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Published: Friday, Jan. 10 2014 5:00 a.m. MST

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A Scientist
Provo, UT

Here wrote:

"Might I suggest it will get worse. As the second coming approaches, persecutions will arise and worsen."

Yes, if you continue to push the doctrine of a "second coming", then you will definitely bring upon yourselves more mockery. We have had 2,000 years of such nonsense, and anyone who takes that seriously deserves to be mocked.

Salt Lake City, UT

Today, the secular media is hostile to all forms of religious belief. As a group, Christians are disparaged as Bible-thumping, anti-scientific, intolerant dunces. It's not just Mormons who get mocked, but people of faith generally.

Sadly, it's human nature to deride things that seem peculiar. The more distinctive your beliefs or practices, the more likely you are to be ridiculed--and the Mormon faith is, by any reckoning, distinctive. An added challenge is that many LDS church members are geographically isolated within the "Mormon Corridor." Few Americans have an LDS friend, and the high degree of social cohesion among LDS congregants further reinforces a perception of "separateness."

Luckily, we live in a country where those with distinctive beliefs are mocked rather than persecuted. If we are truly grateful for this blessing, we'll take the energy we'd otherwise expend in parrying puerile gibes, and use it to support those around the world who face genuine danger in living out their religious convictions.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

My favorite LDS joke came from the same people who made the Broadway musical. It was a South Park episode and all the people who were dead were confused why they were with Satan and asked a simple question, which church was the correct one.

Satan pauses dramatically and replies, "That would be the MOOORRMONS!!!"

I think we as members of the Church are very tolerant of the mainstream jokes and characterizations because they often serve a purpose connected to Missionary work. However there are some attacks that go too far. Fortunately those attacks never gain traction and are quickly forgotten unless you were the one who had the TV or radio on.

What does bother me is how often this newspaper allows attacks against BYU's sport teams and players on their message boards.

spring street


The Simpsons engage in pocking fun at different groups in every episode and I do not remember the last time there was any public outcry following the redicule of any of these groups. As for. You example not related to the Simpsons the same law that applies to the gay men applies to LDS people as well, I seem to remember a rather recent incident in Texas involving some LDS youth and their being an investigation into their being bullied, so again show me how you are being singled our.

Morgan Hill, CA

@sharrona, Ministers of different religious denominations often gave talks and sermons in Nauvoo during Joseph Smith's time. During the mid-19th Century, Brigham Young helped Catholic pioneers in Utah get land to build a church on, and the local Mormon choir sang at their services. LDS humanitarian efforts, for decades, have been conducted in cooperation with Catholic Relief services, and Islamic Relief Worldwide. LDS relief efforts in Indonesia, after the tsunami some years ago, included providing hundreds of copies of the Quran to local Muslim townspeople. These are just a few examples out of many that come to mind.

I personally have been involved for decades in local efforts of inter-religious understanding, involving local Baha'i communities and others, and have set this example for my family.

@A Scientist: "Live and let live," Have you asked the LGBT community and their "politically correct" friends if they are willing to practice that same principle in regard to the Boy Scouts, Chick Fil-A - or, for that matter, unborn children?

Ontario, OR

When Shakespeare wrote "The Merchant of Venice," the Jews had been banished from England for about 300 years. Those who remained would not have been in a position to complain about Shylock. "Othello," as a Moor (black man from northern Africa) was also a stereotypical character with his physical prowess and his temperamental weakness. There weren't a lot of Moors hanging around England in Shakespeare's time to protest the characterization. Maybe deriders think no one's listening who'd be offended. Ask any LDS Democrat how it felt to sit in, for example, Relief Society, during the last election, and hear some of the comments that were made. I attended a missionary open house and heard a conversation that totally marginalized me, and these were supposed to be my people! The solution to Mormon-bashing is to live your LDS principles and "open your mouth" and let folks know you're LDS before they "open mouth, insert foot." Otherwise, relax. I love that the Church puts ads in "The Book of Mormon Musical" programs, saying the book is always better!

Walnut Creek, CA

If billions of people on the outside of our tiny world of Mormonism think of the org as shrouded in mystery and somewhat culty and think doctrines like polygamy, tea being a health risk, and becoming gods are extremely odd and that tens of thousands of high school graduates in suits going door to door on bicycles because for the most part they made the decision to do it when they were prepubescent is really peculiar then...who cares? We're really not supposed to care. We aren't LDS because we thought it would mean we'd suddenly be entitled to be free from all ridicule, right? We're all basically wearing signs on our chests that say we think all these things makes perfect sense so...toughen up kids.

no fit in SG
St.George, Utah

Perhaps you have missed reading or hearing about the mocking, hating, disgusting treatment and comments President Obama, The President of the United States receives everyday?
Not much respect for anyone out there these days, is there?

