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Published: Sunday, Jan. 5 2014 6:50 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Mike, how can you say USU was best team in the state? That distinction clearly goes to Utah who beat head to head USU, Weber State, and BYU. I guess head to head doesn't count for much.

let's roll

Frankly, outside of the Rose Bowl, it was a mediocre Bowl line up for the PAC-12.

Admittedly, with the playoff starting next year, the bowl season will be even more meaningless than it is now, but the PAC-12 bowl affiliations are pretty lame. Three games where the opponent is required to come from the Mt West; and two games where the opponent is required to come from the ACC.

The higher tier bowls include two match ups with the Big 12 and of course the Rose Bowl. But only one of those games included a Top 25 opponent.

Unfortunately, the PAC-12 won only one of those three games.

Surprisingly, the PAC-12 only played two ranked opponents in their 9 bowl games and won only one of those (Fresno St.). It's not a great bowl season when Utah State had as many bowl wins over ranked opponents as did the entire conference.

In the last year of the BCS, the PAC-12 didn't beat a single ranked BCS school in a bowl game. Improvement is needed in both bowl affiliations and performance.

Columbus, OH

Win/loss record is a terrible way to evaluate a conference's strength. The PAC plays a pretty weak schedule outside the Rose,meanwhile the Big Ten plays the SEC 3 times, the champion of the PAC and the second-best team in the ACC. In fact, they don't play any bowls against a program that's not in a major conference. I'm not saying the Big Ten was better than the PAC this year, I actually think they were a shade worse, but they played a MUCH more difficult slate. It's disingenuous (at best) to simply label them the worst conference because of their poor bowl record.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Improvement is needed in both bowl affiliations."
Already happening.
Next year, the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl will match a PAC12 team against a Big10 team instead of against a mid-major independent.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Improvement is needed in both bowl affiliations."
PAC is also dropping the New Mexico Bowl and moving the Kraft Bowl up since it is moving to the new 49er stadium and getting a Big10 opponent.

1. Rose/playoff
2. Alamo vs B12
3. Holiday vs B10
4. Kraft vs Big10
5. Sun vs ACC
6. Las Vegas vs MWC
7. Buffalo Wild Wings vs B12

Go Utes, CA

USU lost to Utah and lost badly to BYU. But you say they are the best team in the state. Why do they even play the games? We could just rank each team's recruiting class and determine a national championship without ever playing a game. Would free up more time for raking leaves, I guess.

South Jordan, UT

I would prefer all BCS teams play each other. There is very little incentive or excitement for a team that played a brutal schedule to be awarded a game against a team that got fat on wins against weak opponents. I'm sure USC was ecstatic to play Fresno. I'm sure Washington was pumped up to play BYU. Vanderbilt can't be happy about playing Houston. The bigger crowds were the games with two BCS schools involved.

Non BCS schools play weak schedules and deserve to play the best of the non BCS schools.

Farmington, UT

Wow, read all the comments about what's wrong with the bowls from fans of a team that hasn't been bowl eligible for 2 years and hasn't won 10 conference games total in three years. That really shows relevancy doesn't it? And scream about beating USU (who really beat themselves on a couple of dumb penalties), running up the score on Weber State while criticizing everyone else for their cupcake opponents, and squealing with delight about another close victory over their former rival. Never mind the whole season of work, just focus on those games and the fluke win over Stanford, who was not really a #5 team (#5 teams don't lose 3 times, once to an inferior conference door mat).

Very entertaining indeed.

It makes one wonder what the angst will be next year if there's yet another bowl-less season.

let's roll

Thanks SoonerUte. The Holiday Bowl had a Big-12 team this year, so not sure if the Big10 is an upgrade, especially since the Holiday Bowl gets the third pick out of the PAC-12 but only the 4th pick out of the Big 10. That said, hopefully it will allow the PAC-12 not to have to repeat having one of its division winners play the 6th place team in the Big-12.

The PAC-12 had two teams in the top 5 for much of the year, yet there were ten teams in the BCS bowls this year, and the PAC-12 got only one on those slots.

The PAC-12 may have indeed been the 2nd best conference this year but FOUR conferences had two teams in BCS games this year and the PAC-12 wasn't one of them. And if the 4 team playoff had started this year, the PAC-12 would have been shut out.

