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Published: Sunday, Jan. 5 2014 6:50 p.m. MST

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Mesa, AZ

@PAC man--

I'm still awaiting a direct-response to what I in fact actually stated above in my comment?


Thanks for your concern regarding the premier program in the state, my Alma Mater The Mighty Utah Utes....We appreciate it!

And congratulations on usu's stellar season while playing against the #74 ranked SOS in the nation, while beating nobody of significance other than a team in n ill which managed to pull off 12 wins against the #116 ranked SOS in the nation....Keep in mind, there existed only 125 FBS schools, nationally, in 2013....In contrast, we Mighty Utah Utes played against the #3 ranked SOS in the nation and, as we work toward completion of our transition into what was in 2013, from top-to-bottom, the #1 toughest conference in the nation, we'll be just fine!

West of I15, UT

@sports fan

I have an idea how we can settle who the better team is let's have them play each other.

Wait I forgot they already did that and the U has won 4 straight 9 of 12 and overall domination...SCOREBOARD. KVN came back for the sole purpose of playing his superbowl and getting a win vs. Utah he was sent packin from his superbowl with another L and 0 - 4 for his carreer against the U..LOL

West Point, UT

Once again it is laughable how Utah and BYU fans bicker over what amounts to diddly squat in the eyes of CFB fans everywhere. BYU should have been better but failed to deliver in big games, which I'm sad to say is starting to be an MO of Bronco and a real pain to fans like me. Utah has done nothing to impress anyone, digressing more and more with each passing year in the PAC12 (and no, AZUTE, the computers, polls, and bowl season show that once again the SEC was the best conference from top to bottom in 2013). Going 4-5, then 3-6, then 2-7 in conference is not indicative of "we're making progress" or "almost there"...to think so is ridiculous. USU has consistently made progress over the last few years and should be proud considering where they've come from, but the MWC was a joke this year. BYU or Utah would have been champions in that conference considering Fresno beat BSU by a last second single point and struggled with usu while BYU destroyed both USU and BSU, and Utah beat them. No program has a whole lot to brag about but at least USU is progressing.

Sparkley Briefs
New York, NY

Sports Fan,

How does the Sagarin predictor feel about Utah's chances AT BYU? I suspect that it would predict that BYU would score a late touchdown to keep the final score close, but never seriously threaten to win.

The Deseret News comment boards are the only place where winning on the field is less important than dredging up cherry-picked "facts" to prove which team is best. Well done folks!

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