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Published: Thursday, Jan. 9 2014 11:00 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Good game between 2 evenly matched teams. The last time these two teams played last week it was very lopsided, in favor of Pepperdine.

But tonight, byu has brought their A game and may just pull off this upset.

Salt Lake City, UT

Always good to see CB come out and support BYU. I think he is our most ardent supporter. Like a kid with a scab, he just cannot leave us alone.

Overton, NV

Huh. Starting "point guard" leads the team with rebounds? Probably not always a good thing to see, but at least they got the win.

Lifelong Republican
Orem, UT

Funny that Chris B has the same initials that people use for the Cougar Board website. Maybe that can explain why he is the first to post after every BYU article.

Solid Win even without Mika. WCC is once again looking like a solid league. Wouldn't be surprised to see 3 bids to the big dance.

Nice to get a solid win instead of a "we're heading in the right direction. Almost there. Give it one more year." like I keep hearing from up north.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Espn bracketology is predicting two wcc teams will go dancing, 5 PAC 12 teams.

Wcc looking like a solid league?

Byu's first 7 league games dont include a single top 100 rpi opponent.

What a solid league!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Lifelong Republican

Solid Win even without Mika. WCC is once again looking like a solid league. Wouldn't be surprised to see 3 bids to the big dance.

Nice to get a solid win instead of a "we're heading in the right direction. Almost there. Give it one more year." like I keep hearing from up north.


Not true, you never heard "Give it one more year" against teams like St. Katherine and BYU.

Gonzga just lost to Portland. WCC will be lucky to get ONE team in the dance.

cal cougar
camarillo, CA

I am impressed at the way BYU played today. By the way, I am also impressed with the composure of Pepperdine. This is their best team in a long time. Good day in Portland, men and women's team both beat ranked teams. Some shocking losses for Gonzaga and SMC. I thought BYU was out of the picture, but are now back in the picture.

I continue to be impressed with Kyle. He could be the total package if he improves his outside shooting and the free throws. If he did that, he might get the NBA looking for a 6 feet 6 inch point guard at some point.

Haws was impeccable as usual. Nate Austin has really impressed me this year. He still needs to start shooting that midrange shot. Halford is the tipping point on this team between being winners or losers. Carlino can do that as well "when" he is in the zone.

Can't wait for Saturdays game. I expect a very close game. Keep up the good work Cougars!!!

Cinci Man

I'm glad for the win, but BYU still seems to be a bit disjointed on the guard line. And the game of the big men really suffered without Mika. At full strength by both teams, BYU may have come up on the short end again. But if they can truly find their game, they may be able to be an even better team. Free throws are still killing them. Is this ever going to change this year? And what is with Winder? He seemed lost tonight. I was impressed with Carlino tonight. I get the sense that he realizes that he needs to be in control of himself if he wants to be on the floor. He did not hurt the team. He was not as aggressive, but as a result, he did not damage the team play. Keep working hard Cougars. I still doubt their chances of the big dance, but they should do well in the NIT if they improve.

Sandy, UT

This is an absolutely huge win for the program--one of the biggest & best in recent memory. The WCC is very deep and on any given night, any team in the league can beat any other team.

An even bigger game is coming up next against Loyola.

Richmond, VA

Great win for the Cougs, but boy it was nerve wrecking to watch how much they struggled to pull away from those pesky Waves. Glad they finally did towards the end when Haws came alive with those big 3s in the last few minutes. And did you see where both the Ducks and the Zags bit the dust last night courtesy of Cal and Portland? And UCLA almost upset Arizona! No team can rest on their laurels anymore. Anyone team can get beaten at any time no matter how high they rank.

Go Cougars! Go Utes! Go Aggies!

Truth Machine
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B

"ESPN bracketology is predicting two WCC teams will go dancing, 5 PAC 12 teams."

LOL at your biased and inaccurate spin.

The latest ESPN bracketology predicts

FOUR PAC 12 teams (Arizona, UCLA, Oregon and Colorado)
TWO WCC teams (Gonzaga and Saint Mary's),

but BYU and California are listed in the First Four Out (obviously, still in the mix), while Utah is not even included in the discussion.

Latest RPI
#37 BYU
#150 Utah

Latest Sagarin
#46 BYU
#71 Utah

Sagarin's Predictor says BYU(83.61) would beat Utah(80.80) by 7 points in a rematch in the Marriott Center(+4) or by 3 points straight up on a neutral court.

Slap another PAC 12 sticker on something and enjoy your continued irrelevance in the real world.

Phoenix, AZ

Utah fans beating their chests again for the PAC 12, but not for their team. All the projections I see from everyone excludes Utah from consideration. At least BYU is in the discussion. I know, ASU isn't in the discussion either, but I'm not mocking other leagues about their "lack" of league play either. Live and let live. Respect and get respect. Some Utah fans need to learn this.

Salt Lake City, UT


"WCC will be lucky to get ONE team in the dance."

Time to break out of that crimson bubble you live in and enter the real world.

ESPN bracketology is predicting TWO WCC teams and four PAC teams in the Big Dance, with BYU and California listed in the First Four Out category, in other words, the Cougars are still very much in the mix for an NCAA berth.

Meanwhile, the Utes aren't even an after-thought in the Big Dance discussion.

Phoenix, AZ

Chris B

"Espn bracketology is predicting two wcc teams will go dancing, 5 PAC 12 teams."

The PAC is predicted by ESPN to have 4 teams, not 5. Boasting about two more seeds to the dance isn't that noteworthy.

Cheyenne, WY

BYU played terrible until the last few minutes.
Bracketology has 4 Pac-12 teams in. Same as the MWC. Please quote correctly.

Saratoga Springs, UT

People really need to stop saying "Go Cougars! Go Utes! Go Aggies!" in their posts. Seriously, just stop. Chose a side and stay there.

Cougar Blue 1
Henderson , NV

Thanks Chris B for your insightful comments. Congrats on your last two victories against St. Katherine and Oregon St. You should be able to take care of Arizona. Your brutal schedule will have prepared you.

Sandy, UT

besmarter, "Same as the MWC" Who said anything about the MWC? byu is in the WCC, remember?

Mcallen, TX

With out a doubt--Haws is the top player in Utah. Period!


Is Pepperdine that good? It seems pretty odd that BYU was in a close game with them (closer than the final score would indicate) and that with two of Pepperdine's stars not playing.

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