The SEC EXPECTS to have two teams in the playoff every year. The only way to make sure the PAC-12 is fairly represented in the playoff and in major bowls is to play and beat SEC teams.

let's roll

More to my point, how does this happen:

#10 ranked Oregon plays unranked Texas
#14 ranked ASU plays unranked Texas Tech
#17 ranked UCLA plays unranked Va Tech

yet similarly ranked teams from "lesser" conferences all get HIGHER ranked opponents

#12 Clemson plays #7 OSU in a BCS game
#13 Oklahoma State plays #8 Missouri
#19 Wisconsin plays #9 South Carolina

It's impossible to improve the reputation of a league when your best teams aren't put in a situation where they can play and beat ranked opponents. It's frustrating.

Salt Lake City, UT

@let's roll

You just described why it is a four team playoff rather than an eight. With four teams, the SEC has a 50/50 chance. With eight, they'd have a 25%, and the SEC never plays unless it can stack the deck.

let's roll

@ Rational

Your comment would be funnier, if it weren't so true. Spot on my friend.

West Jordan, UT

Hate to say it but Sooner Ute is right. If BYU could have gotten to 10 or 11 wins then the pac 12 matchup this year would have been intriguing. But with the Coogs sub-par play it was agony to watch.

Charlotte, NC

Utah proved they were the best in the state on the field. Also, if the PAC 12 really is the second strongest conference, we can see how they could be the best in the state and still not qualify for a bowl game.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Wow, read all the comments about what's wrong with the bowls from fans of a team that hasn't been bowl eligible for 2 years and hasn't won 10 conference games total in three years. That really shows relevancy doesn't it?


Speaking of relevancy...

BYU is 2-5 (28%) vs PAC-12 teams over same period.
Utah is 9-18 (33%).

Since September 29, 2007 Utah is 45-6 (88%) against non-Big 5 league teams. All SIX loses were to ranked teams.

Only people living in a fantasy world would think Utah would struggle making a bowl playing BYU's schedule.

Sioux City, IA

Because the SEC had at least 7 teams rated in the top 25 before they played any conference games it wasn't hard for those teams to remain rated if they lost to each other. And usually being placed in a bowl game against an opponent that is considered an easy win for them guarantees that they can state their superiority.
Remember that #23 Georgia was beaten by unranked Nebraska and #14 LSU only beat unranked Iowa by 1 score. # 8 South Carolina beat # 19 Wisconsin by 2 scores but might not have fared as well against #7 Ohio State. Also Bama who was proclaimed to be the best in the Nation and the equal of an NFL team lost to #11 Oklahoma.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

I agree with Pac 12 Fan,

All power conference teams should just stop playing non power conference teams, regular season and bowl season. College football doesn't need the smaller conferences/teams and they don't add value.

If you just look at the Pac 12's record against the MWC and quasi-mwc byu this year of 14-1 you will see just how big of a gap there is between the Pac 12 and the mwc.

No Pac 12 team gets excited about playing down to a lesser conference in a bowl game, and frankly its just as bad doing so in the regular season.

I think with the start of the playoffs and there will be added pressure for strength of schedule, hopefully we see the power conferences just cut all ties with the smaller conferences.

Go Utes

Proud Pac 12 member!

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

All bowls save tonight's national championship game ARE LESSER BOWLS. Other than the fans of the given teams playing in such and such bowl, no one will remember what happened outside of that one game five years from now.

If Chris B. has his way and the "big boys" don't schedule teams outside of the top tier conferences Utah likely will never make a bowl again. Utah can't get six wins without playing "lesser teams." Nothing restrains Utah or any team from doing this except for common sense. Utah schedules Weber state, SUU and Idaho State because they need a win, a home game and a lower risk game for injuries. All teams do this. Its taken a great deal of courage for Utah to schedule teams like USU, Fresno State and BYU, all teams that have beaten Utah in the past and are capable of doing so in the future.

Granstville, UT

@ let's roll,

Along with the passive aggressive diatribe detailing the futility of PAC 12 teams in their bowl match ups, tell us again, how did the teams in BYU's conference stack up for this bowl season....

And, I suppose some of the blame for the PAC 12's line up of "lackluster" bowl games stems from the fact Washington had to play some team from down south.

New to Utah

Mike I disagree on two points that the PAC 12
Is the 2nd best conference & Utah State is the
States best. Stanford & Oregon were the only
Teams that played ranked opponents. Texas
was drilled by BYU & was losing its coach.
Michigan State beat Stanford. USU played a
lousy one skilled player N Illinois. SEC is twice as
good as PAC 12 & Utah best team in state.

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