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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 7 2014 4:55 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

2013 isn't an election year.

Salt Lake City, UT

Though I wonder how ratings works. For instance I watch Rachel Maddow's show all the time but never on TV, I watch it when convenient for me through their online site. Is watching a show of Hannity's from say... Monday even an option on Fox News's website? (Of course one could still just DVR it and do it that way).

Poplar Grove, UT

My thought would be two things. First is 2013 is about as boring as it gets election wise, the second is that the conservative audience(older people) is the only one who still gets their media through a traditional source like cable. Most younger people, and the number say younger people are much more likely to be liberal than conservative, don't pay for cable, and get their news online. A liberal is much more likely to get their news from Huffington Post or Mother Jones than MSNBC.

John Charity Spring
Back Home in Davis County, UT

The answer should be obvious. The basic intelligence level of the general public continues to plummet. The great masses would rather watch the Bachelor and Jersey Shore than educate themselves by watching the news. Indeed, the masses have become so addicted to the sleaze fest of so-called reality television (which is anything but reality) that they know longer have the desire or the ability to inform themselves about current events of any importance. Hopefully the slumbering masses will awaken and realize what is happening before it is too late!

Idaho Falls, ID

Objectivity is losing ground on all the cable networks , but nowhere has honest, unbiased journalism taken more of a hit than on MSNBC. Those guys have absolutely no conscience. That is why their ratings are comparatively in the tank.

Ralph West Jordan
Taylorsville, UT

Re: idablu

" MSNBC. Those guys have absolutely no conscience. That is why their ratings are comparatively in the tank."

The conscience factor between MSNBC and Faux is a dead heat! If you doubt that it is time to step away from the cool aid! Go back and read "NoodleKaboodles" post, he hits the ratings differential on the head!

Puyallup, WA

John Charity Spring, Sadly I think you are right. Few "have the desire ... to inform themselves about current events..." I wish you were wrong, but you are right on. The ignorance is stunning. *sad*

Salt Lake City, UT

The picture says it all, doesn't it? Who wants to hang out with grumpy old men and an even grumpier young woman?

But I agree with Raplh West Jordan -- Fox is just as ridiculous. The only honest news program to watch anymore is the NewsHour on PBS, and everyone on there is getting old, but more cheerfully. When Jim Lehrer and cohorts are gone. There will be no one.

Brigham City, UT

Political pundits live off of politics, and they love government. Cynicism does not grow and attract. Go for hike, go dancing, turn off TV. Cynicism and MSNBC do not attract the common man, MSNBC thinks they are so smart, yet complaining about things all day long is not smart. That is why Christianity is at 2 billion people, people want to have hope. Used to big a huge Chris Matthews fan until he began worshiping universities and being popular and put his politics and ratings over his faith.

Durham, NC

Talk about selective reporting... this has to be one of the worst cases of spin I have scene in a while. Using the provided links (much appreciated), you read the actual report has this to say about FoxNews.

"Compared to 2012, Fox News was down -5% in total viewers and -19% in the A25-54 demographic in total day. In primetime, the network was down -14% in total viewers and -30% in the demo, the steepest decline among younger viewers of all the cable news networks."

There was quit a bit more...

Just maybe, and I am hopeful, that people are figuring these guys out (and MSNBC too) that these are not news outlets, but more infotainment. If you want to be entertained, watch "Big Bang Theory".... it leaves you less irritable. Lets face it, unless you are over 55, white, scared and angry, Fox doesn't have much for you.

I am surprised DN cherry picked data points so heavily to support their brother in arms - FoxNews.

Glendale, AZ

Credibility: down
Integrity: down
Professionalism: down

What, exactly, IS there to watch?

Clearfield, UT

Easy answer: There is not 24 hours worth of news to show. Thus 24 hours of "opinion" and "news speculation" on all of these channels are just worthless. It's like a 24 hours sports channel. When we have a game on once a week or every few days, the channel is ok. But the rest of the time it's completely worthless. Also modern viewers want content not over-priced, out-dated delivery systems (i.e. 100's of channels we never watch). Internet streaming (and paying for what you want to watch) is where the market will force things. Clone cable channels forcibly bundled together are living on borrowed time.

Pleasant Grove, UT

People are turning away from cable news because it fails to deliver news. Propaganda gets old after a while.

Somewhere in Time, UT

A recent study concluded that Fox had 55% opinion-based content while MSNBC had 85% opinion-based content. That's why MSNBC is a flop. I used to watch MSNBC all the time before it took a hard turn to the left and became so mean, nasty and dishonest. I also used to have respect for Chris Matthews. It was made clear in the article that ALL cable news networks were down from 2012 because that was an election year which increased viewership. If MSNBC would become an actual news network instead of an outlet for the Obama Administration, they might have some credibility.

Centerville, UT

It's been my experience that CNN will either not print articles that shed poor light on the liberal agenda or hide them deep and far from highlighted headlines. If I really want to know what's happening I'm forced to turn to Fox. I may not be the only one who seems to be having this experience inasmuch as, the last I saw the stats, Fox is blowing the other big cable networks away.

high school fan
Huntington, UT

The problem is not Fox or CNN or the networks or even MSNBC, the problem is the fact that people get news from nowhere. Newspapers are dying, reporters are going to a different line of work and the general population doesn't care.
People need to listen and read a variety of sources, even opinion radio and TV, and then form opinions for themselves. Right now most people know nothing. That is unfortunate.

Charlotte, NC

It isn't like the networks are unbiased either. MSNBC may be to the extreme but NBC and others are all biased to the left. As such they are competing against each other. The problem with Fox is that you have to pay a premium to get it. If they were more accessible, I doubt they would have experienced the drop in viewers as they pretty much have a monopoly on conservative programs.

Puyallup, WA

I try to watch a bit of news from a few networks, a bit of local, a bit of network, a bit of cable so I get a few perspectives. I watch less network news because they report too much "celebrity news." Who cares about empty headed narcissists and please don't put a microphone near the voice of ignorant sports stars. Both groups make Americans look stupid. I watch less cable because I get tired of the loud voices talking over each other. Not only is it rude, it makes it hard to hear what they are trying to say. I've added BBC news and usually watch most of it. They calmly, politely report news from around the world which US news almost ignores. I don't like the drama and sensationalism in network and cable news. I just want a bit of truth without the adrenalin! After reading Sandy's comment I will try PBS but look up "cohort" please. The 's' is redundant. Cohort is already plural.

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

I's simple. More Americans want Fox to explain how the elites are moving the country to the left than to have MSNBC work hard to blame Bush for everything.

Glendora, CA

People, like myself, as well as many others I meet with, deplore the hyper partisan reporting. I surely miss the old school news, with the likes of Walter Cronkite, Chet Huntley, David Brinkley, etc. Please, bring it back. We need the real "fair and balanced" news.

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