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Officials feared firearms would be used on U.S. soldiers

Published: Friday, Jan. 3 2014 6:15 p.m. MST

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Vancouver, BC

Now that is a shock! Here we have an actual moral and ethical business in an out of control capitalist business climate, which is protective of its own nation's troops far, far more than the government of the nation itself. The US government thinks nothing of providing weapons to every hot spot on the planet, weapons which inevitably fall into the hands of enemies to be used against Americans.

Taylorsville, 00

1. Thank you Desert Tactical. 2. Thank you Desert Tactical. 3. Again, Thank you Desert Tactical. Please help spread your story further. This is an amazing example of integrity.

Asheville, NC

"I don't approve of young people bying guns, or getting their hands on them, but that is not the problem of this or any gun manufacturer." It should be! plain and simple It should be!

Asheville, NC

Longfellow said, "Conversely, most US gun owners are responsible individuals who are guaranteed the right to own firearms by the US constitution." Tell that to the parents of the kids who died at Sandy Hook or the parents of the kids in the school system where we live who have to go through the third degree just to go have lunch with their kid at school or visit the classroom of their child any more because of Sandy Hook. You can have a thousand good gun owners and one bad one ruins it all for them. I am sure the people that were in the Aurora, CO. theater have a different perspective than you do, too. How many people have to die in mass shootings before this the morals of the gun manufacturers get to the point that they stand care about our soldiers after they come home. My uncle did three tours though Viet Nam and was gunned down right here in the USA by a nutcase with a a semi-automatic. He survived getting shot down in his chopper twice only to die at the hands of a fellow American with a gun and a temper.

Tooele, UT

Re: "He survived getting shot down . . . only to die at the hands of a fellow American with a gun and a temper."

Too bad he was unarmed at what turned out to be the most important time in his life. Liberals should be ashamed if it was because of some deranged, liberal, people-control law [it's crazy to call them "gun-control laws, since they exert, not the slightest control over the 100 million or so American guns].

As we all know, no gun control measure would have saved your uncle.

So, why do liberals insist on sacrificing ALL Americans on the altar they've erected to enforced victimhood?

Phillip M Hotchkiss
Malta, Mt

Look at some of the gun manufactures history and why they began. Some were made to protect us from our own Government.what I am saying is most of the Gun manufactures are pro American. My favourite is Browning for that reason

Captain Green
Heber City, UT

I will looking to buy my next gun from Desert Tech. I support those who do the right thing for the right reason. Congratulations!

Reuben Dunn
Whittier, CA

While l applaud their decision to back out due to "moral" reasons, l cannot help but wonder where this morality was when they made the initial decision to enter into the bidding process in the first place.

Ray E.

Perhaps the federal government could take a lesson from a little company in the "backward" State of Utah. Perhaps then "fast and furious" would not be a black spot on the current administration's record.

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