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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 8 2014 1:00 p.m. MST

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Blackfoot, ID

ChristopherB, your complete lack of understanding everything and anything BYU related as well as your lack of "understanding" in general completely explains your "I can't understand why BYU doesn't join a big boy conference?" comment. Besides, the "big boys" in the PAC 10+2 already have thier favorite conference "boy toys".

Shire, 00

CWEB I don't see Ute fans the same way you do. Well I see 1 but we all know what he is about! The rest of the fans are ok!!!

Utes will be ok!!!

Go Aggies!!!!!

truth serum
Salt Lake City, UT

@DHuber - BYU and the LDS Church have always required the BYU sports programs to be self-sufficient, meaning they don't subsidize sports using church funds. Bowl or no bowl, BYU covers the cost of its sports programs and scholarships using ticket receipts, TV revenue and booster donations, most of which come from the football and basketball programs. Just FYI.

Provo, UT

The plus side to being the the pac12 is that you know exactly what you have to do to get the big time results.

Cool Cat Cosmo
Payson, UT

@ ChrisB: I know, right? The arrogance of BYU...(roll eyes) But see, if BYU were to join the PAC-12, then that would take all the glory away from U guys for being the only team in the state that's part of an elite conference...and BYU just isn't that mean.

So, for now we'll let you guys enjoy the glory for a little bit longer; we're enjoying independence, and it's working out alright for us. We certainly appreciate the invite though, and it's always nice to know that BYU and its fans will always have you as a friend up on the hill; we'll take a rain-check on the invite though...may come in handy later on ;)

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Lets recap byu's power conference teams you play in 2014

Cal(12th of 12 in Pac 12) LOL
Virginia(dead last in ACC and they are better than you, byU is only division 1 team they beat) LOL

South Jordan, UT

What this world does not need is another college bowl game. It really doesn't matter if any of the in state schools go to a bowl.

Cheyenne, WY

@ D Huber
The department of education predicted the profit from BYU athletics in 2012 to be 7.41 million dollars.

Las Vegas, NV

Holmoe - "we're working on something new". Translation = independence has left us out in the cold and we are scrambling for crumbs.

Go Utes!!

Phoenix, AZ

"Cool Cat Cosmo

@ ChrisB: I know, right? The arrogance of BYU...(roll eyes) But see, if BYU were to join the PAC-12, then that would take all the glory away from U guys for being the only team in the state that's part of an elite conference...and BYU just isn't that mean."

All Utah has left now is membership in the PAC-12. It's like bragging about having membership at Costco. Everyone else just rolls their collective eyes.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


"It's like bragging about having membership at Costco".

The only thing worse than that is cheering for a team that wants a Costco membership but whose requests have been denied time and time again.

And yes, there is an implicit request daily from BYU to join a big conference. BYU wants to be in a big conference. And the big conferences know it.

And yet none of us are calling to extend an invite.


layton, ut

Man, I'm really glad that Utah made the jump to the PAC12 at the right time. It stings going 5-7 two years in a row but I like the direction the program is going. Bringing in a 2 time national champion head coach as a coordinator, and now a positions coach shows how far we've come from a lowly WAC/MWC team. Dennis Erickson would never accept a head coach offer from a WAC/MWC conference school, yet he is a positions coach at the U. The athletic department is building PAC12 caliber facilities, and they will pay big dividends in the future. Criticize us all you want, but at the end of the day we are where you wish you could be if you're a fan of another school in the state of Utah. You can have the all the wins in Murfeesboro or Laramie you want, we've move on to bigger and better things. Non PAC12 schools from Utah were 0-4 vs the PAC12 last year, and 0-2 vs the Utes. Good luck with trying to change that in the future.

Boise, ID

Over the years since ASU and UA jumped to the PAC 8 to make it the PAC 10, how many national titles in football have these schools won? I can't think of any, although it may have happened. Utah and Colorado joined the same club. Even with new uniforms for every game, how many has Oregon won? I don't seem to recall any, but it may have happened. When it comes to national titles and the PAC 12, I just don't seem to recall too many in recent memory. The likely candidates have always been and likely always will be USC and UCLA, but mostly USC. Utah proved how close Stanford is to winning a title. Oregon State and the Washington schools aren't close either. BYU with a stellar independent line up has as good a chance as just about any team in the PAC 12. They will all need to have near perfect seasons to get to the final four. The SEC will likely have two spots reserved for them most years.

Layton, UT

So really when you look at it, the BCS hasn't really gone away, it's just been repackaged. If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck..then....well you know the rest. What a crock!

Salt Lake City, UT

Anaheim, CA

Thanks for your detailed, well thought out analysis of Utah's entire season. It's fun to analyze a team's potential as a member of a power conference, isn't it?

Good luck playing the cupcakes in 2014.


@romeisn'tburning so let me get this straight. you're bragging about bringing in a washed up 66 year old coach as a position coach. He was out of coaching for two years and the only reason he is a position coach is beacuse he couldn't cut it as an OC and was demoted. But, nice spin to make a positive.
We'll take the wins in Laramie, they were obviously to hard to come by for your new OC as he was fired by Wyoming for losing.
That sure sounds like you're headed in the right direction. The future will be even more bleak after Whittingham is fired next season. Onward and upward, no downward spiral more like it. Enjoy!

Fresno, CA

Correct me if I am wrong but BYU has the same chances as USU getting into a top tier bowl game. I believe its the highest ranked NON-AQ team. just like the u and USU take care of business and you get in.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT

Chris B

Let's recap Utah's bowl opponents for the last two seasons...


remarkably similar to Utah's bowl opponents from 1965 to 1991.

Obviously, not much has changed since Utah's WAC days.


Why would the PAC 12 be calling BYU, when Utah is already doing such a nifty job of fulfilling its role as cannon fodder for the the big boys of the PAC to pad their conference records?

Enterprise, UT

Utah can't out recruit anybody in the Pac 12 other than Colorado. Good luck Utes. Go get em!

Salt Lake City, Utah

Let's recap BYU's 2014 schedule using the type of spin Utah fans used in 2008

at UConn - former Big East team that Utah fans used to brag about beating - WIN
at Texas - Big 12 runner up - toss up
Virginia - member of the same conference as 2013 NC Florida St - WIN
Houston - a team Utah has never beaten - WIN
Utah State - MWC division winner - WIN
at Central Florida - beat Big 12 champion in the Fiesta Bowl - toss up
Nevada - Colin Kaepernick's former team - WIN
at Boise State - another team Utah has never beaten since they moved to FBS - toss up
at Mid Tenn St - 8-5, good enough to play in a bowl - WIN
UNLV - a 10-loss team that shut out Utah 0-27 - WIN
Savannah St - BYU's answer to Utah's steady stream of Big Sky opponents - WIN
at California - a member of the "conference of champions" - WIN

2014 BYU - 9-3 almost certain; 11-1 or 12-0 very possible

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