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Published: Friday, Jan. 10 2014 5:00 a.m. MST

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A Scientist
Provo, UT

idablu wrote:

"To Scientist:
I would wager I am more educated than you but yet you would call me a fool, worthy of mocking because I am a believer."

How much are you prepared to lose?

Unreconstructed Reb
Chantilly, VA

As I see it, if you need to troll the DN daily to poke Mormons with sticks, carping defensively about the pushback that such puerile bullying generates is poor form.

andrews afb, MD

If you don't like a show then get a petition going to get it moved to a different time or canceled all together.

We as LDS will be bullied that kind of comes with the territory. Is it fair or right? No it is not but rather than fighting back about every incorrect piece of information sloshed out about the church. I would rather expend my energy on things that will make a difference in my life and the lives around me.

Phillip M Hotchkiss
Malta, Mt

One can mock all they want. It happened in the past and it will happen in the future.all we can do I STAND UP. Stand up for what we believe.Stand up to our rights to believe in what we do. Stand up for any other religious group who is being abused by these non believers. Stand strong. Or sit down a d watch other's get abused by them

Newport Beach, CA

Fools mock.

Why is it OK to mock the Mormons? Because Mormons don't cut your head off when you mock them. And because Mormons are viewed by the conventional wisdom as middle-class white people (although they're not, necessarily), and it's OK to mock that bunch. Because privilege, or something.

Los Gatos, CA

i saw the episode of the Simpsons, that was mentioned in the article. I felt that it was making fun of the concept that Mormons were a cult. Let's not be so thinned skin. There is much that could be mocked about us by people that do not know us, and as they get to know us the humor will get kinder.

West Jordan, UT

If the LDS Church wants the public at large to practice a "live and let live" attitude towards them, then perhaps they should let those of other faiths live and let live as well. What's good for the goose...


Where to begin with this…

First, it's worth pointing out that Mormons aren't actually the only religious group that Hollywood and Broadway feel it's "safe" to target. Christians in general come under attack in society regularly today, and it is due to a number of factors:

1) The majority of people involved in the entertainment industry are irreligious, or belong to religions that are opposed to Christianity (Jews, Scientologists, etc.)
2) Christianity is viewed as a "majority" religion, and thus is not subject to the protections that are offered to "minority" groups in our modern, liberal culture,
3) The mostly Evangelical Protestant "Christian right" has tarnished the image of Christianity in the eyes of the public as intolerant, hateful, and anti-scientific.
4) Gays and lesbians, who object to Christianity's moral teachings, wield tremendous power in the media as well and use it as an outlet to present their views,
5) People know they can get away with attacking Christians with little to know retaliation, because unlike members of some other religious groups, they don't have to worry about being the targets of violence (viz: Muslims) or expensive lawsuits combined with accusations of neo-Nazism (Jews)



Mormons in particular have a reputation for being excessively "nice", while at the same time being very earnest in sharing their beliefs with others. Mormons are the kinds of people that, in high school, would be stuffed into lockers or given wedgies by the kinds of people that come to dominate the media and the culture later in life. In other words, people ridicule Mormons simply because they can: they know they can say whatever they want about this particular group and suffer no consequences for it, because they won't stand up for themselves, and no one else will stand up for them. They are ignorant of the history of persecution that members of the Church have suffered, (frankly, they are ignorant of history in general), and they don't care to gain any more than a superficial understanding of the Church's beliefs, because they are lazy and content with living in mediocrity.



Finally, even though the LDS Church is one of the most ethnically diverse religious organizations on the planet, because of how relatively recently the Church has begun to expand outside of the United States, the stereotypical Mormon in the eyes of the general public is a white, upper-middle-class American male of northern European descent. Thus, unlike with other ethnic groups, people feel like they can attack Mormons without being labeled as "racists", since in the eyes of many it is impossible to be "racist" against white people. The fact that most members of the Church are no longer white means nothing to these people, because, as previously stated, they are ignorant, and they have no desire to learn any more than they already do.



If members of the Church want to end the crass religious bigotry directed towards us, they will have to start standing up for themselves instead of passively letting others walk all over them. However, as the true church of Jesus Christ, we are instead commanded to "turn the other cheek" and suffer persecution in the same way that he did. Thankfully the persecution is not quite as bad today as it was 150 years ago. But as the Church continues to grow and gain a higher profile in the world, and as the world's values continue to diverge so radically away from the Church's, the persecution will only continue to get worse and worse. The voices in the Great and Spacious Building will never be louder than they are in the moments before the Savior's second coming. We have to be prepared for that, because without strong testimonies it will be almost impossible to endure.

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