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Published: Saturday, Jan. 4 2014 10:25 p.m. MST

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Joe Carlin

"To me I am sick and tired of them throwing this down my throat."

Why yes, just two gentlemen came to my door the other day trying to throw their agenda down my throat. They do this quite frequently as a matter of fact! Quite frankly I'm sick of it! I didn't have long to close the door, but I did find it strange that their first names were both "Elder." The nerve of them!

Joe Carlin

"Gay marriage precedes other unimaginable actions. Fall of the Roman Empire gives one of many examples."

Actually the Roman Empire celebrated gay marriage for centuries. In fact every Caesar was known to practice homosexuality to some extent.

It was only after the Catholic Church took it over and banned the practice, then it fell.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Bereal

"America was founded on Christian principles as “one Nation under God.” "

That line wasn't added to the pledge until the 1950's. This country was founded on the ideals of freedom, NOT Christian principles.

Salt Lake City, UT

bandersen says: "You don't understand the Constitution. The will of the people aren't ever subverted in our constitution. Never! Never! Never! If the Will of the people choose evil (in your opinion the will of the people of Utah choose evil), then so be it! The will of the people is never subverted in the Constitution. . . . You can cry all you want about specifics, but I have to live by the laws that are tyrannical and evil (Abortion comes to mind), but I also have the right to educate and stand up for my rights as a United States citizen! The will of the people is never subverted in a free people!"

Sorry bandersen, but it's you who don't understand the Constitution. The Bill of Rights, the first ten amendments to the Constitution, and the additional amendments added since then, are there for the purpose of protecting the rights of the minority. In other words, they serve as a block to ensure the "will of the people" cannot be enforced if it tramples on the rights of the minority.

Seriously, you need to get a better idea of what the Constitution is all about.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Joe Carlin. Sir, the problem with your logic is that the gay community will force your children to be taught what the gay community wants - not what you want. Read what happened in Massachuseetts - just one example:

Anyone who thinks that same-sex “marriage” is a benign eccentricity which won’t affect the average person should consider what it has done in Massachusetts. It’s become a hammer to force the acceptance and normalization of homosexuality on everyone. And this train is moving fast. What has happened so far is only the beginning.
Kindergartners were given picture books telling them that same-sex couples are just another kind of family, like their own parents. In 2005, when David Parker of Lexington, MA – a parent of a kindergartner – strongly insisted on being notified when teachers were discussing homosexuality or transgenderism with his son, the school had him arrested and put in jail overnight.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ bandersen

So if the majority of the people decided that we should bring back slavery it would be unconstitutional to not allow it to happen? Not allowing people to take the minorities rights would be tyranny?

I think you have it completely backwards.

Indianapolis, IN

Wow. This is one for the history books. I don't know how anyone could see this man talk and not think George Wallace. A satire news site like the Onion probably couldn't make up much of a more rabid supremacist character if they tried.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utahns, think the gay community will respect your rights?
In 2006 the Parkers and Wirthlins filed a federal Civil Rights lawsuit to force the schools to notify parents and allow them to opt-out their elementary-school children when homosexual-related subjects were taught. The federal judges dismissed the case. The judges ruled that because same-sex marriage is legal in Massachusetts, the school actually had a duty to normalize homosexual relationships to children, and that schools have no obligation to notify parents or let them opt-out their children! Acceptance of homosexuality had become a matter of good citizenship!
Think about that: Because same-sex marriage is “legal”, a federal judge has ruled that the schools now have a duty to portray homosexual relationships as normal to children, despite what parents think or believe!
Concerned about your rights - write your legislative representatives!


Who is Cherilyn Galbrandsen?

Salt Lake City, UT

'Utahns, think the gay community will respect your rights?'

Sorry, we have factual examples of people who made it legal to kill a person of the Mormon faith.

It was not the LGBT community.

You are free to believe as you choose. Read whatever books of faith you like. And act according to your beliefs, with your own life. It stops there. And should never be applied to others. That, is tyranny.