Clifton Palmer McLendon
Gilmer, TX

Ether 12:26

Sandy, UT

A comment here has said beliefs of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints appear delusional to those not of our faith. As though this is justification for being mocked. I'm not speaking directly to the commenter, but in general, people could easily think that the prophets of the Old Testament were delusional. They were not, and IMHO, neither is the LDS Church and it's prophet.

Abraham was not delusional when he nearly sacrificed his son. Noah was not delusional when he built an ark in sunny days. Isaiah was not delusional when he prophesied to future generations and of the coming of the Messiah. Moses was not delusional when he knew it was his mission to deliver the Jews from Egypt, and backed it up by parting the Red Sea. Labeling religion as delusional is an old tactic used to try to discredit revelation, faith, and obedience.

Just a thought.


Others have said it before, but the main reason Mormons get made fun of is the same reason why milk-toast little boys get picked on by bullies as kids: they don't fight back. Parker and Stone and all their philosophical buddies on the left continually congratulate themselves for being "edgy" and "daring." Well, if they really want to be "daring," let them do an obscene Broadway musical about all the seemingly absurd aspects of Islam and the Koran. Of course, they don't because they're just like most bullies--wussies deep down.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

@ Origami

"There are a good number of people who think that many Mormon beliefs are ridiculous, even delusional."

.. and there are also many more who see the LDS Church as strong for supporting families, service orientated for donating time, financially generous for paying fast offerings to the poor and needy. So what's your point?

ute alumni

you don't join the church because of it's people, you join because you believe it is true. it appears you haven't found that to be the case. i'm sure all of the members of your religion (if you have one) are perfect . good luck in living around people you seem to have such anomosity towards. life is too short for me to live that way.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

I've seen every religion mocked at this point in my life.

Let's see. Heaven Help Us (Andrew McCarthy, Donald Sutherland) mocks the Catholic Church. One among many. I don't think there is a church mocked more than the Catholic Church by Hollywood.

Steve Martin pretty much mocked evangelicals in Leap of Faith.

I don't think Footloose made evangelicals look good.

South Park has mocked about everything (Muslims, Mormons, Catholics, Hollywood, Scientologists, PETA, atheists, satanists, evangelicals, etc.)

James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever mocked Santeria.

Indiana Jones mocked some sort of religion...

Saturday's Voyeur are Mormons sort of mocking Mormons...

The movie Airplane mocked several religions including Buddhists, Jews for Jesus, Jews in general, Jehovah Witnesses...

Bottom line, what religion or even non-religion hasn't been mocked by Hollywood...

San Diego, CA

Come on. Every religion that has survived since the beginning of time has done so because persecution is good for religions. If Joseph Smith hadn't gotten killed, there wouldn't be any LDS today. If Jesus hadn't gotten killed, there wouldn't be any Christianity.

Bluffdale, UT

I see no more relief for the Catholics than the Mormons. Sister Act is also on Broadway. (Ironically, the film version was played by an actress that admits she hates all people that don't subscribe to her views on same-sex marriage including the Catholics.)

I was appalled by a Halloween store in Salt Lake City that had a religious section with costumes for drunk priest and pregnant nun. When I complained, they refused to remove the costumes since the manager had pre-purchased the merchandise, but they did move them to a low shelf in the back of the store.

One can tell when a joke is in fun and in hate. Face it, there are loud people that hate what the Catholics and Mormons are fighting to defend.

Rexburg, ID

I've been teased about being a Mormon. It's no big deal. I'd rather everyone was fair game, then we'd get to know what everyone really thinks!

Eagle, ID

@Red Corvette - What, do you have an inferiority complex or something? There may be a few LDS who act holier than thou, but I would say on the whole that is not at all the case. Trying to improve oneself, serving others, seeking to be more like Christ -- what on earth can be wrong with that?

Anchorage, AK

spring street posted: I seem to remember a rather recent incident in Texas involving some LDS youth and their being an investigation into their being bullied, so again show me how you are being singled our.
It's my understanding that the LDS church was recently (4 Aug 2013 Deseret News) added to the list of hate crime stats. Now that's there something to keep track of, perhaps some are making the point.

Walnut Creek, CA

@Uncle Rico
".. and there are also many more who see the LDS Church as strong for supporting families, service orientated for donating time, financially generous for paying fast offerings to the poor and needy. So what's your point?"

The point is that despite our good qualities there are vast populations of people who do much good without all the quirky and peculiar ideological and historical foundations. Mormons may often be regarded as good, hard working people of integrity, but most people still think we're weird in addition to all that. We're always going to be weird and weird people are the butts of jokes regardless of how much good they do in the world. Aint no way around it and I'm pretty sure we've been asked to embrace it.

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