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Published: Wednesday, Jan. 8 2014 4:40 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

You are aware the LDS Church is specifically against gay marriage right?

Centerville, UT

The US Supreme Court ordered a stay, which many interpret to mean that a stay should have been ordered by Shelby in the beginning. The marriage licenses should have never been issued and ceremonies should never have been performed. Shelby refused to issue the stay, but obviously he was wrong, as proved by the US Supreme Court.

For those who are complaining that marriages performed between the time that Shelby issued his ruling, and the US Supreme Court order to stay, are simply representing their agenda. Obviously, if licenses and ceremonies were performed erroneously because of a bad decision by Shelby, then it must be reviewed and corrected. This is what the Supreme Court is doing.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Salt Lake, UT
Seriously folks,

You show up to get married in your pajamas and "running errands" clothes and you expect the state to recognize that kind of marriage? Maybe if the gays would take marriage more seriously and get married the right way the State would have some sympathy.

12:52 p.m. Jan. 8, 2014


In 1930, my grandMother and grandFather got married.

She worked at the cannery bottling peaches,
He worked at the local gas station.

They met at the Salt Lake County building during their lunch hour and got married by the Justice of the Peace because it was the only time M-F, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm that they could do it.

She was in a kitchen clothes and peach covered apron,
he was in greasy white over-alls [still have their "wedding" picture.]

FYI --
They were later Religously "Seealed" in the Salt Lake Temple.

BTW - That is how Mormons are doing it to this very day outside of America.
Even in Countries with Gay marriages.

The Church is still true,
Temples are still sacred,
and Families are still in tack.

I don't see what all the hub-bubb is all about here.

Bob K
portland, OR

A very expected development.

On another website, folks were mad at Herbert --- my reply was:

"He would never be elected dogcatcher again if he did the right thing"
"You do not understand that Utah is, effectively, a theocracy."

Of course, no one should be surprised. Utahns and mormons seem happy to risk more dents to their reputation of repressiveness and conformity, as well as lack of understanding any points of view but their own.

The marriages will be valid again, eventually, and Herbert can say he did his best.

I do not think that Jesus preached to create 2nd class citizens, nor to go around telling some people they are sinners, while ignoring the great sins of others.

Big Bubba
Herriman, UT

Good to see that the State of Utah is asserting it own right to define marriage as between a man and woman.

Somewhere in Time, UT

I think this is interesting that the implication by so many that support SSM is that they should have this as right so their feelings won't be hurt. That's so much of what is being implied by all these references to insensitive comments and emotions, etc.

I have news. There is no constitutional right to not get your feelings hurt. I'm not trying to be unkind. But, if you make the decision to live a lifestyle that is unhealthy and unnatural, you are going to get hurt. That is just a fact. The rest of society is not required to make sure that you don't get your feelings hurt. The definition of marriage that has been successful for thousands of years shouldn't have to be changed to make sure that someone doesn't have hurt feelings.

I'm very sympathetic to those who struggle with SSA and yet don't choose to try to make the rest of society change to accommodate them. But, I have a hard time being sympathetic to those who the rest of society has to be upended in order to accommodate their feelings.

Provo, UT

Not to put too fine a point on this -- but our governor is evolving into the Ross Barnett of the marriage equality movement.

Cowboy Dude

Oh, the state should not have done this.

I support traditional marriage and the law. But, if the state does not recognize it's own license, that puts all state contracts in jeopardy.

Utah is going to have a harder time defending itself.

Iowa City, IA


Notices for the confiscation of certain once-legal weapons went out in New York City just a couple of months ago. You should look it up.

Heber City, UT

@Chris A - Prepare to be disappointed. No court has yet held that Utah's position is just, fair or constitutional. In fact, as well documented by Pagan, the overwhelming tide of opinions have gone against Utah's opinion. Your short-term "win for the family" is a process win not on the issue at hand.

The impending over-turn of Utah's arcane law will not end bigotry but it will provide legal refuge to a community that deserves it.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Maybe if the gays would take marriage more seriously and get married the right way the State would have some sympathy."

Any same-sex couples who took more time to plan out a wedding would be blocked from having it now that your side got it's way with the stay. Any sympathy for them?

S. Jordan, UT

Look at all the name calling and bullying the proponents of Same Sex Marriage are engaging in here.

Notice the constant reference to those who are already married (Worked in CA!)

The agenda is so transparent.

The proponents are truly everything some posters have painted them to be!


To the courts I would say...Straighten this out and now!

Salt Lake City, UT

The repeal of marriages already performed is monstrous. The situation is becoming explosive.

John 3:16
West Jordan, UT

Good Job Utah! It is good to stand up for the things you believe in.

Lehi, Ut

Peggy Tomsic said it right "has discounted the lives of thousands of Utah citizens who live, work and raise their families in Utah and pay Utah and federal taxes, like all other Utah citizens." She is so right that is what Judge Shelby did when he invalidated the votes of two thirds of Utah voters by saying that the definition of marriage must be changed.

Maryville, MO

QuercusQate: Edmund Act dealt the same law as the DOMA. They both defined marriage as between one man and one woman. When Justice Kennedy asked under what condition was same-sex marriage disallowed all one had to do was bring up the Edmund Act. Therefore, this Supreme Court has contradicted itself in all that it has done. To right that contradiction they must rule in favor of Utah's State law. Failure to do so destroys the definition of the Edmund Act.

Also, all laws are based on what is good for society. No one has yet to convince me that the laws as enforced in the majority of the states are bad for society. In fact, it shows the stupidity of the left and those who feel liberal actions justify whatever means available.

Our Heavenly Father defined marriage as only between man and woman. The Supreme Court under the Edmund Act defined marriage as only between man and woman. Therefore, the law of the land should state that marriage is defined as only between man and woman.

New York, NY


Yes, I am aware the LDS Church is specifically against gay marriage. I fully understand the law of chastity, believe in it and live by it. I also don't believe I, a sinner, have any place to judge another.

My ancestors were run out of Missouri and Illinois because their beliefs were not considered mainstream. Their leader, a guy named Joseph Smith, declared at that time that a central tenet of our faith is a claim to "the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience," and that we would "allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may."

I don't see any problem with believing and living the law of chastity while also allowing those who disagree with my beliefs the opportunity to have the same protections under the law. Perhaps someday the pendulum will once again swing against us Mormons. Which side of the legal precedent would we want to be on then?

Alex 1
Tucson, AZ

Utah is under absolutely no obligation to throw out its Constitution and sweetly curtsy to the whims of a Federal Judge without an appeal. In Utah, same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. This whole mess with people getting married in the interim is Shelby's problem. Ignore it and let the judicial process work itself out.

What's a few months to wait for those who were "married" in the interim? After all, they've already waited a quarter of a billion years already. It is not like any of them will be conceiving their pseudospouse's baby in the next few months.

So take heart and don't worry out there. Utah will one day be forced to give you your piece of paper against its will. I hope that your legal status, tax considerations, estate planning, powers of attorney, and other legal constructions will one day bring you all the joy you ever dreamt of. Just wait till those babies come--the product of your love.

Provo, UT

Definition of Family is a FAther, Mother and Children. While gay marriage do not support that, therefore it should not be allowed. It has never been allowed by God from the beginning and he never will.

Alex 1
Tucson, AZ


"Monstrous", "Explosive"? Get real.

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