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Published: Sunday, Jan. 5 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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Pleasant Grove, UT

The record is clear:
One party voted for it;
The other did not.

American Fork, UT

Democrats should force republicans to accept proper single payer health care. Let 'em squawk all they want.

Salt Lake City, UT

I'm not sure of Krauthammer's analysis, but assuming a bailout of health insurers is likely then I'd like to point out that the Federal government bailed out insurance giant AIG to save the big banks who were trying to cash in their "credit default swaps" - insurance policies on mortgage backed securities they owned. And it was a massive bailout to the tune of 800 billion. So, I guess according to Krauthammer bailing out big banks and insurance companies is OK, because that saved the big shots of capitalism, but bailing out health insurers is not OK because that might help little people who need health insurance, and such are so poor as to be of little consequence. The bias of and inconsistency of right-wingers like Krauthammer drives me nuts.

Salt Lake City, UT

Conservatives love to re-write history. Rallying against the bailout…

*'Bush signs $700 billion bailout bill' - AP - Published by Denver Post - By Tom Raum - 10/03/08

‘WASHINGTON — President Bush quickly signed into law a far-reaching $700 billion bill to bail out the nation's tottering financial industry, calling it "essential to helping America's economy" weather the storm.’

And yet, it was created by a Republican President.

*'Univ. of Maryland study finds Fox News viewers to be misinformed on key issues' - By Ryan Witt - Examiner - 12/17/10

"Over 40% of respondents said President Obama started TARP even though was signed into law by President Bush on October 3rd of 2008." - article

If you are against national debt.

Reagan tripled the national debt.

Bush doubled the national debt.

You cannot say either about Obama. Well, unless you are going to lie.

If you are against the debt. History shows what you should do.

Vote Democrat.

Salt Lake City, UT

Mr. Krauthammer raises some obvious and serious problems with some distinctly obscure aspects of Obamacare, of which there are many yet to be discovered. It was deliberately designed with these hidden booby traps so the resulting disaster will drive the whole health insurance industry into collapse and into the arms of socialistic elements in government, ever-eager for greater control and power.

Remember Rahm Emmanuel's infamous motto, "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." What we are seeing more and more frequently is that inept and incompetent governance, whether inadvertent or by design, is the cause of more and more of the crises it is supposed to avoid, not create!

Obamacare, the debacle of illegal immigration, the incredible current and looming debt from unfunded operations and "entitlements", the graft and deplorable corruption that has made 8 of the 10 counties around D.C. the most affluent in the country, and many, many other indicators show that our Federal government is failing. And we, the people, put them there.

We **must** be more honest and active to save our nation.

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

Spot on Dr. Krauthammer! No bailout of the insurance companies with tax payer money in order to salvage Obamacare!

Eugene, OR

Yes, Charles, because threatening the economy of the free world over an Obamacare tantrum worked so well last time.

I expect Krauthammer to spend his editorial time pouting (that's all he's done for the past five years), but he's veering off into Fantasy Land here. First, the idea that the Republicans were able to "demand" that a budget be passed last month is laughable. After the humiliation they were dealt with the last shutdown, they had no choice but to sit down and reach a deal. Second, the country isn't going to go into default. The money men wouldn't allow it to happen in October and they sure won't allow it now. He can bluster all he likes, but that arrow has been removed from the Republicans' quiver. They simply no longer have that leverage.

Obamacare is here to stay. Deal with it.

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT

Again we have a plea to repeal Obamacare with no realistic plan for what we will replace it with. Yes, Obamacare is far from perfect. This is partly due to the Democrats bowing to conservative market notions and to the insurance industry's survival. If the Republicans were serious about solving our health-care woes, they would lobby for repealing Obamacare and replacing it with a single-payer system that would have a chance at covering everybody while lowering costs significantly. Other countries have proved that this is possible. Are we too stubborn to learn from others?

Durham, NC

So what Charles is saying is we should go around the Constitution… and have a national ballot. Is that right?

Heck, we don't even need Congress anymore. Just put things up to a popular vote and there you go. It could be televised. Each side presents their position, then for 90 minutes after, we all call in or text our vote - one vote per household…. or better yet, charge .99 cents per vote and let people vote as many times as they like. We could eliminate Congress and balance the budget in all one swoop.

Charles - you are a genius. Lets abandon the Constitution…. and make everything based on popular vote.

When the Republicans - my former party - decide to debate this with honesty and integrity - I will be the first person on their bandwagon. Until then, this is for entertainment purposes only. Charles, try writing something serious next time. I am looking for that honest conservative to lead… not be an entertainer. Even Reagan understood that distinction.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

The take away I get from this?

Chuck has no solution for health care and he really doesn't like Obama.

Which, essentially summarizes the entire GOP platform on nearly every subject right now.

Salt Lake City, UT

So Republicans should act to try and increase premiums on Americans during this transition phase?

ray vaughn
Ogden, UT

Mr. Krauthammer is living in a political fantsyland. All of the previous House votes to repeal the ACA has gone nowhere. fifty attempts and no chance of success. He should encourage his fellow Republicans to submit specific bills to cure real problems with the act. Just passing yet another bill for repeal that is doomed to failure indicates a lack of reality.

Pleasant Grove, UT

@Hutterite and Kent C. DeForrest "...single payer..."

It's a credibility issue. People who trusted Obama with their health care before, no longer do. Too many lies, and too little competence. Big Government in general has taken a big hit, and will continue to do so as Obamacare smashes on the rocks. I doubt you can get single payer to pass.

Salt Lake City, UT

'I doubt you can get single payer to pass.'

Not if you vote Republican.

400 Filibusters in the Senate. The most in history.

82 judicial blocks. 86 for all other Presidents, combined.

18 failed attempts to discuss the budget with the GOP before…

A government shutdown that cost the US tax payer $24 million dollars.

And it's official. The 'Least productive congress, in the last 60 years'' when Republicans 'took America back' in 2010.

You want a working government?

Vote Democrat.

Centerville, UT

Many conservatives were against the bailout during the Bush administration (I'm talking about grass-root conservatives, not the progressive, Republican types that are in Congress and that defined Bush).

And over the past several years, more conservatives realized that the bailouts do not help the evolution of the American economy…bailouts only postpone inevitable resets and prolong corruption and mismanagement.

Although, this bailout of the insurance industry that the Charles writes about is an Obama-created mess. Its all on Obama and Democrats that supported this awful law.

Centerville, UT



We've seen what happens when Democrats hold the White House, the Senate, and the House.

Obamacare: Proof enough.

Vote Republican.

Far East USA, SC

"We've seen what happens when Republicans hold the White House, the Senate, and the House."

Medicare part D. Largest entitlement program in 40+ years.
No Child Left Behind
Iraq War

But my solution is NOT to vote Democrat as I see both sides are the problem.

Durham, NC

Why vote republican or democrat, why vote for a party..... why not vote for a person.

Murray, UT

The democrats had the whole government rope. They tied their own noose (ACA). They put their heads in the noose.

Why should republicans pull them out? Let them kick out the chair too!

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

You liberals are amazing! Not long ago you were blaming "evil, greedy" insurance companies for not covering pre-existing conditions and screaming about them keeping people from having health insurance and now we see you getting in bed with the same evil, greedy insurance companies and in fact are prepared to bail them out with other people's money to salvage your Obamacare mess! I can't wait to see Democrats spin this one and to try to sell this bailout which is coming just as sure as the sun rises in the east!

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