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Published: Sunday, Jan. 5 2014 6:50 p.m. MST

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American Fork, UT

I agree with PAC12Fan and Christopher B:
"There is very little incentive or excitement for a team that played a brutal schedule to be awarded a game against a team that got fat on wins against weak opponents ...Non BCS schools play weak schedules and deserve to play the best of the non BCS schools." and, "No Pac 12 team gets excited about playing down to a lesser conference in a bowl game"

Validates what BCS conferences said against TCU, Boise State and Utah - their so called "BCS Busts" were exactly that - a bust. Their records since being invited, for monetary reasons only (see the stellar Colorado record as proof), have proven how inferior their teams and competition were at the time. College football has changed since the mid '90's - making the more superior conferences truly more superior. Sports as a business overall has accelerated that change - the have's have more, and can do more with it. They only invite a few others to their party because they can have more with their TV deals. Otherwise, Colorado would be kicked down to the MAC where it belongs.

Murray, UT

You realize of course that Vegas had EVERY PAC12 Bowl team favored going into their game right?

So you could actually argue (quite successfully) that the PAC12 under performed by 3 games.

The worst loss was the BCS bell cow Stanford losing THEIR game. When your 'best' gets beaten, it's hard to justify that your league was so tough.

FWIW I absolutely think the PAC12 is the hardest conference to play in, due to all the different kinds of offensive systems currently used within the league...... but to say they're the 'best' is a stretch

Salt Lake City, UT

"The SEC EXPECTS to have two teams in the playoff every year."
Yes, that's part of what Bob Stoops calls the "SEC propaganda". I think he made his case by beating Alabama with an OU squad that maybe shouldn't have been in a BCS bowl.
The hope for the rest of us is that the playoff participants are decided by a committee, so rather than take FSU, Auburn, Alabama, MSU (BCS rank), they pass on Alabama in favor of someone else.

"The only way to make sure the PAC-12 is fairly represented in the playoff and in major bowls is to play and beat SEC teams."
Definitely. Maybe the Holiday or Kraft bowl should be an SEC opponent. Or get a PAC team into an east coast bowl.

"#13 Oklahoma State plays #8 Missouri"
Jerry Jones is beating the Fiesta Bowl in match ups. If the BCS remained, I think the Cotton Bowl would jump the Fiesta on the elite bowl list.

Gilbert, AZ


Bronco is 9-9 (50%) versus PAC teams
Kyle is 13-21 (38%) versus PAC teams

Despite your always cherry-picked stats and time frames, it's blatantly obvious which coach has been more competitive against PAC teams.

let's roll


Excuse me for being a Utah fan and lifelong fan of the PAC (having lived in Oregon, Washington and California) trying to identify how things could be made better.

It's not, but the way, by agreeing to let the Holiday Bowl take the PAC-12 third pick and match it against the Big-12 FIFTH pick as was the case (contractually) this year, or the Big10 FOURTH pick as it will be starting next year.

Nor by agreeing to let the Kraft Hunger Bowl, starting next year, take the PAC-12 number 4 team and match it against an unranked Big10 team (5th to 7th pick).

Why is the Commissioner agreeing to play lower seeded teams from other conferences?

If you're ok with a bowl schedule where all 9 PAC-12 teams were favored (e.g no upside in winning) and only Stanford had the chance to play a ranked BCS team, great. I'm not and don't think PAC-12 teams and fans who want to play the best competition are either.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

BYU can boast that 8 of the teams on their 2013 schedule went to bowl games. (Their combined bowl record 2 wins and 6 losses.) And how did their "toughest schedule ever" turn out? Combined record of all opponents (including bowls) WAS 80 WINS AND 73 LOSSES. And every opponent lost 4 or more games. That a 53% winning record. They did play 5-6 big name opponents but this year those opponents were not a strong as in the past.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

DrTPhD, by your rationale utah was the best team in the pac because they beat Stanford?

scottsdale, AZ

What is with you guys? My conference/ my team is better than yours? What a discussion. My memory is longer than yours. So what?

Gilbert, AZ

The playoffs will expand to eight teams within five years.

