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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 8 2014 6:05 p.m. MST

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Castle Valley, Utah

@badgerbadger 11:28pm

Not true. You can always believe that your marriage is superior to another. You can "know this in your heart of hearts", and no one will really care. Please read my comment posted on page 3 at 8:45am. Lots of people apparently agree.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Marriage is between man and woman! No if's, and's, or but's!"

Meh. . . just your opinion. That and two bucks will buy you a Big Mac.

Provo, UT

Why has nearly every culture in the world, since the beginning, had the good sense to recognize and foster marriages between one man and one woman? Because it takes both to have children.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Banderson said: "Your push for rights are no different than someone pushing for the right to marry their child or men to marry beasts."

So to you, their is no difference between animals and gays and child molesters, just as Jesus taught?

The federal government has no right to intervene in those decisions, to say yes or to say no!
Utah had to change their "traditional marriage laws" just to get statehood. What make you believe this is different?
Now were a state so we can allow incest if the majority votes for it?

This is where your argument turns to the absurd, and complete hyperbole, which is why it won't work in court either.

Salt Lake City, UT

" I will do whatever I can legally do to save any child from growing up in a marriage that by word and deed shows only contempt for God's laws,"

Really, banderson? Well I have total contempt for what Mormons believe is God's law. Will you try to stop me from raising children? I'd like to see you try.

"SS partners can believe they are a married couple, but are they willing to let those who believe that marriage is a partnership with God, and he requires marriage be a man and a woman, to believe that you are not really married? "

Well, you can believe what ever you want. Nobody stops people from being delusional.

"You (SSM supporters) are trying to force everybody else to abide by your beliefs."

This is an absolutely bizarre idea. Do you think anybody is trying to force you to be homosexual? Or is your complaint just that you have to live in a world that has homosexuals?

Leesburg, VA

@ Bandersen:
You wrote:
"The federal government has no right to intervene in those decisions, to say yes or to say no! If the people of a state want to allow incest then so be it. I doubt it will get that far, but that is the way our system of government works."

It is curious, because it seems that the Federal Government through the SCOTUS has already intervened.

Spanisfork, UT

"...two women "marry" and want to have children, so one decides she is the "wife" and gets impregnated through artificial insemination. That child then wants to know later who his father is. A sperm bank is the answer...other male figures...will hardly be a great substitute for a missing father. The perfect way to raise children is in an intact family with a female mother and a male father. History has proven that for centuries. Eroding that model further will continue to bring societies down. It's about the children."

First off, a majority of the studies regarding committed/married homosexual parents concludes they are just as good, or better, at child rearing compared to heterosexual parents. Second, don't adopted children, or children raised by a single women that were artificially inseminated/unintentionally pregnant, or children who had one of their parents die when they were young have these same types questions and issues? Based on your logic we should make adoption, being single and pregnant, and dying unintentionally when you have children all illegal.

Here, UT


Please show me one person who has tried to make you have an SSM. Legal recognition of our marriages won't hurt you in the least.


The 10th amendment of the constitution leaves all the power with the States to guard the public morals and the public health. End of story

John Pack Lambert of Michigan
Ypsilanti, MI

I wish Monte Stewart would mange to get his voice heard on this issue more. His balanced and reasoned secular defence of man/woman marriage may be less fiery than Ruzicka's talk, but it is also much more compelling and needed.

We need man/woman marriage because marriage is about child rearing and that is the only way to have marriage in a form that points to child rearing.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

This affects 2.5-3% of the population, so please all the nonsense about perfect child rearing conditions, they don't exist.

That also means that 97% of the gay population comes from what the religious folks mistakenly call "Traditional Marriage." By the bad logic exhibited here traditional procreation is the main cause of gays being born.

Salt Lake City, UT

Grateful Federal A.G. has clarified the marriage status for those who married – grateful Utah A.G. has recanted his original instruction and now confirms this clarification as well. Legal sanity has prevailed. Let us live within the legal rules of our land ... and for those who disagree, may they find a country whose legal rules fit their beliefs.

Provo, UT


"The 10th amendment of the constitution leaves all the power with the States to guard the public morals and the public health. End of story"

Not quite.

The 9th Amendment to the Constitution reinforces the fact that INDIVIDUALS have "unenumerated rights" (such as the right to marry the person of their choosing), the equal protection of which is guaranteed by the Constitution. States can NOT violate the equal protection of individual rights.

Lehi, UT

Many of us feel the same way, we trusted that Judges would be honest etc and didn't really think that activists would be as dishonest, selfish, and powerful as they are. Please read "Crafting Gay Children" for more info on what is going on in our Country. Those pushing these agendas have little concern for society as a whole, or government by the People, they overturn laws and constitutions and take control with pressure, money, threats and media manipulation (this includes the activists who hang out on the DN and Trib etc, they are employed to sway opinions and pretend they are people that they are not).

Lehi, UT

Gays are free to love and be, this is not about that, I have gay family members and know that activists are seeking to destroy the First Amendment and take away the rights of religious persons to be involved. Those Utahns and Americans who have open eyes realize that powerful activists are currently taking away the rights of Americans to vote, have a say on laws, speak out on moral issues, and so on. This is about America's Constitution, and the Family is the backbone of Civilization. I do hope people will be stirred to action and I want to know how I might become involved, I can't stand idly by while this happens.

salt lake city, utah

I am a lifelong Utahn, a lesbian woman with a wife of 18 years. We have 3 beautiful children together who are amazing individuals. We were married legally in California, but are suddenly unmarried when we cross into Utah. Silly, really. Growing up, everyone wants to find their soul-mate and get married. There is no "secret" plot of gay people here to undermine the Constitution. Hello? Really? I am married because I chose a spouse! Why did you get married? And how on earth is it anyone's business who "I" choose to marry? Our lives are so fantastically normal I wish I could invite everyone who is so upset about our "family " to come and spend some time with us. I guarantee you would be changed. And it shouldn't matter but I will offer for the sake of some that we are a religious, church-going bunch whose congregation is very accepting of our family. And our church has accepted and blessed our wedding vows. We are citizens of Utah. We are citizens of the United States. Nice to meet you. We are your neighbors. Our kids go to school together. We are in PTA together. We are.

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