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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 8 2014 1:00 p.m. MST

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Park City, UT

I think that BYU over estimated their built in fan base. The only team that has successfully navigated the independent ranks is Norte Dame who has a built in fan base several times that of BYU. Penn State tried in for several years and it cost them bowl games and a couple of national championships. While the program may be financially OK, the players are being robbed of he national recognition they deserve.

Salt Lake City, UT

Lloyd Christmas
Salt Lake City, UT

... and that one in a million is still a better chance than BYU has. A team in no conference with a horribly weak schedule has NO CHANCE.

Park City, UT

The payout to schools for Bowl participation is published each year. Even the most obscure bowl more than covers any cost to the school. They are major income sources for the schools and their athletic programs. The successful football program help offset the money draining programs mandated by Title Nine. This year the National Championship bowl paid $18 million per team. The least was the Idaho Famous Potato Bowl which paid $325 grand per team.

Whoa Nellie
American Fork, UT

You know about as much as I do about BYU athletics and why or why not they should be included in a major conference, and that knowledge is absolutely zero. You have no idea what Tom Holmoe is allowed to pursue by those in control of BYU so don't expose yourself with comments about what a good AD at BYU could or should do. Perhaps your moniker should be 'Sergeant Schultz.'

Name one mediocre team from any major conference that has as much exposure as BYU. In fact, name one team that is above average but less than the best (best being teams such as Texas, Alabama, Ohio State, Michigan, Oregon, etc.) from any conference that gets as much exposure as BYU.

In closing, this is the first time I have ever agreed with anything Howard S. has ever written.

Layton, Utah

Its not the new playoff system but Bronco that alters byu's hopes of ever being a good football team

Highland, UT


"the U was bowless but look at their SoS. BYU's was horrible"

That witless comment invalidated anything else you posted. BYU's SOS was certainly not "horrible", in fact it was ranked in the 30's and was better than just about every team that played in a bcs bowl this year. I've read your stuff enough to know that despite your claim to being a BYU grad you are in fact a hater and use every opportunity to show it with your comments. This last one was easily shown to be false.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT


"....despite your claim to being a BYU grad you are in fact a hater ,,," Being a BYU grad and being a BYU hater are not mutually exclusive. I am neither. I went to BYU but transferred and I am not a "hater"; however, from my experiences at both the Y and the U I truly am a Utah Man!

Orem, UT

romeisn'tburning you said "Bringing in a 2 time national champion head coach as a coordinator, and now a positions coach shows how far we've come from a lowly WAC/MWC team. Dennis Erickson would never accept a head coach offer from a WAC/MWC conference school, yet he is a positions coach at the U."

Check your facts. Erickson is a former head coach at........U of Wyo..

Southern, UT


You are right. Here's the thing though, while you are hoping to get into the Orange Bowl SUU is competing for a playoff spot to crown a real National Champion. Do things the way the FCS does and let's talk. The bowl system is flawed and a playoff system is the way to go.

Mesa, AZ

As could have been predicted, Utah's entry into the PAC 12 foreshadowed years of struggles, ala Arizona State and Arizona when they went to the PAC 10 as it was called then.

With that in mind, Utah would be insane to consider getting rid of coach Wittingham just because of these struggles. He is, in my opinion, one of the great coaches in college football, and I'm a big BYU fan. I have nothing but respect for what he has done with the Utah program. Sunny day Utah fans need to be realistic about the future, and it isn't bright in that conference, nor would it be for BYU!!!

tooele, UT

Next year there will be 3 games that matter. All three local schools could be in them as long as they schedule for it. As of now Utah will be the only one that could or would deserve a shot based on their schedule.

Salt Lake City, UT

@ Christine

"Major" conferences

Big 10
Big 12
Prop 8

Four are not a geographic match for BYU. EVERYONE knows why they didn't get invited to the fifth.

Salt Lake City, UT

To me it seems that if the "Y" takes care of business they should do OK. I realize they are not going major bowling for the foreseeable future. It ain't in the cards, tea leaves or what ever you look at for a sign.

The "Y's" biggest problem is taking care of business, winning football games. For some reason they lay more eggs than a duck on steroids.

I have secretly become an Aggie fan. They seem to approach the game with some spirit and zest. The Y, not so much.

Utah may overcome the problem of being located in the "fly-over"zone and get enough D1 recruits to break even and go to a bowl game and win it.