With five power conferences, plus Notre Dame, and only four playoff spots available, it will only take a couple of seasons of power conference champions being left out of the playoffs, before fans will be screaming for the playoffs to be expanded.

How will PAC and ACC fans react when their 12-1 champions are left on the outside looking in while Alabama, Florida, Oklahoma and Ohio St. are playing for the national title?

Layton, UT

Go Cougars.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

ChristopherB... and what would your record be if you only played "power conference teams"?

Just because the pac is the second best conference (1st loser), that has absolutely nothing to do with utah, you get that right?

New to Utah

BYU played an ugly awful game against UW.
It was a winnable game but not the way BYU
played. PAC 12 is no better than Big 12 or Oklahoma
& Texas conference.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

New To Utah
"USU played a
lousy one skilled player N Illinois."

Who was nationally ranked all year, 12 wins, #3 Heisman QB. Ya, they were pathetic huh? Where does that leave utah?

I guess utah must be the best in the pac because they beat Stanford, right? LOL


Balderdash, all the analysis from the blogger experts. Follow the money. That's the way it is and always will be, unfortunately.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

C'mon Mike. While Utah State's bowl game was entertaining and they did beat a good team, it proved nothing about the in state status. Utah State lost to both BYU and Utah and whil NIU was ranked all season we all know how much subjectivity plays into the rankings.

Christy B
Salt Lake City, Utah

One game does not a season make - Stanford playing in the Rose Bowl instead of Utah is proof of that very simple concept.

Final BCS rankings prove which team was best in the state:

#40 BYU
#54 Utah
#67 USU

salt lake city, utah


You realize that Colorado came to the PAC10 from a BCS conference, right? Thus, your entire statement is undermined.

For those UoU fans who claim playing non-BCS teams in bowl games is a waste of time. The 2008 Sugar Bowl Champions would like their REAL fans back.

As for who the best team in the state was? USU. Why? USU outgained and barely lost to UoU in the first game of the season. They played BYU without Keeton. By the end of the season USU had evolved to adapt to injuries. They would have beat a Wilson-less UoU handily. Their offense would have matured since losing to BYU, and their defense was much better. In the meantime, BYU's offense did not improve, and their defense lost starters for various reasons. End of season, USU is probably the best, but not clearly.

Utah needs to win some games. Right now, they simply rely upon the grace of the PAC12 to have any credibility. As far as strength of schedule, well, that's what happens when you put on the big boy pants.

New to Utah

The case could be made that the PAC 12 is
The 4th best conference behind Big 12 & Big
10. Stanford lost basically a home game & ASU
lost to unranked TTU, & WSU lost to Colorado

American Fork, UT


No, it further substantiates the comment. The Pro PAC group here is claiming it as a superior conference that invited their school (yes, the same fans who bemoaned the big schools as outsiders in 2008). Yet, Colorado had a losing record in all 5 seasons prior to being invited to the PAC - purely for economic reasons ... to say nothing about the quality of the program. Show me the money, is all they said, not show me a quality program. The BCS busters from outside the big leagues, as ironically argued here by Utah fans, validates that those busts were truly one-off outliers that should be statistically thrown out from the sample. They are invalid.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Gilbert, AZ


Bronco is 9-9 (50%) versus PAC teams
Kyle is 13-21 (38%) versus PAC teams

Despite your always cherry-picked stats and time frames, it's blatantly obvious which coach has been more competitive against PAC teams.


Like I keep telling you over and over again when Utah and TCU were playing BYU's schedule they were the top 2 winningest programs against BCS teams.

It's okay if you don't get it, I don't expect any BYU fan to understand how difficult it is to compete in the real league.

Kyle playing BYU's schedule:

vs. P12 4-3 (57%)
vs. BCS 11-5 (68%)

Patterson at TCU has similar numbers prior to joining the Big 12.

Bronco has a losing record vs BCS teams:
vs P12 9-9 (50%)
vs BCS 11-15 (42%)

BYU doesn't have the talent to compete against Utah and TCU (0-8). Both Utah and TCU would be ranked and competing for BCS bowls this year with BYU's schedule.

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