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Published: Saturday, Jan. 4 2014 10:40 p.m. MST

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Central, UT

BYU has no bowl contract in place for next and will be lucky if they can get in the Poinsetta Bowl. Currently, 10-2 = home.

Phoenix, AZ

You lost me at "Auburn Wins" I'm guessing making football predictions by looking through crystal basketball threw things off for you.


10-2 typically doesn't = home. However, 5-7 does...Although you know that already.

Big 12 Call Yet?
Ogden, UT

"After starting the season 5-0, thanks in part to a BYU offense that's going a little slower but scoring a lot more points, talk of a big-time bowl berth begins to build in Provo."

And largely thanks to Utah not wanting to play byu any more and instead opting to play Michigan and Fresno, who present more of a challenge and are more respected opponents.

But I still don't see byu's "quest" lasting 5 games.

It usually ends sometime in the first 1-2 games

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


Why doesn't byu just join a big time conference so you don't have to worry about bowl affiliations?

And then you could share in the big time money from all the big time bowls your conference plays in.

Do you guys really prefer independence to being in the Pac 12 or Big 12?

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Here's some more predictions for 2014:
- RSL will be very good, despite losing their old coach.
- Jazz will be very bad, despite this so-called "core" of young players they have.
- Utah and BYU basketball will both make the NCAA tournament. Neither will go far.
- BYU football will proclaim yet another national championship in August and be out of it in September. They'll go 9-3 and end up in a yet-to-be-announced bowl game that will be played in Kingman, AZ. Somewhere they will find another team who will accept an invite to the game, thereby giving BYU the chance to lose another bowl.
- Utah football will proclaim improvement over 2013. They will post the same record as 2013.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

It is strange to not have a current tie-in for a bowl for BYU. That is where the ESPN contract helps. I suspect that unless BYU goes 12-0 they will not make the play-off ahead of any X-1 team from the larger conferences even with a fairly average schedule. 10-2 is very likely and an entry into a bowl that the Cougars haven't played in before. Beating UCF, Texas and Boise State on the road is not going to be easy.

I absolutely want Wilson to recover. He is a stand-up individual. However, I do not want him to play as the starting QB. Wilson regressed as the season waned and having him start again after going through the problems doing so with Jordan Wynn caused the program just seems like De Ja Vu. Wilson needs to heel and back up Conner. He is just to much of a liability as a turn-over machine.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

@Chris B

BYU never fit within the PAC 12 mold. BYU turned down offers privately to go to the Big East/AAC and likely the Big 12. As a fan I am thrilled with BYU being independent. I prefer it that way and wish BYU had done so back when I was in school in the nineties and the issue was discussed constantly in the school paper.

BYU has the power to schedule all of its games. It has the right to rebroadcast and to broadcast games not picked up by a network. I can watch BYU play even when I am out of the country. BYU is bigger than any conference and is bigger than any rivalry when it comes to international recognition. Can't beat that. What I like the most about independence is not having to play the same old teams every year. Sure playing Utah and TCU was nice, but it was hard having Wyoming, New Mexico and other teams on the schedule. I would rather play a variety of programs like we do currently. Even playing Idaho was ten times better than Wyoming.

Lewisburg, PA

This has brought a smile during a down time. 2014 will be fun if half of what you say worksout. thanks for the fun

Christopher B
Ogden, UT

byu turned down the big 12?



Holmoe himself has said there was NEVER a big 12 offer. Good try.

As for the big east, its a crumbling conference that no longer is considered one of the big boys due to the defections. Even TCU backed away after accepting an offer, and Boise said no thanks as well.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

@Chris B

No formal invitation is ever given without first having discussions. The Big 12 knows exactly where BYU stands on the main issue of television rights. BYU wants rights to rebroadcast to its global market. The Big12 couldn't give BYU what it needs in that regard. Sunday play is another issue, but one I think was workable for the Big12. Giving TV rights was not, therefore no invitation was extended because BYU was known to be ready to turn one down if it had been offered.

Independence has worked out fantastically for BYU's football brand. BYU expands globally and nationally its footprint and the program in turn promotes the church.

With loyal fans like you Chris B. that will follow every game, every announcement and every article out there, BYU will continue to grow its footprint. You see, even though you absolutely dislike BYU you can't turn away from it. You have ten or more names that you use on this board, spend countless hours trying to be the first to comment and are totally obsessed with the program.

Protecting This House
Salt Lake City, UT


How enjoyable was bowl season for you, really? Both of your teams didn't bother showing up for their games.

Phoenix, AZ

Protecting this house,

Remind me again how good your teams did. Oh wait.

Phoenix, AZ


At least they were invited, unlike us.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Sunday play isn't an issue. The big 12 knows byu would never play on Sunday. And yet they wanted to have discussions.

But through those discussions big 12 presidents realized once again byu isn't big 12 worthy.

We(PAC 12) have realized it too and choose every day NOT to extend an invitation.

Provo, UT

I don't know why BYU and Ute fans are arguing. We both did not perform that great last season. It is not really looking good next season either. Who cares what conference you are in. Just make sure you win them. Let us wait until one of our teams get to Pasadena then we can start talking.

Phoenix, AZ

Chris B,

You do realize that Utah was the LAST resort for the PAC 12 right? You realize that when the PAC couldn't poach the Big 12 of Texas, Oklahoma, etc, that they SETTLED for Utah and Colorado. You do realize that had it not been for Texas, Utah would still be a MWC school right? Perhaps a little more gratitude and a lot less chest thumping.

As for BYU joining a conference, BYU doesn't need the security of others to validate them right now. Maybe sometime, but conference affiliation isn't a point of mockery but rather a current state and likely a means to facilitate movement in the future.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


You do realize that the Big 12's last resort to get to 12 teams and have a championship game included inviting byu, and the conference opted to remain without a championship game rather than invite byu?


The Pac 12 had the same option but decided inviting Utah was a good idea.

The big 12 had the same option with byu and said "no thanks"

And actually, Utah wasn't the LAST resort for the Pac 12, that honor goes to byu. You were behind us in the invite list and therefore we cant be last. You were!


St Louis, MO

I continue to be amazed at how giddy certain Utah fans seem to be about being the conference doormat. I keep picturing two scenarios:

(1) Honey Boo Boo being invited to join Mensa as a joke and her getting all uppity about it.

(2) Whoopi Goldberg being invited to be in the next SI swimsuit issue and not understanding all the barely-suppressed giggle-fits during the shoot.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


And what does it say about the person who was deemed a worse option(byu) than Whoopi Goldberg. If Utah is Whoopi, what is byu? Roseanne?

Just remember, the Pac 12 could have chosen byu.

But we didn't.

Cheyenne, WY

@ CB
The Big 12 chose to stay at 10 teams because of financial issues. They determined that a championship game would not bring in enough revenue to justify expansion.

I wonder if this is the education the U provides spouting off nonsensical rhetoric.
Educating yourself is a wonderful thing.

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