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Published: Tuesday, Jan. 7 2014 3:40 p.m. MST

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Wow, makes me think I have a shot at being the Ute's NEXT offensive coordinator!

West Jordan, Utah

Did you hear? The USA Today top 25 is out. It's very credible. All ranking systems are. Speaking of popularity contests, did anyone see who wore the dress at the Oscars better? Ginger or Maryanne?

BYU is ranked because of more wins against bad competition, have ESPN, and a fan following that makes the bling shine.

Utah has the worse record because they play the harder schedule. I could care less about the Mickey Mouse Bowl. I choose the PAC 12 conference, it's schedule, and the hope of a special season. Either way, I will support my Utes.

Record aside. Utah beat BYU head to head AGAIN. Utah's best win was over Stanford. BYU had the Texas win. The Stanford win trumps the Texas win. As for overall record? Give Utah a schedule with Virginia, Middle Tennessee State, GT, Houston, Idaho State, Nevada, and even the once proud downward spiral Boise State program. Utah goes bowling every time with that schedule.

The schedules are not comparable. Head to head is not everything, but it's a legit something. Going bowling is not an indicator. Many teams with many schedules make some bowl. Sagarin ratings and others are a laugh.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Duckhunter

It only matters where you finish. Speaking of which, in Sagarin's final rankings for this past season:

34- Utah
35- BYU
41- Utah St.


Orange County, CA

Next year's story will start with the following (only needing to change the names and replace a couple of seven's to eight's:

It has become an annual tradition for the University of Utah to name a new offensive coordinator for the football team.

On Tuesday morning, the Utes introduced Ken Niumatalolo, former Navy head coach, as the eighth offensive coordinator in the past eight years at a press conference at the Eccles Football Center.

Niumatalolo said he was excited for the opportunity to coach with Kalani Sitake and added, “I’m thrilled to be here in Salt Lake and coach in a conference where offenses are explosive.’’

In a related story, Washington State announced today the hiring of new defensive coordinator, Kyle Whittingham, formerly the head coach at Utah and a close friend of Coach Mike Leach. Coach Leach stated that Coach Whittingham was a brilliant defensive coordinator before his struggles managing Utah's offensive coaching staff, a revolving door during Whittingham's tenure at Utah.

Farmington, UT

gdog you should have been in the room when I asked some older Wyoming fans about the U's new OC and they almost busted a gut laughing. "Good luck with that!! Bwa-HA-HA-HA." (That's an exact quote.)

If you miss going to a bowl yet again next year, remember your little post on this article and smile through the tears.

While Texas might not have been a true #15, Stanford was not a true #5, losing three games which a true #5 team will not do, especially when one of them is to the 5th place team in a division of 6 teams (10th overall of 12 conference teams). And while your spouting about the tremendous differences in strength of schedules, by just how many points was your fluke win over Stanford, who barely lost on the last play, as opposed to what BYU did to Texas?

Omaha, NE

What makes them think this is a better hire than ASU's Erickson or Chow? Both were known for their high-scoring offenses. If you keep firing a coach and not letting him learn the system and the players, you'll never have consistency.

Now a coach is hired who took OT to beat Hawai'i and could only score 7 points against a poor Boise defense and 10 against a poor Fresno defense. Ended up in fourth place in his division? He got waxed by every top 25 team save maybe one. Trying to be objective, but I don't know how this hire is any better than Erickson.

Frisco, TX

I'm already wondering who the new OC will be in 2015?

At this point, nobody knows what kind of impact Christensen will have on the offense, and whether he will be looked upon as a good hire or bad hire. But one thing is for sure, replacing Erickson with Christensen shows the pressure Whit has on him to win, which is not likely in 2014. This could be a one and done for Christensen if Whit is shown the door after 2014.

I have no problem conceding the Utes strength of schedule, but what is clear is that Utah is not ready to play a PAC12 type schedule. 2014 looks like another tough schedule with another losing record. I'm predicting 4 - 8.

But please don't take shots at the Cougs schedule in 2013. Our schedule was about the middle of all the "BCS" teams. I'll take a schedule like that any year.

P.S. Has anyone heard if Langi or Hansen will come back to the Utes after their missions? I've heard both are looking at other programs.

Richmond, VA

It's obvious Coach W knows something about this new OC hire that many don't. Perhaps this is the final piece to the puzzle that they need and I hope it is for his own sake. Not sure his job will be safe after another year of mediocrity and couch bowling. There's no question that the Pac 12 is a premier conference and the competition is getting even stronger and tougher. This new guy has his work cut out for sure. My concern is, how truly do we know that Coach Erickson is 100% ok with his demotion? I mean it's got to be demoralizing to him as a coach of his stature and experience with a NC on his resume. If his pay is being reduced, then I don't see how he can be 100% happy about his new role. I'm just saying!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

I hope this one works out. The revolving door at OC has to end.

