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Published: Thursday, Jan. 9 2014 10:05 a.m. MST

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Cheyenne, WY

I watched the game last night and Delon Wright is a great player at both ends of the floor.
He carried the Utes last night and he may have to for a lot of the season.
Good Luck Delon Wright and the Utes.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Wright and Loveridge are the two best players in Utah.

And this team is showing its ahead of schedule in the coach K era. Love the way the guys play.

Looking forward to a great season with the best postseason hopes of any team in the state.

Go Utes

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

He did put on a show.

And as bad as the loss hurts, it could be worse.

We could be coming off back to back losses against Pepperdine and Lola Mary community college.

Salt Lake City, UT

Best player in the state - BY FAR.

Mcallen, TX

Pride preceedeth the fall.

Gone fishin
Seattle, WA

Let's take off the crimson glasses and look at ACTUAL stats.
Utah's top two scorers average 17.2 and 16.0 against the powder puff preseason schedule ranked at almost the worst RPI schedule in the ENTIRE country.

BYU's top two scorers average 23.2 and 17.0 against 4 top 25 teams and an RPI if the top 25.
Hmmmmm. The real is not adding up but then again ute fans apparently cannot do math when it comes to sports.

The top two players in the state are at BYU with the 3rd best players right there with them.
Sorry utsies.

Mcallen, TX

Many ute busters in the PAC 12.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

@ Gone Fishin

"BYU's top two scorers average 23.2 and 17.0 against 4 top 25 teams and an RPI if the top 25.
Hmmmmm. The real is not adding up but then again ute fans apparently cannot do math when it comes to sports."

The problem with byu fans is all they care about is the math and stats. They could care less about what actually happens on the court or field.


Gone under, no, BYU's leading scorers are currently averaging 21.6 and 14.5 ppg, shooting 45% and 36%, jacking up 15.6 and 14.3 shots per game, respectively, per ESPN. That is not great. Loveridge shoots a modest 45% as well, for 16.5 ppg on 12.3 shots per game, while Wright scores 15.6 ppg with a 67% FG percentage on 9 attempts per game. If Loveridge attempted that many field goals, he'd average 21 points per game as well. Also they both defend, rebound and pass the ball very well, something BYU does not. Basketball is a team game, not a contest of which individual out of ten on the court at a time can shoot the most shots and score the most points.

Gone fishin
Seattle, WA

Proud of my Huskies. Too bad the win didn't come against a quality opponent. Utah hurts our RPI.

Gone fishin
Seattle, WA

Math and stat are what the national EXPERTS use in creating rankings incase you didn't pick up on that.
We do care what happens on the field and court. The difference is we care what happens for the ENTIRE season, not just one game like Utah fans.
Another difference is that we don't count moral victories just the ones that get us to bowl games and NCAA tourneys.

Cedar Hills, UT


How about we base it on the overage FT% of the top 5 scorers from both teams? Lol

Gone fishin
Seattle, WA

StGto SLC,
I checked down's stata and they are correct according to Sports Illustrated, as of today. The ute came may not be recorded yet with SI so Wright's numbers will go up and Loveridge's will go down,
This still puts the two BYU players ahead of the ute players. Sorry to burst your crimson bubble.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

gone fishin

Ya, and Haws scores more points per game than Dwayne Wade. Haws must be better.



Gone under, so your claim is that Carlino is the second best player on that team because he is the team's second leading scorer?

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B,
No, Haws is not better then Wade. He IS better then anyone on the hill however and will be the rest of this year and all of next. It's just the way it is. Sorry.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

I have an idea. Let's compare Wright's game to BYU reserve guard, Halford, who scored 26 points the other night. Wow, isn't it great that a reserve player could score just as much as utah's best player. LOL

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Gone fishin

Basketball is more than just scoring, for example Jimmer for details).

Wright is complete a player, he reminds of the young AK (score, rebound,blocks, steals, assets)...but a better shooter.

If Chapman is as good as advertised then Utah next year will have great depth.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

As a long time Huskie, I have not been very pleased with Coach Romar. Pretty dull basketball. But obviously enough to beat the cupcakes from the hill.

Syracuse, UT

Wright is an extremely talented player and will play at the next level. He has been the best all around player in this state since Andre Miller played at Utah.

Gone Fishing, if one was to rate talent by scoring average alone, one would have thought Fredette was better than Lillard. Jimmer scored more points but Lillard was and is the better overall basketball player. I would bet that Wright will probably be a better NBA player than any other current college player in the state of Utah with possibly the exception of Mika.

Tough loss last night. Hopefully Utes can get a split with a win at WSU.

Go Utes!!

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