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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 7 2014 6:05 p.m. MST

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John Charity Spring
Back Home in Davis County, UT

This confusion is the inevitable result of an activist judge who attempted to set public policy himself, rather than the Constitutionally authorized brach of government do so. Regardless of the correctness of a decision, a judge who engages in legislating from the bench only manages to create disrespect for the judicial system as a whole, and disdain for the judicially created law specifically. Judge Shelby should have taken a lesson from the Founding Fathers who knew and taught that unless law is created in a legitimate fashion, the law will never obtain the respect of the people.

Provo, UT

The stay changes nothing. It simply says no more. But those who were legally married deserve to remain legally married!

How heartless, cruel, and hateful it would be to take legal action to dissolve these marriages! I would expect better from people who claim to not be hateful. Prove it! Let these couples live in peace!

If their legal marriages are declared null and void, I would hope to see a huge outcry and a class-action suit against the State of Utah and the AG!

Mcallen, TX

Making something legal, doesn't make it right.

Can't legalize murder, lying, or immorality.

Logan, UT

Simply put, the marriages performed before stay will stay legal. Those married same sex couples already have their legal rights and will keep them.

It is shameful that Utah governor and AG attempt to take them away from legally married couples. But such attempt can not pass constitutional scrutiny and is not going to succeed.

Layton, UT

Life is made up of millions of choices. These people made a choice to get married when nothing was completely settled. This was their choice and their choice only, there were even quotes by some of the couples who ran to the alter because they didn't know how long it would be until the stay was in place. There are consequences to that choice. They need to deal with it and not blame others.

Provo, UT

This was the intended outcome from the beginning: Judge Shelby forced open the floodgates in hopes that a huge surge of people would rush to take advantage and then be able to cry crocodile tears about the evil hateful people who want to take away their new "rights."

If they lose their rights, I say, they deserve it. Blatant attempts to game the system. Everyone KNEW the Supreme's would be the final word; to cry foul when it's totally possible that this ruling is reversed is stupid.

Just remember, O ye SSM advocates: The Supremes, after the 14th Amendment was ratified, had absolutely no problem at all with thousands of prior legally married people in Utah not only losing their marriages but being put in jail and having their property seized. Be grateful that the worst that is likely going to happen to you is you have to move to California to get "married." I have no sympathy at all for those who are attempting to game the system.

Logan, UT

@John Charity Spring

Like those Supreme Court justices who struck down a federal law--DOMA; struck down a Colorado referendum--amendment 2, Judge Shelby is just doing his job.

Please keep in mind that independent judiciary is a key part of check and balance, which is established by our founding fathers.

Salt Lake City, UT

Let both sides of this issue consider the needs, concerns and rights of both the gay community as well as the straight community. We need to see if there is some common ground where the needs of the gay community can be met - perhaps through legal civil unions that recognize differences with marriage between a man and a woman? This debate has become so emotional that perhaps all of us lose some objectivity at times - sorry for the times I may have done that! I believe the citizens of the State of Utah can find some solutions that address the needs of both sides of the debate. If Amendment 3 doesn't allow for some options like "civil unions" then lets revisit it. If we don't find a "win-win" solution, I believe it will only make matters worse for everyone in the long run.

Eugene, OR


Yes, because murder, lying, and immorality are exactly the same things as two consenting adults making a commitment to spend their lives together. Four peas in a pod.

You see, this is why your side is losing: people are seeing arguments that are nothing paranoia and personal biases and fewer of them are buying your story. If you have a reason to outlaw gay marriage besides "because God says homosexuality is gross", let's hear it. You've certainly had plenty of chances to give us one...

Bob K
portland, OR

Mcallen, TX
"Making something legal, doesn't make it right.
Can't legalize murder, lying, or immorality."

---Utah has a dozen strip/topless/gentleman clubs. Liquor is legal, adultery is not a crime, nor is divorce, lying is pretty common etc

---Married love acts between Gay people seem a lot more moral to most Americans.

---I would say "Can't legalize or unlegalize them in the USA if they are simply about religious choice, contrary to freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution"

Salt Lake City, UT

It's a misdemeanor to solemnize a same-sex wedding? So... you all say you're fine with gay people having rights, but you ban civil unions in Amendment 3 and you make it illegal for churches to do their own thing symbolically. Wow, so much for even the freedom of religion stuff being said.

St.George, Utah

Hey, Utah don't stop here...
Perhaps you wish to backtrack on laws that have been around for a LONG time?
Yes, numerous legislators and others of influence have made it very clear how they want this state to be represented.
These Natives, who had ancestors who came here first, have made it very clear the State of Utah was meant to be a moral sanctuary, very, very different from the other states. They hope that laws that came from the time of Adam and Eve, other ancient biblical times, and other religious texts will coincide with 2014 society and government.
Those who do not fit into their extensive plan, have always been requested to leave this state.
This appears to be the Utah so many continue hope comes to pass.

