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Officials feared firearms would be used on U.S. soldiers

Published: Friday, Jan. 3 2014 6:15 p.m. MST

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"At the end of the day, we feel our ethics are worth more than the bottom line," said Mike Davis

This guy sells sniper rifles. Sniper rifles have no other practical use than to kill human beings. I suppose his ethics are worth something if he feels the shooter will kill a human being that deserves to be dead.

Mike in Cedar City
Cedar City, Utah

This was a wise and responsible decision by this gun maker. In world war II much of the steel that was used to make Japanese weapons including their AirCraft Carriers came from the U.S.

That being said, we still need rational gun control regulation in this country, and gun manufacturer bear some responsibilty for producing and selling in country weapons capable of mass slaughter. It's laudible to keep such weaponry out of the hands of potential foreign foes, but then why is it not just as laudible to keep mass kill weapons out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill?

Salt Lake City, Utah


I saw Captain Phillips as well. The reason the crew of the Maersk Alabama had a problem in the first place is that they did not have guns which would ahve allowed them to prevent the hi-jacking of the ship in the first place!

Dr Sab
Pakistan, 00

Its Only for publicity n nothing than that...for people's information ..Pakistan army is a major non NATO ally of USA in war of terrorism....give 1 article or link with proof since when an American soldier got shot by Pakistani soldier?? Yet there r times when pak army took part in mutual operations.. Look at history while being unbiased...Forgot Russian war in Afghanistan?? It shows how naive few ppl r... N what 1 can expect from an arms dealer ...they just tried to spark racism between 2 nations for cheap publicity of their company...n now look!!! They r getting praised by ppl how patriotic they r...kudos!! etc they succeeded while dividing people in 2... Typical arms dealer thinking to divide people in 2, starting wars n then sitting comfortably while they get fortunes when their arms get sold, no matter nations shoot at each other in process...also it is quite possible That it was money of USA ...that got approved by USA congress few months back to support Pak army against terrorism,( terrorists r common enemies to US army as well as Pak army n civilians) which they offered to the company...continue..

Dr Sab
Pakistan, 00

it's not 1st time Pak army bought usa weapons...infact from ground to Air Force ...Pak army weapons r based majorly on American technology... ( Wont go into details ..gosh!! just go n search so that it open people eyes n would help them to learn whats going on in the world exactly) N I am amazed that from where company got idea that Pak army will kill US ally soldier??? R they so naive??? Or is it really a publicity stunt??? Is it how 1 should treat their allies in war??? Infact it's so wrong decision if talking about saving US army soldiers lives...as It is Pak army who getting these weapons n not the civilians..n these weapons will b used against terrorist who kill both American as well as Pak army soldiers n civilians...n 1 more thing..it is Pak army who is fighting against terrorists at border of Afghanistan in Pakistan territory n not US army, so that, these terrorist dont spread in country n don't go to Afghanistan to kill ally forces n innocent civilians

Los Gatos, CA

i am pleasantly surprised that there is at least something that a gun company will not do to get money. If only they had a conscience to urge the NRA to stop their unreasonable objections to back ground checks and registration.

Morgan Duel
Taylorsville, UT

I think this story shows the quality of the owners of this company. It would be interesting to know who the other bidders were?

my two cents777

Thumbs up to this company for refusing to sell arms to those who intend our troops harm. Wonderful that someone at the top had the ethics to do what is right instead of what will make him the most money. They will be blessed for it.

Phoenix, AZ

I suppose that it is realized that the guns they are manufacturing are intended and designed for the sole purpose of killing humans. I guess we are supposed to be pleased that they discriminate as to which humans.


Back in the mid 1900's Taylor Caldwell wrote novels about the arms manufacturers being behind wars , I think the book was Captains and Kings? Interesting premise.

Glad the Utah company chose to keep its expertise at home.


" 'At the end of the day, we feel our ethics are worth more than the bottom line,' said Mike Davis, sales manager for the Salt Lake City-based company."

-Rare in a business! KUDOS and MUCH RESPECT to this company and its managing officers!


To Desert Tactical Arms,

Thank you! You guys showed a ton of integrity in doing this.

Provo, ut

They are holding out for the Homeland Security contract, that will push them over the top.

Unreconstructed Reb
Chantilly, VA

Pakistani guns are far, far more likely to be used against other Pakistanis and/or Indians. It's not like we have a military presence in Pakistan for them to take shots at Americans.

Kudos to the company, but I suspect some Chinese company is more than happy to step in and sell more of the cheap Russian knock-offs that have proliferated the region.


I applaud the decision, but I have a question for Desert Tech: If this was an ethical decision, why were you bidding in the first place? It feels like you got involved in the bidding process, felt some backlash, and decided to get out. Your sales manager puts a nice spin on your decision, making you look like the hero, but the question remains.

Willie deG

From the Great White North I say BRAVO to Desert Arms for withdrawing their proposal. If all the companies in North America had these strong ethics we wouldn't have had Worldcom, Lehmann Brothers and et al nor would we have the economic and political difficulties we are faced with today. Thank you Desert Arms.

Holladay, UT

Curmudgeon stated "So it's morally wrong to sell arms to froeigners who might use them to harm U.S. troops who may be in their country without permission, but it's OK to sell them to U.S. citizens who might use them to harm other U.S. citizens within our own country. Got it. Selective morality."

Not selective morality, consistent and coherent morality. A substantial portion of the people of Pakistan have a demonstrated hostility towards the US and manifest that hostility by violent actions in the Afghanistan border region. Conversely, most US gun owners are responsible individuals who are guaranteed the right to own firearms by the US constitution. Therefore, even though a small minority of criminals in the US may use firearms to do harm to other citizens, it is quite moral to uphold the constitutional rights of the majority.

Sandy, UT


It is not the government's job to spend money on poverty. That is the job of individual Americans. We have spent trillions on poverty programs and yet the poverty rate is about where it was 40 years ago. Churches and other charities get far more bang for the buck than does the Federal Government. Even foreign food aid often simply ends up in the hands of corrupt forign governments and not in the stomachs of the poor.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

" I'm surprised that Pakistan needs to shop for military weapons."


Pakistan can get all the full-auto, run-of-the-mill AK-47's it wants from their own stone-age gunmakers that can create copies of them over an open fire.

However, these rifles are precision, modular bolt guns costing several thousand dollars each. The sort of accuracy and reliability these guns have comes from advanced engineering and technology Pakistan does not have.

Tooele, UT

Re: "It is Pak army who getting these weapons n not the civilians . . . ."

The problem is that too many Pakistanis, even military officers that you'd think would know better, have been radicalized by Wahab-leaning imams, and have come to identify more closely with their Taleban enemies, than with their closest allies. We've seen too many instances of Taleban terrorists killing Americans with weapons supplied by the Pakistani military and security forces.

If you really lived in Pakistan, you'd already know that.

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