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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 8 2014 1:00 p.m. MST

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Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Here are the 8 bowls that ESPN owns:

Texas Bowl
Sheraton Hawaii Bowl
Las Vegas Bowl
Armed Forces Bowl
Beef O’ Brady Bowl
Compass Bowl
New Mexico Bowl
Famous Idaho Potato Bowl

Provo, Utah

ChristopherB, FYI BYU is a private university. They make their own rules, including not playing on Sunday. As much as you and "pagan" love to stir the pot about a rivalry, BYU and Utah are miles and miles apart except for the actual miles between SLC and Provo.

Southern, UT

So it's not called the bowl system but that's essentially what it is. And a certain team going to the Orange bowl is seriously unlikely. It's to big a bowl.

Meridian, ID

I don't think it is that big of a longshot to see USU as the #1 non-AQ team. IN 2012, USU was the #2 non-AQ team (behind NIU which was curb stomped in the Orange Bowl vs. Florida State in the Orange Bowl). A shanked FG against Wisonsin OR a 6-3 loss to BYU was the difference between the Orange and Spud Bowls.

scottsdale, AZ

Stang0, it's a better likelihood than SUU going to any bowl...

Salt Lake City, Utah


Utah isn't even good enough to qualify for the Dixie Rotary Bowl.

Call us the first time Utah beats a PAC team with a winning record. It hasn't happened since last century.

Provo, UT

I have four quick points to make. One, sport is great. What other "controlled" venue do you have the opportunity to test yourself physically and prepare for the less controlled world of business, parenthood, etc. Do away with sport, you might as well do away with life.

Two, Utah is too small a market for three programs. Do the math. Size of Utah: 2.9 million. Size of California 38.3 million. Number of D1 Schools in Utah: 6 (seriously, there are). California: 24. That's a ratio of 3:1 based on comparative population. Number of D1 FBS Schools: Utah: 3 California: 7. That's a ridiculous ratio of 6:1 based on comparative population.

Three, we must consolidate to 1 FBS school in this state. See Wisconsin. 20th in size in the nation. One FBS School. Utah, 33rd in Size 3 FBS. Washington: 13 in size. 2 FBS schools. Wake up Utah. We must consolidate.

I vote for one Football program in the State. I'm a BYU fan, but Utah has the right conference. Imagine if you took the best players from the Aggies, BYU and Utah. Now, we're talking.

Rifle, CO


What do you mean "the way BYU faired against national teams"? Norte Dame, Wisconsin, and Washington aren't the only national teams. I believe 8 of BYU's regular season opponents played in bowl games and BYU won 6 of those games including Texas, Georgia Tech, Boise State, Utah State, and Houston.

Queen Creek, AZ

ChristopherB - BYU cannot just choose to join a conference, it must be invited. There is a reason why BYU has not been invited into the PAC-12 or Big-12. For the PAC-12, BYU does not meet the academic standards of the PAC-12. I am not stating that BYU is not a great academic school (obviously it is), but all PAC-12 members are AAU institutions and are generally regarded as major research institutions. BYU is not regarded as a major research university. Also the PAC-12 schedules a lot of events on Sundays. Sundays is one of the big obstacles with the Big-12 as well. For what ever strengths people in Utah believe BYU has, clearly the Big-12 and Pac-12 have not viewed their strengths as being worth enough to overcome the other issues BYU brings to the table, otherwise the invites would have been forthcoming many years ago.

Lehi, UT

@CWEB - Utah's transition to the Pac-12 has certainly been an adjustment to be sure, though they have been unfortunate with to be plagued with many injuries to key positions and some very closes losses. I fully expect Utah to be competing for their division with success within a few short years at most. Though if we are gauging success now be the tally of wins and losses, then BYU is a pathetic case for a football team as they have not only been beat 3 times in a row, but blown out in two of those 3 games 2 of which were on BYU' home field to a middle sub 500 Pac-12 team. Utah is significantly closer to a PAC-12 championship than BYU could even dream of being to there next national championship. So I like you have enjoyed watching as BYU chokes each and every year to a Utah team that they the the BYU players and coaching no longer believe they can beat.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City, Utah


Utah isn't even good enough to qualify for the Dixie Rotary Bowl.

Call us the first time Utah beats a PAC team with a winning record. It hasn't happened since last century.



#10 Stanford (11-3) 24
Utah 27

What will alter college football drastically is if the Big 5 splits. BYU still could end up in the Big 12 but Utah State?

