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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 7 2014 3:40 p.m. MST

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Herriman, UT

I don't understand why BYU would keep railing on Utah getting new offensive coordinators. We have had a new offensive coordinator and a new quarterback every year, and BYU still can't outscore them.

Marked it Down
Park City, UT


"I don't understand why BYU would keep railing on Utah getting new offensive coordinators."

Does 4-5, 3-6, 2-7 help your understanding?


Scary thought for Utah fans to contemplate for the 2016 BYU game:

Jameis Winston was the co-MVP of the Elite 11 QB Camp in 2011.

Winston's co-MVP was Tanner Mangum, who will be BYU's starting QB in 2016.

Murray, UT


"Anyone who compares the two have obviously never played football or been to war."

First, let me sincerely thank you for your service to our country. Second, I played several years of organized football and I also served in both the Air Force and the Army. I am now retired with full military benefits. My comment was not meant to demean or draw an exact comparison to war and football. But I do know from my own experience that the methods and management styles used by both football coaches and military commanders are very similar. For instance, football teams often take on the personality of the head football coach just as military units take on the personalities of their commanders. That is why in the war college courses that I attended throughout my career management styles of military commanders and football coaches were studied side by side.

Protecting This House
Salt Lake City, UT

@scenic view:

Correction. Although indignant Y fans insist that The Rivalry Game is the Utes' bowl game, it is actually YbU's "Super Bowl" as stated by the best linebacker to ever don Cougie blue. (Who coincidentally, never actually won said "Super Bowl.") Of course he'll enjoy NFL glory and his millions, as he deservedly should, but deep down inside, losing the rivalry "Super Bowl" four consecutive tries will eat at him for the rest of his days.

Layton, Utah

Should we be marking something down with this hire?

Park City, UT

Protecting This House

KVN is a great player, but he was speaking for himself when he said that the rivalry game was his super bowl.

On the other hand, it's blatantly obvious from the posts of the vast majority of Utah fans on this blog that the Utes would rather beat BYU, than go to a bowl.

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