Salt Lake City, UT

"concerns and rights of both the gay community as well as the straight community."

Straight community? As a straight person I'm not affected in any way by same-sex couples getting married too.

"perhaps through legal civil unions that recognize differences with marriage between a man and a woman?"

You banned them in Amendment 3. Plus you are advocating a "separate but equal" status that would never be agreed to. You know why?

You still oppose gay adoption.
You still oppose acknowledging same-sex couples exist in schools.
You still oppose cake makers having to treat all customers the same.
The state still opposes job and housing anti-discrimination laws based on sexual orientation.

You don't even support separate but equal because I am sure the civil unions you propose are not even equal. 2nd class citizen status is not an acceptable "compromise".

Billy Bob
Salt Lake City, UT

The stay should have been granted automatically by Judge Shelby. He wasn't oblivious to this fact, and allowed the confusion to happen. It is his fault. The blame for any sadness or heartache that may end up occurring if these marriages are invalidated lays squarely on his ultra liberal activist shoulders. Basically, he made the wrong decision and then made it worse by not granting the stay when the issue obviously wasn't resolved and was clearly going to go higher in the judicial process. He is a horrible judge, regardless of how you stand on the issue.

Wasatch Front, UT

The word "marriage" should be reserved for one man, one woman. We should not discriminate in taxes, medical visitation, or in any other way against those who deserve equal protection under the Constitution. But don't thieve the term "marriage" from our culture. It deserves to stay, as marriage is the fundamental building block of the human race, and of societies worldwide. Where marriage is not the norm, these cultures struggle to progress. Marriage between one man and one woman is biologically logical, and socially most common. Call same-sex unions something else. Domestic Partnership, Domestic Union, Same-Sex Union, anything. But keep "marriage" as a meaningful, relevant, important word. It is what is ideal for most human beings.

Los Angeles, CA

What is all the fuss about? Here in California where we believe in equal rights for all Americans 100000s of gay couples got married last year and nothing much has changed the sun is still shining ,matter of fact today it was 72.
We had rough time to get this far , the Mormon Church put up millions to defeat us but in the end freedom always wins and the same is ahead for the lgbt community in Utah ,the Supremes know which way the wind is blowing. Congratulations to all you married couples.

American Fork, UT

It appears the only problem is that, for 17 days some sort of equality existed here, and people who have known for too long how this state operates seized the opportunity. Now, we're left with the legacy. The problematic part is that there is no problem. Nearly a thousand couples who were almost all living together anyway got married. But crime hasn't increased. Straight marriages remain unaffected, as do children everywhere. The rivers haven't risen, and the cold weather went mostly east. The sun comes up. No underage brides were coerced, and no one married their horse or microwave oven. In an argument where we're going to have to prove the real harm of same sex marriage, there isn't any, and it gets demonstrated more every day.

Sandy, UT

It wasn't long ago that acceptance of glbt behavior became widespread. Prior to a few decades ago, it was considered - by all but a few - to be unnatural and unhealthy. Almost all religions rejected it as a sin. IMHO, the growth of its support is due to A) more people participating in homosexual behavior, B) political correctness keeping the moral majority in check, and C) aggressiveness of some homosexual activists who likely won't be happy till religion is no more. Any religion that doesn't espouse their agenda must go.

I believe there MAY be a biological propensity to homosexuality, but that does not mean its uncontrollable nor good for the person/society. There are research studies about various biological propensities that are not good (i.e. alcoholism). That doesn't mean we celebrate those propensities and give susceptible individuals special rights. But I DO take off my hat to those who resist these propensities.

I believe God loves all His children, regardless of what they do. But our actions DO bring consequences. We all sin. It is only through the atonement of Christ that we can be forgiven, become like Him, and find happiness.

West Point, ny

God made Adam and Eve.

NOT Adam and Steve.

End of Story.

A Quaker
Brooklyn, NY

Not too many top professionals are jumping to be closely associated with a losing cause? You might be able to get a second-tier firm looking to make a name for themselves, if you pay them enough.

The Supreme Court stay of Shelby's injunction against the State of Utah only lasts until the Tenth Circuit finishes with it. If the Circuit confirms the order, there's still no guarantee that the Supreme Court will grant cert.

By the way, that law you have that makes it a misdemeanor for a religious cleric to solemnize a same sex marriage? That's unconstitutional, too. I wonder if there's a minister in Utah brave enough to conduct such a ceremony on the steps of the AG's office building?

Some of us equality-minded Christian denominations were solemnizing same-sex marriage commitments a decade before our state legally started recognizing them.

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