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Published: Friday, Jan. 10 2014 9:40 a.m. MST

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ute alumni

you won't hear anything negative from me about your husband. both of you are class acts and are to be admired. hopefully someone in the nba is smart enough to pick him up and let him excel in a game that he has prepared most of his life for. the best thing is that both of you seem to be winning in the most important game, life. congratulations and thanks for the article.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

I respect peoples decisions about whether or not to serve a mission.

The part that bothers me, is when a Mormon becomes famous. Then suddenly it doesn't matter whether or not they serve a mission. Because they're famous and are "serving" in a different way...for the 99% of us we are told that every worthy member should serve and set aside other pursuits until after.

If that is what Jimmer was called to do, that's great....but, for the rest of us that don't get to have the spot light, marry the cheer leader, be the star of a team, have our education paid for, and get a pass on serving a mission.....life is much different. Maybe we should put the spot light back on those of us that aren't superstars.

Lastly, who cares if they're white? Why does our society have strong emotions about being white? It's okay to be white, brown, green, red, yellow, purple. We see white people and immediately the talk is how do we fix you from being white?


Funny, but I've been a die hard fan even before he became a household name and I've never deviated from my fondness for him. I read all the naysayers and read their negative comments and think to myself, "Why do people waste their breath and time criticizing others." Funnier still, but I think we will hear a lot more about this amazing young man and his place among the NBA long time players. And that's the opinion of a seasoned duffer from Colorado.

River Falls, WI

RE: Liberal Ted

"Lastly, who cares if they're white? Why does our society have strong emotions about being white? It's okay to be white, brown, green, red, yellow, purple. We see white people and immediately the talk is how do we fix you from being white?"

While I agree it was a silly question, it wasn't a question of being white (vs. Black, brown, etc.) but of being really white (i.e. pale). It was meant to be funny because both Jimmer and Whitney are quite pale.

ute alumni

Life is a MISSION. The fact that someone goes or doesn't isn't really your business. Remember someone else that wanted to force behavior. He is on a mission to live a righteous life. I served and it was great, but it was only one little part of my life of trying to make right decisions. BTW, only insecure folks worry about someone or their own fame. Who really cares, famous or not does not matter to God.

Fillmore, UT

I enjoyed reading the interview. Well done. They can't avoid the spotlight, at least for a few more years. Kind of like the Utah woman who was Miss America quite some time ago.

As to the white question, the comment that she hoped their kids could go out in the sun, shows that she understood the thrust of the question, as some pale people sun-burn very easily.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

So now I'm insecure according ute alumni. Like I said, I don't care what his decision was. I wasn't very clear. When the Deseret News writes articles like this, or when a famous Mormon is used for publicity, it seems that everything that non-famous members are required to do; do not seem to matter.

So the message the article sends is confusing. Is it important or not? If it is important then did Jimmer receive a calling from Ballard? If it's not important, then why push so hard for every worthy young man to serve?

Maybe that is a little more clear.

Las Vegas, NV

Loved the article!

@ Ted: "The part that bothers me, is when a Mormon becomes famous. Then suddenly it doesn't matter whether or not they serve a mission." Did you read the part that he prayed about his decision? It was his freaking decision between him and God.

"Lastly, who cares if they're white? Why does our society have strong emotions about being white?" Really? Hey dude, the interviewer was jokingly making fun of them in a good way...but... since liberals/progressive are obsess with race, they see any mention of skin color as racist, unbelievable.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I agree that the "white" question was really dumb!

san antonio, TX

"Lastly, who cares if they're white? Why does our society have strong emotions about being white? It's okay to be white, brown, green, red, yellow, purple."

Our society is just now adjusting to the concept of equality no matter the skin color. Therefore the strong emotions expressed by those in the obsession of skin color.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

now I'm a dude. Thanks t702. I'm not sure what you mean by "making fun of them in a good way". How do you "make fun" of white people in a "good way"? Can you "make fun" of black people in a "good way"?

I understand the interviewer was trying to use that good ol Utah County humor. The same humor and attitude that helps millions of Mormons stay active and never leave the church. In case you didn't catch it, that was sarcasm.

Besides what is wrong with Mormons stepping back for a minute and re-read what they say and write? Maybe read it from a perspective of someone that doesn't live in the little bubble of Utah County.
Either way, Jimmer was a fun college player to watch. He is a fun NBA player to watch. Even if many of his fans, like to jump to conclusions and point their righteous finger, before asking questions or putting some thought into why a person would write what they did.
Raising a question or a point, shouldn't be a threat for "secured" people.

Gilbert, AZ

Regardless of how good or how dumb the questions were, the Freddette's both did an EXCELLENT job in giving straight-up, honest and very interesting answers. I was fascinated to see how well they dealt with each question, as well as how well they are dealing with a very task of living in the public eye. Well done Jimmer and Whitney! Class acts both!

Cougar Blue 1
Henderson , NV

I love the Jimmer's even more. Such a good guy with still a lot of talent. He has had some good games as of late. Hopefully he continues to get more playing time.


Great interview, though I agree about the "way too white" question. That was goofy. Only one bit of advice for Jimmer. Don't go near the Lakers! We love you, but we despise the Lakers more, you would lose a lot of fans in a Lakers jersey.

salt lake city, UT

As I read this article, the one I have the most respect for is his Mother. What a wonderful, strong lady. She supports and loves her children unconditionally and that can be a challenging thing when their path in life leads them in a different direction than you would have preferred. So many Mormons don't understand that the undeniable, strong faith that non-believers have is as true and righteous to them as a Mormons belief is to themself. When someone, like Jimmer's Mom, not only respects but encourages her son to follow his path in life it is an example worth following for all.

Ft Thomas, KY

I sometimes go through very hard times and alas no apostle has ever called to wish me well.
Strange world we live in...I suppose becoming skilled at throwing a ball through a metal hoop has it's privileges.

West Point , UT

Liberal Ted:
Calm down. I don't understand why you are letting the writers of this article and commentators rile you up so much. Jimmer chose not to go on a mission and no one in the article or comments judged him, good or bad for that decision. Would you prefer we take him over the coals for not going like the prophet instructed...no thanks, I have enough mistakes in my life to answer for I don't need to judge Jimmer, and that is why no one should Mormon or not. If you aren't a famous Mormon than the same concept applies, I'm not in any position to judge you...I have many close friends and men that I look up to who didn't serve, and many who did. I guess I'm not sure what you expect the Deseret news to say or do about it.

Second, the white comment wasn't Utah valley humor or racist in any way. They are very pale and people have teased them about that before. Why make a mountain out of a mole hill?

Good luck Jimmer and Whitney!

Plano, TX


The Lord knows who you are. ;)

Mission Viejo, CA

The White Question was dumb, but the fact still is that NBA fans, coaches and players ARE obsessed with color. "White men can't jump". "You can't win with white players (used to be you can't win with more than one black player)". The comment was based on the obvious racism in hoops over time. So is it true? Are blacks superior basketball players?

Well, the NBA is about winning. Period. The guys they draft are the best players they can find. The fact that the NBA is 80 or 90% black is evidence for black superiority.

As a scientist, I ask the question: why? Oh, wait, we're not supposed to answer that, because WHY? is a racist question.

Also, as a biologist, I realize that that there is only the human race, color is merely response to latitude and related to protection from the sun. So, then, what about African descent makes the difference? Fast twitch muscle? Body mass? Inner city playgrounds?

Why not do a study? Because we don't really want to know.

Virginia Beach, Va

Ted, I agree with your comments about a mission. Question ? Would Jimmers's LDS fans be as kind to a average BYU male who decided not to serve a mission ?

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