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Published: Saturday, Jan. 4 2014 10:25 p.m. MST

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My house was stolen
Roy , UT

Many are missing the mark here. Whether you agree with the ruling or not, you are still an American Citizen with rights. This is about the Liberty Process that is owed to the Plaintiff and that is where it is at. It seems this sheriff believes in a freedom called "my way or the highway." It is appalling to me that many of our state officials do not understand the Constitution,

Auckland NZ, 00

The Bible, the Qur'an, the Bhagvadgita, the Tripitika, all are part of the human heritage. None are relevant to interpretations of the US Constitution.

Ogden, UT

@bandersen 10:41 p.m. Jan. 4, 2014

My owe my, some where in this favored land, the sun is shining bright, the band is playing some where and some where hearts are light...because the spark of liberty still thrives in a few hearts!


Answer Sadly, Richard Mack and those like him are doing their bet to quench that park of liberty, and impose the tyranny of the majority on the USA and its people, to the detriment of the minority citizens. Hopefully they will fail and liberty will therefore thrive.


The rest will need to read the Constitution and actually come to the knowledge of its impeccable wisdom in leaving the power of government into the hands of the people! don't wait too long Utah or liberty will be just a memory!


Answer: I have not just ready the Constitution, I have actually studied it in its depth and breadth and know what it really says, means and works. Yes, government should be left to the people but ONLY to the extent that the rights of the minority are not impaired or diminished. Mack would diminish and impair minority rights. That quenches the spirit o liberty, and should be soundly rejected.

Tooele, UT

I wonder how The "Roman Empire Fell Into Hell" Read Romans CHAPTER "1" Bible New testament.
The Sheriff is right.

Tampa, FL

So if I'm understanding this retiree correctly, the constitution was designed to protect polygamy as found in the Bible?

Eden, UT

As a life long law enforcement officer I'm very disappointed in a person that uses their former law enforcement position to add some level of credibility to utter nonsense. The U.S. Constitution supports the rights of all people. Not just bible thumpers.

Mesilla/USA, NM

The problem with this former sheriff's argument is that he mentions the US Constitution in one breath and the Bible in the next. While these are not mutually exclusive, they are when we're talking about innate human rights. The framers of the Constitution did not consult their version of the bibles of the eighteenth century in order to write the constitution. The term "endowed by their creator" does not appear in the Constitution, and even if it did, it is not the fundamentalist Christian god of today. The framers were not Calvinists, either, but rather deists, and were not interested in immortalizing biblical prohibitions in the Constitution. There's been some revisionist history in the last few years that attempts to characterize the Constitution as a Christian-based document. It is not. It's a product of the Enlightenment, which sought freedom from religion in matters of State.

Coralville , IA

"Me thinks" the sheriff and his disciples "protest" way "too much", as the old adage goes.

Burlington, WY

The issue isn't marriage, gay rights or gun checks. These are just emotionally charged topics where the divide between those calling them Government granted "civil" rights and those calling them God given "moral" rights is the greatest.

The real issue is State's rights versus federal intrusion.


Thank you Sheriff Richard Mack and supporters in attendance—we need more leaders like you that have the courage to stand up against government officials and same sex couples perverting the sanctity and divine institution of marriage as ordained and defined by God between a man and a woman. America was founded on Christian principles as “one Nation under God.” Furthermore, I agree that Judge Robert Shelby doesn’t have the authority constitutionally to overturn a law and should be removed for abuse of power. We must not be silent.

Huntsville, UT

"The Bible, the Bible!"

Thank God our Constitution wasn't based on "The Bible". If it were, we'd have adulterers stoned, Sabbath breakers stoned, people who shave stoned...

This country is NOT a theocracy and "The Bible" is not relevant.

Herndon, VA

The tenth amendment was passed because the states did not believe that a federal government would not eventually take to itself authority it did not possess, which is the natural path of all centralized governments. Our founders personally experienced this tyranny.

And no, DanO, your tired worn out ad hominen attacks on the hearts and motives of those who defend traditional marriage are not going to fly this time - that dog is not going to hunt.

This judge should be removed from office. He overstepped his authority, and has zero right to impugn the motives of those who have every right to defend families and traditional marriage. He has no legal authority to overturn our state constitution.

The reason our Utah elected officials are not speaking out is because of the phantom wall that been created between free speech and fear of offense. There is so much fear of being attacked as anti-gay that officials are acting as though they are paralyzed.

We respect all men and women. Nevertheless we have our right to maintain a family-friendly society that honors the God-given right of traditional marriage.

Honolulu, HI

What's the point of publishing the caustic homophobic rant of a former sheriff from Arizona in your newspaper? There a tons of other negative comments from people with more noteworthy backgrounds who believe the homosexual agenda should not be shoved down the throat of god-fearing, flag waving, church-going Americans . . . oh wait . . . did you ever stop to think that there are alot of god-fearing, flag waving, church going gay people? It's ok Utah, this too will pass . . marriage equality won't deprive you of any rights that you already have. As far of the homosexual agenda being shoved down your throats . . gay people have had to endure a second class status handed down by the agenda by the christian right for centuries.

Parker, CO

'Gulbrandsen said the governor and state lawmakers have the power to tell the federal government that Utah will not enforce Shelby's ruling.' Nullification by any state is NOT constitutional. It is not legal. The belief that states are sovereign and can nullify federal law was first advanced by those who wished to perpetuate slavery in their states. The Civil War was the outcome, and should have settled the issue. One consequence was a significant increase in federal power. The fight over civil rights still continues, and when states act against the civil rights of their people, the eventual outcome is an increase in federal power. Perhaps it is necessary to protect the rights of all people, but it is regrettable, and it shouldn't have to come to that. If freedom means anything, civil union should be recognized as a civil right. The diminution of any citizen's civil rights is the diminution of all citizens' civil rights, and should be resisted by all.

Springville, UT

Who cares what a former sheriff from another state who believes in selective application of the Constitution has to say on this issue? Seriously.

Disgusted American
deptford, NJ

..well he can Blast away at it all he wants....but guess what - it's been 2 weeks...and UTAH is still there....people are still goin about their daily lives, living, working...you know - life.......so, what's this man's real animus towards LGBT tax payers?

Pleasant Grove, UT

It was people like Mack who forced us into the Civil War and who forced President Eisenhower to send Federal troops into Burmingham to enforce the abolition of segregation. The primacy of the US Constitution is established by Federal law, by the Utah State Constitution, and by various texts in D&C. Animus toward minority groups will not change that, no matter how much people want to bring America back to a version of "the good ol' days" that never existed except in nostalgia. When folks like Mack start up the rhetoric with veiled allusions to armed insurrection, they need to remember that the "well regulated militia" referred to in the Second Amendment has a constitutional duty to suppress insurrection; not to foment it.

my two cents777

Judge Not.
Words from the greatest man who ever lived.
Now, obey Him.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

By their words shall you know them. This man certainly sounds like an anti-American to me.

S.L.C., UT

So much for the pledge of allegiance's phrase "with Liberty and Justice for ALL" as well as the Fourteenth Amendment of the Constitution's guaranty of equal protection under the law.

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