Someone said that the "Y" would never drop athletics,Ricks now BYU-I used to have intercollegiate athletics, not now. There's enough scandal lurking around major college athletics (IMHO) that one or two more high profile events could give the board of trustees reason to pull the plug and drop athletics or drop to D-II or FBS. Money and image are important.

Life is more important than football, really.

Allen, TX

"...Wyoming coach Dave Christensen coming in to run the offense...."

Yeah, 'cause the national press is all buzzing about the offense Wyoming puts on the field.

Utah - No bowl in 2014, for the third straight year
USU - A Mediocre bowl if they have a stellar season, a lower tier bowl if not.
BYU - If they go undefeated (snicker), a former BCS bowl. If not, they'll go bowling (better than Utah's fate), but it won't be pretty. Maybe they limp into the Hawaii bowl...

Meanwhile, the Oregon Ducks will again vie for a National Championship, beating Stanford and Washington, who have to travel to Autzen, and taking the PAC-12 Championship. In fact their toughest game next year might be Michigan State in pre-season play. But did you see how they tore Texas apart in the Alamo Bowl? I did, I was there. THAT's how you go bowling and end a season!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ steve84088

Erickson coached Wyoming for one year, in 1986. Since then he has been the head man at Washington St., Miami, Seattle Seahawks, Oregon St., San Francisco 49ers, Idaho, and Arizona St.

Lincoln City, OR

@woah Nellie... Based on what you have written I'd say I know a lot more about college athletics than you do and I would be happy to compare resumes... But let's not quibble over who knows what... Let's talk Logic and deal with the facts that we know to be facts...

1) The B12 was very interested in having us join their conference after losing TAMU... In fact they flew from the Executive Airport in North Dallas to meet with our people (not sure of all of them but I hear that it included Samuelson and Holmoe along with some Attorneys representing the BOT... We said we'd be interested with 4 reservations: No Sundays; OU and Texas had to formally agree to stay in the League for a period certain; and we wanted Rebroadcasting rights for our games (24 or 48hours)... They also wanted to verify that our athletic program was financially dependent on the church.

2) The B12 walked and immediately invited TCU to send a clear message... "We were an Invitee with similar rights as other conference members...

3) A similar break down occurred with the Big East (over TV rights)...

If I am wrong, please prove it.

Lincoln City, OR

Part II for Nellie...

"Exposure" does not mean a presence on TV from midnight to 3AM Eastern against Idaho State, New Mexico State, Savanah State, etc. Which are typical for our home November Schedules... "Exposure" means playing for something in front of people who are interested in watching the game (not just the Cougar faithful).

The church is not the only ones interested in "Exposure"... Recruits are also very interested in "Exposure" because most of them have a dream to play at the next level... Consequently they want to play against other top quality recruits to test their medal and to impress... That doesn't include November games with Idaho State, etc... If they come to BYU today they have no chance of playing for a National Championship, heck they can't even play for a Conference Championship let alone getting any "All Conference Recognition"... That type of "Exposure" comes through playing in an Elite Conference...

That's why we are only seeing 3* and 2* athletes come to BYU... We even have trouble getting young men members who are 4* and 5* committing to BYU and we really should be a no brainer for them.

I blame Holmoe because he's the AD.

Lincoln City, OR

part III for Nellie...

I'm going to give you a thumbs up because I like your attitude...

But in conclusion, a team is only going to be as good as their players and if a team can't compete for the highest level players then it is very unlikely that they will be able to compete on a National stage with the very best... (having said that, I believe we have good coaches which make up for some of that but not all of it)...

So, if we are not able to be in a conference where we compete against the best (and in the future that is the only way that we will get games with the best due to the Mega-Conference Movement) our talent will dwindle, people will lose interest, and that will cause ESPN to lose interest which will leave us in possibly the worst position possible A lowly Division I conference with a steady diet (schedule) of non-Mega Conference teams and the only television that we will get is BYU TV... Except for a rare game here or there (such as a bowl game)...

We need to be in a Mega-Conference

Lincoln City, OR

@Nellie should have proof read...

The last sentence in my first response whould have read: "They also wanted to verify that our athletic program was NOT financially dependent on the church."

Point 2 should have read: "We were an Invitee that would have similar rights as other conference members... not superior rights"...

Sorry, should have caught this stuff the first time.

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