As far as Utah-BYU goes; Utah beat beat BYU on the field (20-13) and in the Sagarin Rankings (#34 vs #35), and played a tougher schedule (#3 vs #38). Poor Coug fans lost in the poll that they always reference, year after year. They can't win on the field so they use this ranking as the end all, be all. It must be tough knowing your rival was better than you, even when they have a horrible season by there standards. Utah wins the battle and the war.....Ouch!

Richmond, VA

West Jordan, Utah

"Record aside. Utah beat BYU head to head AGAIN. Utah's best win was over Stanford. BYU had the Texas win. The Stanford win trumps the Texas win."

Why must you insist on belittling BYU's win over Texas as oppose to Utah's win over Stanford? Quite honestly, I think both of those wins were great for your program. Consider this and then tell me if this isn't something that Ute fans shouldn't appreciate and be proud of...

Utah beat BYU, which annihilated Texas, who destroyed Oklahoma, which humiliated Alabama in their final BCS bowl. I think that's something to at least feel good about, don't you think?

North Guy
Corinne, UT

Both Utah & BYU are involved in transition periods within their respective programs, putting all the money aside that comes with the "prestige" of being in a "power" conference and a better schedule with more "exposure" I wonder if both programs long for the day's of the Mountain West Conference.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

It is not widely known, but before the advent of the ancient Mayan calendar, people use to keep track of the years by the annual "ute new oc announcement"

Is doing the same thing over and over but expecting something different the norm at utah now?


Layton, UT

North Guy,
There's not a Ute or cougar fan on the planet that longs for the days of the MWC.

Check the final Sagarins for football, I think next year will end up much the same as will this year for basketball.

This hire better show promise right away next season, if not Kyle and the majority of the offensive staff might get their walking papers before the season is over. Matt Wells, stay close to your phone.

St George, UT

I can't say I believe that Erickson is OK with this. He has a stellar resume, including a national championship and professional head coaching experience. I'd be surprised if he sticks around just to take a back seat to Christensen. He'll jump if the right opportunity comes along.

Salt Lake City, UT

Some people can't put 2013 in the rear view mirror fast enough...

"USA Today's 2014 top 25 is out, BYU at 25"

The Circle of Hype begins.

Salt Lake City, UT

Did anyone actually look at the final ranking in USA Today or are just teeing off on Duckhunter's comment? Here's the ranking..

1 Florida State
2 Auburn
3 Michigan State
4 South Carolina
5 Missouri
6 Oklahoma
7 Clemson
8 Alabama
9 Oregon
10 Stanford
10 Ohio State
12 Central Florida
13 Baylor
14 LSU
15 Louisville
17 Oklahoma State
18 Texas A&M
19 USC
20 Arizona State
21 Wisconsin
22 Duke
23 Vanderbilt
24 Notre Dame
25 Nebraska

Others Receiving Votes
Washington 67; Fresno State 54; Northern Illinois 21; Marshall 17; Texas Tech 13; Kansas State 11; Mississippi 7; Texas 4; Miami (Fla.) 4; East Carolina 3; Cincinnati 3; Arizona 2; North Texas 2; Utah State 2; Navy 1; Louisiana-Lafayette 1.

The only thing factually correct about Duckhunter's comment is that Utah State received votes. Note that Texas received only 4 votes. byu is nowhere in this poll which is exactly what is expected given their mediocre performance with a soft schedule.

Anaheim, CA

Sorry to burst your crimson bubble christy, but

Wyoming's 52nd in points per game team LOST to Nebraska, Texas State, Colorado State, San Jose State, Fresno State, Boise State, and Utah State, to finish 5-7.

Versus the Broncos and Aggies, the Cowboys were held to 7 points.

BSU 48 Wyo 7
USU 35 Wyo 7

By comparison, BYU's go fast, go hard offense scored over 30 points versus the Broncos and Aggies.

BYU 37 BSU 20
BYU 31 USU 14

Christensen was obviously picked to carry on thate glorious 5-7, bowl-less season tradition that BJ and DE have established.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Re: Horrible Stumper " Replace a coach who has won a national championship with a man who has won....nothing."

First- he was hired to be the Offensive Coordinator, not the head coach.

Second- he was recently awarded the National Offensive Coordinator of the Year when he was at Missouri, a team now in a big time conference (SEC) something your team know's nothing about or probably ever will.

As good as DE is, this guy is better and his offensive experience much more up to date and relevant. You should be more "stumped" over your team's decision to go independent and disappear from the national scene.

Remember when
St George, UT

My Perspective. The poll referenced is a 2014 Preseason prediction. It has nothing to do with the season just ended.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Re: Troy Town

So what? Let Bronco go to Wyoming and attempt to recruit there and see what his outcomes are. Again for all of you slow readers, this man was hired as the Offensive Coordinator because of his recent and relevant experience that was nationally recognized in that position. Not because he was the former head coach for three years at Wyoming.

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