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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 7 2014 3:40 p.m. MST

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Horrible Stumper
Hyrum, UT

@CougarFaninTX: A record of 4-8, wow you are way more positive than I am about the Utes record next year. Idaho State is a gimme of course. But I see Fresno State, Colorado, and Washington State as toss-ups. The rest of the PAC 10+2 games are sure losses as well as the Michigan game. At best I am thinking 2-10. Next year may be Colorado's year against the Utes, so a 1-11 is not a stretch for them. The Ute coaching staff better go fast and hard, or they will be looking for jobs in December.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

No mention about how thrilled Brian Johnson must be. OC, to Co-OC, to QB coach, to ???? Will he be waterboy for Whitt's defense at Washington State after this year?

It wasn't long ago that some of my fellow Ute fans were proudly declaring that Erickson would replace Whittingham on the program's way to annual National Championships. Oops, we missed on that prediction too.

Welcome to Utah Coach Christensen, and the prestigious PAC-12 - the conference that gets every team in the league with an actual pulse a bowl game. I know Whit hits rewind and replay on the "it's tough to play in our league week after week" comment but 9 teams still managed to qualify for bowl games this year, in spite of the "grind".

I love the prospects of a new football season in East Salt Lake. It makes all of us Ute fans proud to once again be eligible to go to the Rose Bowl (if only in our own minds and if only until reality again sets in, as it annually does)

I wonder who will replace Christensen at OC after next season.

Murray, UT

Many have questioned KW's management style and have been very critical of his many changes at the OC position. Here is a quote from the wikipedia write up of General George Patton: "As a leader, Patton was known to be highly critical, correcting subordinates mercilessly for the slightest infractions, but also being quick to praise their accomplishments.[77] While he garnered a reputation as a general who was both impatient and impulsive and had little tolerance for officers who had failed to succeed, he fired only one general during World War II, Orlando Ward, and only after two warnings, whereas Bradley sacked numerous generals during the war." Seems as though KW has many of the Patton traits, like not always firing people but demanding performance and thus finding others to fill new roles and reassigning others to another position. I hope this works for KW.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

Wow, Whit is now George Patton? So I guess we'll see the statue of him out in front of the foaming ice font building soon? Cool!

Now if only Dr. Hill would take the same responsibility and "reassign" failed personnel.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

How can the pac10.2 power utes be looking at the lowly MWC for leadership AND talent?

What happened to the mighty pac10.2 recruiting prowess?

MWC coach and a MWC qb... both from Wyoming?

chris/chrisb/christopher must be turning over in their red cool aid!


Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Next man up in 2015 - Lane Kiffin.

Ogden, UT

@Stringer Bell

THANK YOU!! 'Nuff said.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

Being an offensive coordinator for Coach Kyle is somewhat like being an Admiral for Darth Vader. You get one shot at fixing everything. It will be a major cause of celebration if Christensen i still the OC this time next year.

Layton, UT

"What happened to the mighty pac10.2 recruiting prowess?"

They take the good talent from the MWC. ie:Chris Peterson, Matt Wells could be next.

Southern, UT

Some assistant coaches who have prospered as OC's struggle when elevated to the position of head coach. Not sure of the reason. Maybe they just fit better in a less stressful environment.
Gary Crowton comes to mind. Hired as BYU's head coach in 2001 because of his great offensive work with QB's, he was let go in 2004 after three consecutive losing seasons. Yet in 2008 he won a national championship with LSU as their OC.
You never know what piece of the puzzle is going to fit just right.

Good luck to the Utes and their new hire in Christensen

Protecting This House
Salt Lake City, UT

A lot of yappin' from the folks down south. Focus on beating the Utes in 2016, priority numero uno!

Salt Lake City, UT

Remember when
St George, UT

"My Perspective. The poll referenced is a 2014 Preseason prediction. It has nothing to do with the season just ended."

Thanks for the clarification. I wondered where in the world Duckhunter got his information and now I'm wondering if he presented it to intentionally mislead. In typical Duckhunter fashion, could he have made it any less clear? Pre-season 2014 ranking by USA Today?? Now that's a ranking we can all take to the bank! Good grief.

Actually, 25 might just work out for the cougs in USA Today as long as no one looks at the schedule Holmoe has lined up. The cougs could finish 11-1. However, I have to think that when the cougar faithful start looking, in earnest, at the 2014 schedule especially the home games it will be 2011 and 2012 all over again. It will be fun to watch.

Frisco, TX

@Stringer Bell - "Again for all of you slow readers, this man was hired as the Offensive Coordinator because of his recent and relevant experience that was nationally recognized in that position. Not because he was the former head coach for three years at Wyoming."

Are you talking about Christensen or Erickson? U could make the exact same statement with either of them. U thought Erickson would be your savior last year, just like Brian and Chow before that. Now U think Christsen is the guy who will bring U glory.

One year was not enough to prove whether Erickson could energize the offense. He should have been give a few years, just like his predecessors should have been give more time.

Murray, UT

Christine B. Hedgehog,

No one is suggesting that KW is General Patton. Especially me. I have been a critic of KW on other issues. My comment was meant to point out that other bonafided leaders like Patton have handled staff changes and subordinates in much the same way as KW is doing at Utah. Demanding performance by subordinates and then replacing them with someone else when that performance is not achieved but at the same time keeping them on staff is employed by many successful leaders like Patton. It remains to be seen if this will work for KW. I am one who hopes that it does.

As for Chris Hill, I am sure he has given subtle warnings if not direct warnings to KW about his employment status in much the same way Patton did to the one General that Patton did remove.

Baltimore, MD

Stringer Bell

You're conveniently ignoring the fact that Christensen was competing against teams with like talent.

Wasn't Erickson also "nationally recognized" as an offensive guru?

scenic view
Baltimore, MD

"Focus on beating the Utes in 2016, priority numero uno!"

BYU fans have much more important things to focus between now and Utah's next bowl game.

Murray, UT


As General Patton demonstrated in WW II a leader does not have years to determine if staff changes need to be made. In issues of war, like football, staff changes need to be made immediately, but again like Patton, a leader does not necessarily need to fire people to put effective people in the right positions.

Phoenix, AZ

Yeah, I warned you guys about Erickson. You didn't listen. Utah keep hiring people who are has-beens or never-was. How come Utah can't pull someone from the Big 12 or those other conferences? Because no one wants to freeze!

Phoenix, AZ

"In issues of war, like football"

I'm borderline offended by anyone's analogy of football compared to war. Anyone who compares the two have obviously never played football or been to war. Having done both, nothing is similar, not personnel changes, not reassignments, nothing.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Cougfan in tx and Rockwell

I'll write slowly. The article was about Christensen not DE . DE was a head coach with a good offensive mind when he had his success not offensive coordinator. He's good, Christensen's better. Also, DE's success is no where near as recent as Christensen's.

And I haven't conveniently ignored anything. I don't care what Christen's record was as a head coach and whether his opponents were were of the same talent or not. He's being hired - as- the - Offensive - Coordinator.

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