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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 8 2014 1:00 p.m. MST

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Palmyra, NY

Taking into account the never-to -be -revealed cost of Bowl games perhaps BYU and it sponsor LDS church are privately rejoicing at the news. And really why shouldn't all the sports at BYU be cancelled? Sports are not central to the mission of education and at a subsidy of about $20,000 in tuition costs per student perhaps the church has spent enough.

Orem, UT

I'm stunned at the arrogance of Utah, who thought they would prance into this major conference and do anything more than it has done. It take many many years to transform a team to fit that demand. And you had better face the reality Utah, you may never win a championship, or even come close. It is a very real possibility.

I must admit, however, how much I am enjoying watching the Utah program flip-flop like a fish out of water. It does the heart good! How many coordinators? A new Quarterback from... uh, Wyoming? A very bright future I see!

Salt Lake, UT

With all the uncertainty(unlikelihood) surrounding byu and the big time bowls, why doesn't BYU just join the Pac 12 or Big 12?

Then they would have much better access to prime time.

I can't understand why BYU doesn't join a big boy conference?

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Conference affiliation or Independence: Regarding bowl possibilities - I like our possibilities better than the alternative. (Granted all the Utes have to do is win with what will again be a top 10 toughest schedule in 2014!)

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

Saying that ESPN has 8 bowls and then not naming them is SO ANNOYING!! What are the eight bowls that have ESPN ties?

Utah State has the best shot next year at a top tier bowl. They finished the best and highest of the three state division one programs despite losing to them. No one in the MWC is over-powered and an auto-loss. Keaton is a known commodity and it wouldn't be surprising to see the team just out of the pre-season rankings in excellent position. I see them getting 10 or more wins.

BYU will bowl somewhere. They also should post a ten win season next year. If they could get the problems fixed in the blue zone they could beat everyone on their schedule, but I am not convinced they can until it actually happens.

Utah will have a whole new offense and QB next year. The SOS goes through the roof. The Utes will be underdogs all but two weeks. Make a bowl, and the Coach deserves coach of the year! I will enjoy seeing what Dres can do though.

Danbury, CT

I'm a realistic BYU fan. The chances of the Cougars having a 'phenomenal regular season' are about nil since that hasn't happened in over 10 years and that was in a weak conference. We've won exactly high level bowl game (Cotton) against highly ranked competition in our entire history. BYU missed a golden opportunity during the BCS era to make its mark and secure some "earned respect" by winning BCS bowls a la Utah, TCU and Boise State. All three schools moved into better conferences.

I guess I'm just tired of hearing about where we might or should go and then not doing anything about it to get there. It would be better not to project and just get 'er done.

Anaheim, CA

"So where would the bowl-bound Utes end up?"

It's a moot point, since the Utes have almost no chance of qualifying for a bowl next season.

Idaho State - win
Fresno State - toss up
at Michigan - LOSS
Oregon State - toss up
at Stanford - LOSS
Arizona - LOSS
Southern Cal - LOSS
at Arizona State - LOSS
Oregon - LOSS
Washington State - toss up
at Colorado - toss up

With seven almost guaranteed losses, the Utes will have to sweep their toss ups and pull off at least one Stanford-like upset win just to get to 6-6.

Orem, UT


BYU's athletic program is entirely self-supporting, in fact, BYU is one of the few schools whose program runs in the black.

Cinci Man

I haven't heard about Coach Anae leaving BYU, so my hopes for a great season with at least 10 wins and selection to a more prestigious of the bowls is very unlikely. The Cougars were embarrassed in their 2013 bowl. I always hope for great things, but my expectations the past 2 seasons have not been exceeded even keeping them very low. Good luck to all the Utah teams. I really hope the Utes can do enough to keep Whittingham around. I still see him as the best coach in the state. Go Utes, Aggies, and Cougars.

