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Published: Monday, Jan. 6 2014 11:30 a.m. MST

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Christopher B
Ogden, UT

Although Aggie fans can be happy their team worked hard after losing Chuckie, I just don't see much worth celebrating. 0-2 against the only big boy Utah and USC programs you faced. 0-2 against your big brother rivals Utah and BYU.

And second place in a league that isn't much to brag about in the first place? Please tell me you guys aren't bragging about being second place in a second(or third) tier conference.

Gone are the days I hope where Aggie(and Ute and Cougar) fans get excited about beating up on nobody programs.

This year was a failure for all Utah schools, Utah state included


Chris B

No need to drag the Aggies down to the slums of the UofU or even BYU for that matter.

Despite losing an all-star QB they won the division, played for the conference championship and then beat a TOP-25 team for a bowl victory.

Layton, UT

Had Keeton stayed healthy, the Aggies would of finished 12 and 1.

West Valley, UT

In 2013 the Ute's were a failure, they didn't even get a touchdown against a USC team. USU showed how to overcome injuries and beat a ranked team at a bowl game.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Chris B

I fail to see how the season was a failure for all three schools. Utah State is the only team that won its bowl game, against a ranked opponent no less. That absolutely counts for something.

The Cougars didn't have a bad year either. An extra play here or there, they could have been great. Same goes for the Utes. They were on the cusp of greatness, but just couldn't finish when it mattered most.

There's always next year for getting the "big boy" wins. We're bound to break through sooner rather than later.

Oh and just one more question Chris: how can you disparage the conference(s) that made U special? The Utes used to be a scrappy, resilient team that routinely gave the big boys a run for their money.

Now the Utes are an over-hyped, pompous team with a serious entitlement problem, the very thing they used to disdain. Don't tell me U like being the new Washington State?!?

The teams the Utes fielded in the WAC/MWC were much better than what they have now. (see 1994, 1999, 2003, 2004, etc.)

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

said even another way, utah is still the same size fish that they were in the MWC, so don't go blowing your horn too much pal. That pond does not change the fish, and the new fish usually gets eaten by the bigger fish before they can grow!

I am content winning the games on our schedule, winning as many as we can. I would much rather win in the MWC and contend for a championship and go bowling rather than be a doormat in the pac and be the first team in the state to clean out my locker... what about you?

You utes are always quick to point out how many games you "almost" won... but don't forget the ones you "almost" lost... ie USU!


@Chris B

In terms of money, program size and history Utah State is and will be a small fish. The beauty of it is they have found a way to win. Win consistently. Win against tough opponents. Win BIG when they play "nobodies."

I'd take that over being the "nobody" team in the Pac 12 and end up Pac 12th every year.

Utah is doomed for failure. Unfortunately they recruit in the same states, regions and schools as every other Pac 12 team. How are they going to convince a kid from L.A. to come to Utah when he has offers from USC, UCLA, UC, Stanford, Oregon, ASU etc. Utah is the LAST PLACE he would want to be.

Utah will wind up with the 3rd or 4th best players out of the Pac 12 recuiting - who will end up playing against the 1st and 2nd best players in the same conference.

Doesn't add up to a bright future.

Go Big Blue!!!
Bountiful, UT

It is really sad that a couple of so called "Ute Fans" have nothing to do but comment on every Y and USU football story since their team's season was over weeks ago. Desperately trying to build up themselves by trying to tear accomplishments of other schools in the state.

I have several real Ute Fans that are very supportive of the progress that USU has made. They are class acts.

As a season ticket holder I attend Aggie games to be entertained. I expect them to compete in every game. I got my money's worth and then some this season seeing USU fight back from adversity, watching them compete for a conference title and then win their second straight bowl game. Wells was MWC coach of the year and was amazing as a first year head coach.

Well done Aggies. Looking forward to Chucky's return and another great season with a monster defensive unit. Go Big Blue!!!

North Logan, UT

Would you all remember this article was about Utah State football, not Utah or Chris B. The Aggies overcame a lot this year and had a successful season in spite of many obstacles. I'm proud to be an Aggie fan, and was proud to be one even when they weren't successful. Success is more fun than failure.

West Valley, UT

All that really matters is that USU is the ONLY Utah team to beat a ranked team outside the state of Utah and it was at a bowl game in 2013.

Logan, UT

Utah State was the only team in the state to finish with votes in BOTH polls!

Logan, UT

Utah State has DIRECT ACCESS to a big money "BCS" type bowl next year!

Shire, 00

In Internet slang, a troll is a person who shows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a forum, chat room, or blog), either accidentally or with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

Not sure why DN is blocking my attempts at posting this....anyway.

It is wasted energy to argue with a TROLL

North Logan, UT

After each team's performance against them last year, I would bet that USC has more respect for Utah State than Utah. You may be playing with the big boys more often, but it doesn't mean much if you are just their whipping boy.

West Valley, UT

USU is 1-1 vs the Ute's in the last two relevant years. Too bad the Ute's are afraid to play USU anymore. But I understand they didn't want to lose another game against USU. Have fun living in the past Chrissy.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

Chris... sure USU would join if the pac asked, and yes we would jump, just like you did. I would hope and bet that USU would perform far better than the lowly doormat utes.

USU got votes in the final poll, did the utes? HAHAHA

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

utes motto #waituntilnextyear


Lehi, UT

Chris B

What is your purpose in your comments? I don't get it. Do you want us to say how great the Pac 12 is and how great Utah is? OK, I will say it. The Pac 12 was the second best football conference this year. Utah did a great job with the in state schools.

Why should that detract me from enjoying watching the Aggies??

Why do you watch sports? So you can get on the Deseret News and make comments about and bring down other programs? Find a different way to enjoy sports. Life is too short.

Logan, UT

Utah State by themselves won as many bowl games this year against a RANKED opponent as the "big boys" from the Pac-12 did.

salt lake city, utah

Chris B,

Recognize you are trolling on an article which is about our team. Not yours. Any other discussion of relevance is pointless. You are on USU's article, because USU is relevant here. You can go find a late-October or November article...the last ones lauding the Utes, and wait for a response. You know you won't get one, because nobody cares. So you troll into a relevant team's article to heckle.

Is the second best player (USU) on a mediocre team (MWC 4-3 bowl games 2013) in the league worse off than the bench warmer(Utah) on the second best team PAC12 (5-3)?

The answer is found in this years final poll.

Chris B, you keep looking back for glory. We'll bask in two bowl wins in a row, finishing two years in a row with votes for the top 25.

Fact is Aggies do more with 1/5 the resources of the UoU & the UoU cannot afford to lose to them again, so they are avoiding them.

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