finished 2-5 vs Big 5 teams and both teams were 0-2 vs PAC 12, both teams would be bowl ineligible if they played in the PAC 12. Since both have less talent than Utah according to the NFL and class rankings it's pretty clear that both teams would challenge Colorado for last spot.

Gilbert, AZ

LOL at CB's spin for a 3-star recruit

On a national scale, best overall athletic program, Utah isn't even in the mix

2013-14 Directors' Cup Division I Final Fall Standings
As of January 9, 2014

#11 BYU - 265.00 points
#79 Utah - 75.00 points

Final BCS Standings

#40 BYU
#54 Utah

Gilbert, AZ

Director's Cup Scoring Structure for FBS Football

1st place - 1-25 using the USA Today poll, point breakdown is as follows: We will be using the 64-team non-bracket point system for the top-25 teams with 25th place receiving 49 points.

26th place - Bowl game winners not ranked in poll (45 points)

Next Available Place - Bowl game losers not ranked in the poll (25 points)

It's interesting that CB's supposedly "best program in the state" got ZERO points for football in 2012 and 2013.

Salt Lake City, UT


BYU and USU both finished with winning records, both played in a bowl, and BYU was ranked higher than either in most final polls.

Who, besides byu fans, actually go out and find a BCS ranking that ranks teams beyond 25? I didn't thing the BCS poll even did that. USA Today and AP polls show "others receiving votes" but the BCS poll doesn't do that. Said another way...who cares?

With byu's incredibly 2011-2012'esq schedule next year, they will be bowling again, no question. byu's biggest challenge will be to avoid playing Pac-12 schools.

Godfrey certainly looks like a solid recruit. He is the type (like Trevor Reilly) who is in on every play and not afraid to hit. Godfrey certainly caught the attention of some big time formerly known as BCS programs. Welcome to Utah, young man!

Go Utes!

Pocatello, ID


Do you actually follow recruiting or did you just look that up on ESPN?

I ask that seriously, because, if you are truly following Utah's recruiting this year, you would know this is a very good class that is forming.

I would recommend a great article by George O'leary, the coach at UCF. He talks about recruiting.

The Utah coaches are focusing on speed and athleticism for the outside. That is the area they are focusing on. If you look at the last few years, you will find that the coaches focused on the both lines, LBs and QBs. Our D line and LBs were stellar this year. O-line struggled at times, but had some guys playing out of position. This year should show the talent that has been brought in on the O-line as Big Ike, and Hiva Lutui, Same Tevi (switching from DL to OL) and others battle for starting spots.

The point is, when the coaches focus on something, they fix it. I trust the coaches' judgement much more than I trust ESPN's recruiting gurus.


I love the recruiting theme for Utah - speed, speed and more speed.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

Worf, not to worry. At the block U academic issues aren't a big consideration for admission.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Overall, a good recruit for Utah. From the highlight film, it looks like Godfrey plays the DB position with the game in front of him. No worries though, ample bad coaching technique from Shah will put an end to that, and relegate Godfrey's college football career to a litany of lowlight PI calls and busted coverage for huge opponent gains. As a Utah fan, I hate to say that. But the bigger question remains-why is Shah still on Utah's staff?! I know Whitt doesn't fire buddies, but that personnel decision is beyond ridiculous.

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