Salt Lake City, UT

"What BYU has going for it in this odd predicament is its relationship with ESPN."
And just how would that work, exactly?

Take the Texas Bowl, for example, which contractually matches the Big 10 #6 vs Big 12 #6.
Sure, if those teams didn't meet eligibility, BYU could be swapped in.
But if they're eligible, would ESPN swoop in and say "Sorry Big12! We need you to step aside and forego your 1.7 million payout, so that we can put BYU in there."
That seems highly unlikely.

Puffing up the relationship with ESPN grants a sad, false hope to Cougar fans.
Its not exclusive. ESPN has contracts with other teams too.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Uteanymous

"Call us the first time Utah beats a PAC team with a winning record. It hasn't happened since last century."

This past October Utah beat Stanford, who finished 11-3. Not to be redundant, but that wasn't last century.

Lincoln City, OR

We need to be in a Major Conference, plain and simple... A good AD would be able to make that happen... He'd be able take the Cougars history of athletic and financial success and parlay that into an "invite"... The fact that this hasn't happened makes me think that Mr. Holmoe's network is not as strong as we all thought it was, or he is not as persuasive enough with our own BOT to engineer the needed compromises (shy of Sunday play).

The BOT claim that one of the main "drivers" of BYU's Athletic program is "Exposure" and an "Ability to compete at the highest levels"... Seems to me that that only happens if we gain membership in an Elite Conference"... That would give us the ability to play for Conference Championships, allow our Recruits a chance to play for all-conference recognition, and it would draw the attention of the masses far better than playing OOC games and/or Idaho State in November.

We should be willing to compromise of TV rights, show our athletic financials if requested, and make no demands other than "No Sunday Games"... Bet you Danny Ainge could get it done.

Durham, NC

@Senic view..... the U was bowless but look at their SoS. BYU's was horrible, and when they did face a real team (other than a home field fluke with Texas), the Y was terrible. They even lost to Virginia, which was the worst of the worst of the ACC.

Now I am not being anti-BYU. I went to both the Y and U, and like both schools. But to pretend any BYU fan should be puffing up their chest is funny at best. The Y needs to figure out a way to improve the program. Next years schedule is about as fluffy as they get. For example, playing Savannah second to last game - are you kidding me? Who approved that game?

The U has a much clearer path forward. They just need to execute. The Y - with their schedule on the other hand- even if they do execute, will not be taken seriously playing the teams they have lined up. It would be great for Utah for all three programs to succeed. I see the path forward the most challenging for the Y though. No conference playoff.... no championship slot even slightly possible.

Layton, UT

Good luck to all the teams from Utah next season. BYU will be in a bowl, the fans will greatly support them and everyone will be happy. Go cougars.

Mildred in Fillmore
Salt Lake City, UT

Every time Utah wins it is a fluke.

Casey See

The playoff system is going to shut BYU out. Not because of wins / losses, instead, they won't get into a conference. Here is what I see. There is a growing ground swell to create 4 sixteen team mega conferences. It will be from these conferences that the playoff teams will be decided.

This will create 64 elite football schools and 60+ other previous division 1 football schools.
While most of the time, the national championship team would come typically from one of these schools, this new format will guarentee that it does. For BYU, these leagues will require the potential of a sunday championship game, which BYU will not agree to and they will say, "Great, we really didn't want you, but now we can say we gave you a chance, and you rejected it."

So now we will have three different levels of college football. The new national championship league, the "other formaly BCS schools", and the formerly FCS or Division II schools.

I may be wrong, but I suspect that is what is going to happen next

West of I15, UT

@CWEB..."I must admit, however, how much I am enjoying watching the Utah program flip-flop like a fish out of water. It does the heart good! How many coordinators? A new Quarterback from... uh, Wyoming? A very bright future I see!"

If I were you I would enjoy watching the U to seeing how they completley own your team...LOL


Do a little research before you want to post something like the U hasn't beat a pac12 team with a winning record since last century....A little bit off what you said seeing it happened just a couple months ago....By the way to you and all cougie fans...SCOREBOARD 4 straight 9 of 12 overall domination...Cougies don't even have basketball anymore sad time to be a cougie fan...LOL

Lloyd Christmas
Salt Lake City, UT

What's really comical in all of this is, given Utah's track record 3 years (and about 10 offensive coordinators) running in the PAC 10+2 their fans still are under some delusion that they actually have a chance to be anything in the new playoff system. What, one in a million? So you're saying there is a chance!

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