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Published: Monday, Jan. 6 2014 11:30 a.m. MST

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salt lake city, utah


I'm sorry, I mistook you for a Ute fan.

Silly me, it is obvious you are a PAC12 fan. Me too.

So, why again are you commenting on a USU article?

Oh, that's right, because USU is relevant.

Horrible Stumper
Hyrum, UT

The Aggies season was awesome. The problem that some people have a hard time understanding is that the Aggies started well, hit a few problems with injuries, and then improved as the season went on. Would have we been better with Chuckie and the other 4 injured offensive starters, we certainly would have. But did the Ags do the best we could we what we had. We sure did. Coach Wells and the other coaches deserve a lot of the credit for the team actually improving through the season. But also give a hand to the players who hung in there, believed in the coaches, and were able to beat a very good Northern Illinois team in a bowl. The same NIU team that beat every BIG 10 team they played. Who cares what the teams down south did, or what their fans think. The Aggies performed they very best they could with what they had. Awesome job Aggies, you made this Aggie very proud.

scottsdale, AZ

What amazes me about Chris B is he is always the first to post on a USU story!

John S. Harvey
Sandy, UT

Very sad to read the negative comments at the end of such a great season.

My opinion is:
1. Utah accepted an invitation to the PAC12 in order to get a lot of money. The PAC12 needed 12 teams and invited Utah only because their first two choices said no. The deal is simple - the conference gives Utah a share of the revenue and Utah gives most of the conference members a guaranteed win each year. If that floats your boat go for it. (Apparently it does *float* Utah's boat.)

2. Utah State joined a new conference (admittedly under desperate circumstances *and* because Utah and BYU left) and proceeded win their Division and almost win the Conference. The chances are very good USU will win it next year.

3. Is the caliber of competition a bit better in the PAC12? Absolutely. Is Utah ever going to win the PAC12? Not in my lifetime.

4. Out of 252 college teams Sagarin rates Utah, BYU, and USU within 6 places of each other 35, 36, and 41 respectively. The ratings are: 78.49, 77.87, and 76.15 respectively.

5. USU seems to be moving up, BYU is stagnating, and UofU is falling. It will be interesting to where the three teams end up next year.

Logan, UT

And sports illustrated just ranked USU 25th in the nation.

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