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Published: Sunday, Jan. 5 2014 5:00 p.m. MST

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sandy, ut


Not every child will be innocent - obviously. Every child is currently innocent before they are born. You really want to use that as an argument? You are in favor of killing a fetus because it 'might' become a criminal? Your reasoning is not only shocking, but rather strange.

Gonzales, LA

ahhhh Let me see I would like to see who was polled and what the % for and against were. I would pose a question since I was born during the time the death penalty was quite active. Since its been outlawed there are more killings than ever, granted one has to be careful, because of some that died innocent. However with DNA and other improved means of finding the culprits I would say reinstate the death penalty and watch things change. The cost to have people locked up is astronomrical. When I talk death penalty iam talking hard core killers not accidental deaths and those that are questionable I am talking a lot of the murders that are going on now.

Somewhere in Time, UT

Dear Strider 303: It is my understanding that there has never been a documented case of an innocent person being executed in the U.S. That doesn't mean it has never happened, of course. But, I don't believe there are any documented cases.

spring street


Crime rates including murder are at bear historic lows and lower then they have been in nearly 40 years. The world isn not ending because of less executions.

Tooele, UT

Re: "I am opposed to the death penalty in part due to the large number of death row prisoners who have been proven innocent . . . [n]ot just 'innocent on a mere technicality' . . . but factually innocent."

It has never happened.

The fact that an item of evidence may be thrown out, or a witness bullied into recanting, that evidence was corruptly and illegally suppressed, or even that a judge may apologize to a miscreant, does NOT establish factual innocence.

Remember who these pro-crime liberals and academics are, and that financial contributions to their political "cause" and very livelihood, depend largely on their disingenuous propaganda.

Take it from a longtime criminal trial attorney, one who has defended more than twice as many cases as he has prosecuted -- almost no defendants are wrongly convicted. Of those, only a tiny, tiny fraction are "factually innocent" of the crime they were convicted of, though most are not totally innocent.

Those handful in a century that are truly innocent -- along with many, many who are guilty -- are always pardoned, released, retried, or somehow saved, often by their guilt-ridden prosecutors.

Pleasanton, CA

Maybe some of those who say the don't support the death penalty say so because they have simply given up. I wonder how the poll number would look if death sentences were actually being carried out?

Centerville, UT

Some of you claim we should be like European countries and do away with the death penalty just because they have. But I just found an article showing 5 murderers who were given life sentences but were released for "good behavior" killed again, a couple just weeks after being released.

I was not allowed to give the url, but you can find it by googling murderers released murdering again.

Just because another liberally-minded country does something, doesn't mean it's wise to follow. What do you say to a family whose child is raped and murdered by a convicted murderer who was set free after a "life" sentence?

Great Britain has done away with the death penalty, has made it illegal to defend one's home against home invasion with deadly force for the most part, and their violent crimes are now 4 times what they are in the U.S. We don't need to allow ourselves to degenerate to that level just "because Great Britain is doing it."

spring street


simply claiming "it never happened" and your own claims of antidotal experience of "it almost never happening" does not make your claims true, do you have any evidence that counters the evidence presented by those "liberal academics?'

Tooele, UT

Re: ". . . do you have any evidence that counters the evidence presented by those 'liberal academics?'"

That's my point. They've presented no evidence, whatever. They merely obtain a reversal -- often not even on all charges -- then start bleating about the success of their "innocence" project.

They present no proof whatever of factual innocence, beyond the unethical claims of their disingenuous fundraising pitch.

spring street


So you are asking us to believe they walked into court with no evidance and got sentences overturned? Not only is that a large leap you ask us to take it is blatantly false.

Anyone that would care to see the evidance presented is welcome to go to the innocence project website where they source the DNA and other evidence used in trail to get convictions overturned. Please do not take this person at face value.

Orem, UT

This is an interesting article. I've been around some defense attorney's and they find it hard to let some one die for their despicable crimes because they grow emotionally attached to their clients, seems the defense lawyer quoted in this article has the same issue.

As cost seems the most quoted reason for eliminating capital punishment. The states have brought it upon themselves for allowing mandatory appeals and switching to "less scary" but much less expensive forms of execution, ie hanging, electrocution and firing squad (Utah), in favor of lethal injections.

It will be a very sad day (as we are seeing with this every so increasingly politically correct world) that if the Supreme court where to over turn a decision that over turned another decision we would see a spike in gruesome murders like we saw in Ogden at the HiFi Shop in April, 1974 less than two years after SCOTUS ruled Capital Punishment unconstitutional because it violated the 8th amendment clause of "cruel and unusual". Well many murders kill in a most cruel and unusual fashion, so why do these people get a break when their victims blood cries out for justice!

Turtles Run
Houston, TX

Strider303 wrote: "Have innocent people been executed? Yes. Is life perfect or fair? No."

So you have no issue with innocent people being executed. How is that different from murder? That is the issue with the death penalty. That no matter what there is always the possibility that an innocent person can be killed. Proponents vehemently deny that this has occurred in the modern era (despite evidence proving otherwise). But there are a few that just do not care as demonstrated by the flippant comment about the innocent being killed.

The death penalty does nothing to prevent additional killings, it is more expensive because of the safeguards within the system, and the judicial system has proven that race plays a major role in who is executed.

Killing is never justified.

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