Loud Loiterer
Sandy, UT


I'm not sure if you're account is a satire of the infamous "Chris B" (obnoxious Ute-lover), if it is then I totally support you! If that's not the case and your question is legitimate- BYU has to receive an invite from a big conference. Which probably wont happen in the near future. The Big 12 makes the most sense but BYU has ESPN contract money to consider, and conversely, the Big 12 would have to alter it's list of criteria that schools need to meet in order to be eligible to join their conference. As I understand it, the way the criteria is now, BYU is a long way from meeting those expectations.

Greeley, CO

DHuber - where do you folks come from? There are a few of you that post this way from time to time. Athletics are great for health and growth of young people, are enjoyable for fans, and bring in revenue. On top of that, the Church views them as a great missionary tool. How can you think for one moment BYU would consider dropping athletics?

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Here is the reality of the new bowl system. The five major conferences will vie for the four team playoff. The any champion not getting in will fall to second level of what was the bcs bowls and the second place teams will fill out the rest of the second level. So by conference affiliation Utah has a shot at all the higher bowls plus an additional eight/nine contract third level bowls. Next Utah State, they have literally no shot of making it to the playoffs, and little shot of any major bowl game even one or two loss big Five conference teams will be in front of a undefeated MWC team. This year strength of schedule plays a part in the selection process, and the MWC will have too low a SOS to be considered. Thus the MWC has the five lesser bowls.

Salt Lake, UT


Our chance of winning a title in a big time conference is a lot better than byU's!


And in case you forgot, your chance of ever winning is 0%

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Reality continued: Now BYU they have no shot at playoff or level one bowls, little shot at level two bowls and most likely a small shot at level three. BYU has SOS problems even in an undefeated season. They are left at the door begging for scraps and entry to the little kids table (third level) if there is an opening. Enjoy your independence cougars.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

@Dhuber, A guy by the named of Thomas Monson supports BYU having athletic teams. If he didn't, he(as Chairman of the Board of BYU) has the power to do away with them. As in all things, supporting what the President of the Church has decided is usually the way to go.

Cheyenne, WY

It will be interesting if and where Utah teams will go next year.
I think all 3 will be bowling with Utah probably the most unlikely to go bowling with their schedule.
CB can't understand something why is that not a surprise.

Salt Lake City, UT


"And you had better face the reality Utah, you may never win a championship, or even come close. It is a very real possibility."

Why are you so worried about Utah? You're right though, it could take many, many years to reach that pinnacle of success or one magical year not far down the road. No one knows for sure. That's what makes college sports fun.

Now, CWEB, ask yourself this question...how long before byu wins a championship? The answer is it will never happen. Why? Because byu has no championship to play for. Where's the fun in that?

Therefore...I suppose it makes perfect sense why you are so concerned with the Utes.

Howard S.
Taylorsville, UT

Teeples takes the long way around to say that if Utah and Utah State take care of business they have legitimate bowl options... And BYU does not...

BYU fans are waiting for an announcement about a currently uncertified Christmas Bowl for a one year is six appearance? Wow... Talk about slim pickings.

And as for the implication that ESPN will help BYU into a game that it controls or broadcasts... Good luck...

Each of those bowls are contractually tied to a conference (or another independent)... You really think those conference are going to allow their teams that earned a spot under those contracts to be displaced by BYU?

Seems like other than the uncertified 3rd tier Christmas Bowl, the next best option for BYU is filling the spot for which a conference has no eligible team... Maybe...

BYUs future bowl option appear alarmingly grim...

scenic view
Baltimore, MD


Please explain how being in the PAC 12 has improved Utah's bowl stock.

2011 - OT win over a mediocre, 56th-ranked Ga Tech team
2012 - bowl-less
2013 - bowl-less
2014 - likely bowl-less

Cedar Hills, UT

I believe the Dixie Rotary Bowl would be open for BYU. Everyone from Provo could enjoy a nice stay in St George for a weekend ....and maybe BYU could possibly even play a D1 school?? The way BYU fared this year against national teams I doubt bowl games are something Cougar fans need worry too much about for a while anyway. You have to actually start WINNING the games against the Wisconsin's and NoterDame's and Washington's etc... to even be in consideration for a remotely big bowl invite. Losing these games by an average of 10-14 pts shows BYU is not close.

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