I believe you are confusing disagreement, with persecution.

Common mistake.

Like confusing 'freedom of religion'….

with not getting everything you want.

2 tell the truth
Clearwater, FL

Re: "Former Arizona sheriff blasts ruling that allows gay marriage in Utah"

Well "blast" away. But sooner or later you'll realize you're just 'shooting blanks' as it were.

Might as well tilt at windmills.

2 tell the truth
Clearwater, FL

Re: "If you read the Bible ..."

I am reminded that:

"The things that you're liable
To read in the Bible,
They ain't necessarily so."

Clearfield, UT

I don't support same sex marriage and never will. With that in mind I agree with many of the comments on here. The United States is a Republic not a Christian theocracy. It is difficult to argue against legalizing same sex marriage. To me same sex marriage is a moral more than a legal issue. Freedom of religion means tolerance of others religious and even non religious beliefs. That can be a challenge for people of faith. Conservatives adamantly oppose the power of the federal government to interfere in states rights. The constitution is a federal document and that states cannot deny civil rights as in slavery, racial segregation and the right to vote. Is same sex marriage a civil right. I say it is not.

Cherilyn Eagar
Holladay, UT

Pagan: :I really want to know…

why people feel that everyone should follow the bible, when we have a constitution?

Plenty of other books out there right? Tora, Koran, Bible, BoM.

What makes one 'better' than another?"

If you read those books, they all have something in common: they support marriage between a man and a woman. Common law trumps all jurisprudence in the U.S. And common law was based on this ethic represented in two of these canons of religious tenets: The Tora and the New Testament. The Bible.

I think.....
any town, UT

"all is well—and thus the devil cheateth their souls, and leadeth them away carefully down to hell". 2 Nephi 28:21
Yes, the devil is very clever, and can paint immorality with a beautiful paint brush. We ARE being carefully led by the devil. Very carefully.

moniker lewinsky
Taylorsville, UT

Nobody is trying to convince anybody that marriage is a God given right. What it is is a STATE given right. Whether or not you believe in God is a moot point.

Salt Lake City, UT

'If you read those books, (Bible, Tora, Koran, BoM) they all have something in common: they support marriage between a man and a woman.'

Then why did Utah allow Polygamy…

until 1890?

Polygamy is marriage between a man and a woman and a woman and a woman and a woman…

not much monogamy, is there?

You can 'believe' as much as you like. Even the Pioneers came to Utah to escape religious persecution.

And today, you want to 'shove down my throat' your beliefs?

Those beliefs start with you, and end with you. Otherwise, it is tyranny.

Also? FYI?

According to many religious texts, women should not have the ability to vote.

Before you want to force your beliefs upon others, I want to know why you refuse to even acknowledge anyone else's besides your own?

Mcallen, TX


Pathetic how people are confused between right, and wrong.

This confusion is leading to our downfall.

Very shameful.

Ogden, UT

@bandersen 10:24 a.m. Jan. 5, 2014

Furry: You don't understand the Constitution. The will of the people aren't ever subverted in our constitution. Never!


I studied the law, and got my JD (law degree) cum laude 26 years ago. When did you ever study the law, much less get a degree? From what you said in that post, I'd guess that you never did. It's very clear that you have no concept of what the Constitution says, what it means and how it works.

The will of the people NEVER trumps the Constitutional protections found in that magnificent document. In act, one of its main purposes is to protect the people against the tyranny of the majority (in other words, the will of the people if that will works to violate the protections of the constitution). That's what the Bill of Rights is specifically intended to do, and the constitutional protections are imposed on state action state action by the 14th Amendment.

That's basic Constitutional law. Anyone who truly understands the Constitution would know that. It's sad that you don't.

Draper, UT

@Kings Court There is no mention of "separation of church and state" in the Constitution. All it says is that the government can't mandate a religion (like the Church of England), and persecute people for their religious beliefs.

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